Kimi no Na wa


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A girl stranded in a small lakeside village deep within the mountains, Mitsuha, and a boy caught up in the oddly orderly chaos of bustling Tokyo, Taki, begin to dream of another, unfamiliar life. Before long, they realize that they aren’t dreaming at all, but actually switching bodies. Separated even further apart than they ever would have imagined, yet still somehow inexplicably connected, they search for the truth behind their strange phenomenon and discover what really happened on that fateful night when the stars rained from the sky.

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Your Name.
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Artemis1990 rated it
October 25, 2016
Status: --
To reiterate OverlyFriendly's review. This novel was later adapted into anime which I agree would recommend watching than reading the novel. The problem of "I" that the other reviewer mention was that it signifies the characters switching bodies. In japanese, the male would use "Ore" which is a masculine way of saying "I" while the girl is using "Watashi" which is gender-neutral but more associated to be female.

Unfortunately, in the process of translating the language from Japanese to English, the significance of the word got washed out since English as... more>> no difference between male and female way of saying "I". That caused a confusion on the reader as it makes it rather hard to know who is in whose body. <<less
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OverlyFriendly rated it
October 24, 2016
Status: c2
Kimi no Na wa or Your Name is according to Wikipedia what inspired the beautiful movie that I do recommend that you watch.

But for those who have not watched the movie I don't really recommend to read the novel. The author seems to have put a lot of emphasis in I as it is either bolded or in italics and it has a lot of repetition, not in plot but in the words they use which is a bit annoying. Also, It follows the movie way too closely. You can... more>> say its a replica of the movie and instead of seeing and listening to it you are reading it. The movie was basically just put into a novel, and I will say that there is nothing you will get out of this novel that you wont be able to get out of the movie <<less
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DeathStroke96 rated it
August 27, 2017
Status: v1
Decent, and I am willing to give it a 4/5 I read the official release from YenPress, and really enjoyed it, but I will be honest, the starting first 3 chapters were a bit slow to get into but from mid way through c3 to the end as well as the essay by the author were brilliant overall!

suggest giving it a go, if you want something stand alone and somewhat normal.
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