Killing the Same Person Every Time


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How do you kill a villain that is better than you in every aspect?

According to Bu Bai, there is only one step: Make him fall in love with you.

But, what he had never thought about was that there was still another step: Letting yourself fall in love with him.

Bu Bai: “I came to kill you.”

Villain: “I came because I love you.”

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Hals rated it
April 11, 2018
Status: c3
Okay hooooooly sh*t where do I even start. It's been only 3 chapters so far but I'm already sh*tting myself because of how immediately the writing is engaging, the characterisations are realistic and the emotion is so prevalent that I feel my heart ache alongside our cute MC.

The MC, Bu Bai, has a system who isn't like those cold detatched ones. Well, he was like, initially but he quickly grows on our MC and acts like a father. He has a body in the subconcious/space which takes on whatever the... more>> Host usually desires. It's both funny and cute because

he takes on the body of a small white fluff ball which greatly disorientates him since he's used to mature Hosts and being like, a rugged dude. He doesnt mind eventually and cuddles Bu Bai when he's feeling down and supports him emotionally haha


Idk if this counts as a spoiler cause its like, in the first chapter but Ill put it under that anyway haha

Bu Bai was initally a child that the system picked at random to fulfill a difficult, I think kinda emergency, task. System (whos name is Lao Da) is first sceptical as he's picked up a completely pure child, but uses The Powers That Be to make him mature physically.

Then they enter the world to start their task and we find out that Bu Bai is given a random identity in the world, which is quite believable.

I may be overexaggerating or overreacting but that isn't even when things get good like, things happen and Bu Bai eventually becomes

more and more jaded, unlike his previous innocent countenance. And his system notices this but cant rlly do anything about it except emotionsl support and stuff but system is sad too and ARGHH SO AM I But it hurts so good just read the story not this review huhu quick quick go go

He's not completely oblivious or ignorant, but he knows what he has to do, saying things like, he wants to listen to what Lao Da, the system, says as he is his first friend, despite the situation being scary. It's honestly super cute ♡

This is getting long and I like, never write reviews so im afraid this is gonna come off as more just gushing than anything, but I get a sense that perhaps

Bu Bai and the Villain he's supposed to kill may have a past? Maybe like their own selves were lovers or smth before hand bUT IDK ITS A GUESS since Bu Bai was introduced as a kiddo haha


And also (now this is kinda a spoiler but I mean, its 3 chapters like)


"Life and death had always been decided by God's will. He had killed Bu Bai four times, yet as before, he was still alive. Qi Mo Ran believed that this was a kind predestined relationship, he had been brought to his side due to fate.

Since it was like that, then he would receive it. Demons had always been about doing as they please. The first time he saw him, he realised that he desired this person. After several tries of being unsuccessful in controlling him, how should he treat him?"

Its the whole predestined thing im like omg is that foreshadowing??? And the "The first time he saw him, he realised that he desired this person." line I mean, I hope thats not love/lust at first sight bc is2g I was so over that back in like, 1932 but even if it is hnngh this translation and writing has me so unusually pumped this storyline is so fxking A++

Update: chapter 4 istg I rlly feel like this more and more and if im wrong pls forgive me Sleepy Ant but this is so good thank u for picking this up //sobs


I mean, just f**king read this:


"This is your residence?" Bu Bai looked uncertainly at the scene that was inconsistent with the rumours.

"This was also not my desire. However, when the building was being constructed, I thought that the appearance ought to be this way. It was as if there was a oath carved into my soul, and I didn't dare go against it." When Qi Mo Ran said these words, his icy exterior seemed to crack open, a gentle and soft feeling coming out in torrents instead.

"Do you like it?" Turning around suddenly, he asked Bu Bai this sentence.

"I like it." Evolving from the fondness in his heart, Bu Bai blurted it out without thinking.

"I knew you would." The words were as soft as a passing breeze. In an instant, they vanished between his lips and teeth.

"Did you say something just now?" Bu Bai fufilled his duty as a male consort by paying attention to his master's every word.

"No." After he turned around, the omipotent demonic energy that normally surrounded Qi Mo Ran reappeared. Even if the distance between the two of them was less than a metre, the misunderstandings between them were as deep as a thousand metres.

IM DECEASED I CANT HANDLE THEM I SWEAR AMNESIA TAG IM WATCHING YOUUUU 👀 THEYRE DESTINED OR EACH OTHER I love this novel so much every update is like getting a drop of water in a desert im dying


For those who opened the (not even) spoilers - did you get a glimpse of the great writing and excellent translation???? Im so fuxking dead yo There are loads more instances but like, its only chapter 3 and I dont want to end up quoting the whole novel in this little monster "review'" of mine haha

But I can greatly appreciate their dynamics more if my speculation is the case. Especially because, as you can tell from just the damn summary, this is painnnn but in the best way possibleee

There are SO many things I didn't mention which are incredibly important (like the whole ressurection tag, how the ML cultivates his feelings and the MLs feelings, ALL THE CHESTPAIN AND SO MUCH MORE YOU HAVE NO IDEA) but I don't want to give everything away lol so even of you didn't read all of my incoherent rambling, my TL;DR would be to defo give this a shot. Im not a friggin clairvoyant so I dont know what direction this will take in the future, but read it for a new interesting take on our beloved system novels, as well as the BL, fantastic writing and translation, and what seems like a reallllly good storyline.

(During chapter 3 I really just couldnt help going back to the summary and rereading it, especially the last two lines because holy mother of fuxking sh*t everything falls into place so well and its been 3 chapters but im fuxkin doneee man im in pain I love this already)

Thank you for putting up with my long-windedness I really hope this "review" (lol) did the novel justice so far it really was just me going off but this is my second time writing one lol please be easy on me haha And I'll be delighted if you choose to give this a read because so far, it is incredibleeee ☆☆☆☆☆ <<less
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Shan Shan
Shan Shan rated it
April 28, 2018
Status: Completed
This is good! I just wish there were (more) fluff and cute moments for MC and ML in the end because a lot of scenes made me really sad...
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srrrahim rated it
August 28, 2018
Status: Completed
I sarcrifice my brain and went to read the raw. hahhhh.... this novel so good. The plot is good. When I read the last chapter, I don`t know what I trully feel. This is HE, so dont be afraid and read it.

Oh. I will give some spoiler that maybe can motivate you all 😋
... more>>

In the 1st world, he become a weak mob chara. He can ressurected every single time he died. The villain is a crazy bastard who keep killing him every single f**king time. But when the villain hold him for a year and suicide while holding his intact body, I felt troubled. I don`t know wheter I love this villain or not. His character is too complicacted to me. Love, hate, and regret (Chapter 1-7)
In the 2nd world, MC is the ruler of demon sect. Strong and love to foce himself to a young boy (aka pedhophile). It shocked me that this world ending is the same as the 1st world. Villain died by suicied while holding his body (Villain give him a 7 day poison. On the 7 day, he died). (Chapter 8-16)
In the 3rd world, MC is the wife of the regent. The regent, is the villain in this world (The protagonist is the new emperor). The unique plot is, , actually the current regent is reborn on the day his lover died. Whithout explaining anything, he make MC his wife. And after a lot of torture and misunderstanding, MC is too tired to life, so he want to sleep for awhile under the tree. When the villan saw MC died under the tree, he felt so sad. He actually remember all of his life as a villain who always fall in love with MC and end up killing MC. (Chapter 17-25)


I wont spoil the reason behind the villain crazy destructive power and his red string with MC. But trust me. This novel deserve applause for the angst and twist. Try this. You Wont regret it <<less
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rhianirory rated it
May 17, 2019
Status: c14
this is an interesting story even if I find it disturbing on many levels. my biggest hang up has to do with my real world work experience. about the host being a child; I'm so not OK with it.

... more>>

first off, I know from some of the foreshadowing that he's probably not really a child just a soul that's lost all it's memories, but it still creeped me out big time. I worked with adults with severe developmental disabilities for five years so mother-hen protective mode kicked in with a vengeance.

it helps that his intelligence isn't really that of a little kid, but my brain couldn't let go of the knowledge that he was a child in an adults body and while his body was forcefully grown, his mental strength, emotional growth and life experience would be that of the kid and not the adult body. in fact, the more I read the more I felt horrified; the story is fast paced and he gets together (reluctantly) with the ML in the first world which made me queasy, and I was already uncomfortable with the ML killing him over and over again. almost everything about the first two worlds had all my professional and personal instincts screaming NO! to the point where I guess I found my bottom line for BL....


I'm not sure if I will stick to this novel to the end or not. I'm going to try to be as fair as I can but I really wish the author had gone with a simple mind wiped amnesiac rather than a child. <<less
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nixxara rated it
July 3, 2018
Status: --
I have no clue how this relationship is going to end up, MC has to kill the villain who is in love with him. This is a task given by the system.

The Mc's a little kid but system changed his body into an adult. Though he still lowkey has the mindset of a child.

This story contains immortals that create systems and gives them tasks to give to their hosts.
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