Killing Gods


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Li Changfeng, a talent of Yulong Empire in Ruize Land, loses all cultivation bases in a sacrifice ceremony for a holy beast – White Tiger, even his meridians fades away; then he becomes a cultivation idiot. A military commander from Huaxia country in Earth replaces original Li Changfeng by accident, and awakens the White Tiger that hides in his body. From then on, a formidable cultivation road for the strong is waiting for him.

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New Trisha rated it
October 7, 2018
Status: c14
I really hope this novel update quickly. Li Changfeng is rascally, macho and humorous. In fact, we can find many defects of men in this character. But he is favored by women based on his rascally and lively characteristics. I have to say because he comes from Earth and resurfaces in a new world, he features many distinctive charms.
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