Killer Nights


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She is a street-walking prostitute; he is a cog in the law enforcement machine; they live in different worlds, but life has brought them together. This is a beautiful love story, this is a series of mysterious murders, this is the story of a fantastic supernatural power. Perhaps they live right beside us, or perhaps they never really existed at all…

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sakirol rated it
February 7, 2018
Status: c71
Killer Nights is quite a good read and undeserving of its low ratings. However, it may not be what you expect when you initially read the summary and look at the tags. For example, investigation and mystery feels a bit lacking in this series. There are a LOT of investigations scenes, but they mostly serve to horrify or mystify you. From the last 71 chapters, I pretty much still know nothing about the murderer. This is not to mention that the murders are rather supernatural, so pretty much anything goes.... more>> Most of the 'mystery' is guessing what has happened in the main characters' past and speculating how it is related to the current case. A huge focus in this story is the main couple's relationship and the serious, dark drama around them, which is plenty interesting.

Some things that may put readers off is the brutality. There is some serious violent depictions and scumbag characters in this novel. For instance, there are depictions of rape and torture. Some of our characters linger around a moral grey ground or associate with dubious people. I would stay away from this novel if that's not something that you want to read.

In general, its positive points are that it has a story, and character interactions are interesting. It has a good setting (series of murders) and clear, conclusive goal (solving the murders, unraveling the characters' pasts, and a conclusion on their relationship status). It makes steady strides to reach the goal as the story proceeds. This seems silly, but having a goal is somewhat rare among web novels. Character interactions are also interesting enough with the main character's shameless s*xual innuendos.

Its negatives are that some character decisions are rather silly, and you will feel that the author knows just as much about the case as you do. In other words, it feels like the author is just writing the story as s/he goes.

As far as web novels go, Killer Nights is good, entertaining read to add to your list. <<less
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