Kill No More VS ½ Prince


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Liola and Kaiser from Kill No More meet Xiao Lan and the rest of the 1/2 Prince crew. Set early in Kill No More and after the series has already concluded for 1/2 Prince. Kill No More VS 1/2 Prince is a short story written by Yu Wo that crosses two of her series, Kill No More and 1/2 Prince.

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08/23/15 Prince Revolution! v1c9
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HesheFell rated it
January 24, 2016
Status: --
This story was not only pointless, but complete nonsense. Any minor winks to anything more is just fan service. If you are a KNM fan, be prepared to be stumped by the end. If you are a HP fan, be realy be deflated completely. 1 star for 9 chapters of flat and silly interactions that went no where..
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Dream Seeker rated it
June 6, 2016
Status: --
Felt more like 1/2 prince with Kill no more characters then the other way around with it's tone. Just like 1/2 prince, It seems like a silly skit with good slapstick comedy. It was a pleasure to read.
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