Kidnapped by the Heroine: I! The Villain, Was Forced to Sleep With Her!


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The story follows Su Yu, who mysteriously finds himself trapped in a poorly written urban harem novel. With the system dictating his actions, he must kill the male and female leads in order to gain ultimate power and become the ruler of the world.

Despite his best efforts in his previous five lives, the system always found a way to deny him his rightful place. Fed up with the system’s endless games, Su Yu decides to abandon his murderous ways in his sixth life and instead embraces a life of luxury as a wealthy heir.

However, his peace is short-lived when he is unexpectedly kidnapped by the cold and aloof CEO, Gu Qingcheng, on the day of his rebirth. Little does Su Yu know, this is just the beginning of his tumultuous journey in this twisted world.

He soon finds himself faced with difficult choices, as he is presented with tempting offers from those who seek his power and those who want to be involve in his life. As Su Yu navigates this strange landscape, he must confront his past actions and decide what should he do with these out of the plot heroines.

[Note: This is a solid wish-fulfillment novel, not with serious plot-line.]
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Villain: After Showing Off, He Was Kidnapped And Persuaded By The Heroine
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2 Reviews

New AngelKnighz2
Apr 02, 2023
Status: c14
Having read all the chapters, I am impressed by how this type of plot emerged because I, a reader, was soon hooked from the get-go right on chapter 1.

Why? Well...

... more>>

All the female leads that our MC killed before in his previous lives also reincarnated back in time with memories intact of how the MC had killed them.


The MC's approach in his sixth life makes well sense since he did, once again, reincarnated back into the past where his thought of course was not focused on tasks about murdering people. It's rather something regarding his actions this time around in his sixth life because the women in front of him also had a different approach and "tactics" that this gives a whole new and different approach regarding Chinese novels that are usually about systems and world-hopping, or at times, usually, MC's aiming for victory over heroic male and/or female protagonists.

My rating on this? 5/5 stars since the plotline of the story has enough quality for me to consider reading more further down the line, and it has the potential since its characters' personality that constantly interacts with each other has a dynamic beat going. <<less
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New ObisidianRev
Mar 19, 2023
Status: c70
Well this is another "Villain:" novel where the MC transmigrates into the body of a so-called villain (in Chinese novels the villains and protagonists are not much different and rather the protagonists are much more evil and degenerated compared to the villains) whose original destinies are to die at the hands of the "protagonist" after unsuccessfully licking the heroine and disgusting her.

Here the MC transmigrates and is given the task to kill the "protagonist" and heroines which he does for 5 regressions and fails for whatever random reason his system... more>> may give. Now he's tired and has decided to live in the 6th regression as chill as possible. He doesn't wish to get involved in the story but well the heroines, scared shitless after being killed for 5 straight regressions for reasons they don't, decide to seduce the protagonist instead. Some do it because they want to survive, some because they're curious about our MC and his reasons for killing the heroines, and some are the usual inlove-nymphos who've kinda respect the MC's strength and/or business acumen. The important thing to note here is our MC wants to enjoy life but that doesn't mean he takes sh*t lying down; he responds to any insult he gets and happily returns the sh*t the "protagonist" and his henchmen throw to him.

This gives us leisurely and fun to read wish fullfilment type of novel which is significantly better than other shitty "Villain:" novels. <<less
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