Kekkyoku, Ninja to Dragon wa Docchi ga Tsuyoi no?


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When a young girl enters the forest, she finds the platoon of demi-human creatures to all be dead. At the center, amongst the army of corpses which remained still, a young man claiming to be a ninja stood. Who was he, and how could a mere human do this?

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Ninja Vs Dragon Which Won?
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09/17/15 Kurotsuki Ryoudan v1 prologue
09/17/15 Kurotsuki Ryoudan v1 color pages
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Mideris rated it
March 20, 2017
Status: v1 prologue
Considering the lack of content, or lack of translated content I should say, this story holds potential and could blossom into something in the future. If anyone knows where I can read a full English translation of later chapters, I would appreciate that, but as it is this is a story to add to your read later list, when it contains more.
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