Kami Sumeragi Yuusha no Eiyuutan 《Ryokou Tan》


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He was strong. With a handsome appearance, he was even stronger than his father, the one who was called the strongest. The student enjoyed his youth inside his High School. However, because he was on really good terms with the three major goddesses of the campus, he concealed his strength. Because of other’s jealousy, he was bullied daily. One day, Tetsuya was summoned with his classroom into another world. Although he should have earned a cheat ability, he received nothing. His status was even below the average villager! But with no ability and a weak status, how much could be done, even by a genius? Thus, he got bullied and dropped inside a Dungeon. But his true abilities awakened inside the Dungeon! The epic tale of the traveler begins now!

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Heroic Tale of the Emperor God Hero’s 《Ryokou Tan》
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SomeBow rated it
August 1, 2016
Status: c7
This is a huge dissapointment.

Well placing any hopes upon this novel was a fool's errand in the first place.

There's not much to say honestly, besides that this is a mothereffing huge rip-off of Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou.

... more>> 9/10 of the general development so far has been the same as Nagumo Hajime's from Arifureta.
Furthermore to list a few negatives:
The story being written in an extremely dull way. Short chapters and nothing elaborate about worldbuilding or characterbuilding (including the MC). In short; there's an extreme lack of characterdepth.

The MC is overpowered from the start,

but he actually turns into a god in chapter 7. What a development, huh?

I read the casual/slice-of-life-ish Death March novel to get my fill of OPness. If I wanted braindead plotarmor-MCs I'd however read any xianxia- or wuxia-novel rather than Kami Sumeragi Yuusha No Eiyuutan, but my ethics and morals keeps me from reading that inhumane so-called "litterature". In other words, I'm not reading any of it. I'll stick to my Death March.

To any person reading my comment, take my advice: Read Arifureta rather than this trashy ripoff. <<less
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slay_mithos rated it
August 8, 2016
Status: --
WARNING: this is potentially lightly spoiling older novels.

... more>>

It is really rare that I give 1 star as a rating (same with 5 stars), because to me it means that there is nothing redeeming at all in it.

But here, we have a decent translation of a very poor writing, as well as an author that tried to mesh together a lot of "good" novels, failing at it miserably.

The "main" novel that's meshed into this is obviously Arifureta, with a MC that's treated as trash after the summoning aside from a single girl that happens to be the "best" girl of the group, he is left for dead in a dungeon, becomes OP and wanders the world. Here, you have 3 girls instead of one, and ever since the very start the MC is set as even more powerful than the gods, sealed, and heavily hinted that he will find a "cure" very soon.

As for other novels that feel like they are present as well, you have Man picked up by the gods (different worlds with different gods, interfering with the world slightly but heavily favouring the MC beyond reason), Evil god average (MC becomes a god and is confronted with the most powerful existences of the world). It also contains the tropes of "human royalty summoning heroes against the demons", "summoned group not even capable of standing together", "heroes acting like it's a game because of their newly gained powers", as well as the "MC ostracised by the group because he is weak".

On paper, if the author was capable of making interesting characters, made the OP powers either hard to use or circumstantial, and made a story that feels at least somewhat unique, it could have made for at least a decent story, maybe even a good one. Sadly, the characters are flat and boring, OP powers are there just because the author wanted to make it feel awesome, and the story so far is bland at best.

The bullying and betrayal is badly handled, the part about regaining his powers lacks any tension, the introduction of the "behind the scenes" with the other gods takes away any mystery that could have been there about who made the MC weak during the summoning, the king acts like a town mayor would instead of the head of a powerful kingdom, the world's settings are weak, and they don't even try to make the "heroes" go through a training course on how to fight and such, they are sent directly to a dungeon for live training, making the whole development feel very rushed.

For Arifureta, there was at least a semblance of buildup, it tried to build the characters of multiple sub-cast, and the part where the MC is weak in a hostile environment does make it feel like it's dangerous for him (even if we all know that MC can't really die in those novels). The "attack" on the MC to discard him was also made in a more hidden way, making it seem like a miss-fire because of stress in their first dangerous battle. Here, the attack is direct, when there is no danger nearby to hide the attempted murder. The part before powering up is mostly "was attacked, is injured, but protected for whatever reason by something much more powerful than the monsters that are around these parts", removing any threat entirely.

As always for novels from authors with low writing skills, we have barely any description of the characters, and things popping up out of nowhere just because the author needed it at that point. You'd think that the 101 for novels with a strong protagonist that has friends and enemies would be to extensively describe them, physically and mentally, or to show those things through the story telling. For the MC, all we got was "I'm afraid of killing them, so I let them bully me", and the 3 girls are all "oh, you are the best man ever" and barely described past being the "3 goddesses" of the class/school and given a name.

Oh well, I guess not all novels can be good, but it's been a long time since I saw a novel in which I couldn't even enjoy a single part. I mean, I did read a lot of sub-par novels with weak writing and all, but at least the authors tried to do something interesting (usually ends up with a basic harem and OP powers though), mostly failing because of writing skills.

Here, it feels like the author didn't even want to try and make something interesting and went for known novels and tropes instead of ideas.

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falloutexile3 rated it
August 4, 2016
Status: c10
MC becomes uber-OP very fast (in first few chapters), no character development, the school idols swoon over him from start, the abilities list is too long to memorize unless you have an eidetic memory so if the author says it's one of his powers you just nod and move on. Overall: sloppy, fast, power-seeking wish fulfillment fantasy with no noteworthy development so far.
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SunsetChaos rated it
August 1, 2016
Status: c6
Weak to Strong? Yeah that happens immediately. No progression or character building or anything. Gets unsealed and done, literally the god of gods. It's like the author decided to throw in basically everything the author could think of to the max, OP godly skills, infinite stats, etc. OPness to the max.

You'd be like WTF did I just read.

... more>>

3 top beauties attracted to ikemen MC, classmates jealous, gets bullied, whole class gets summoned to another world, is the weakest and most useless, gets betrayed/attacked by bullies and falls to bottom of abyss. Sound familiar? Then...

MC gets saved by gods, conveniently finds suspicious potion at the bottom, drinks it immediately no hesitation, gets unsealed, and became the god of gods. Literally became an OP god in every way imaginable.


At least the girls can see the truth and justice gets done to the trash bullies. Too early to tell if they're not just blinded by love for ikemen MC. If MC wasn't an ikemen or if this was another story with MC viewing from the side, then it would be easier to see.

But honestly nothing is really wrong with the MC, he's decent for an ikemen. I don't hate this kind of MC. Just that the writing/story itself... I'd understand if this had comedy genre but it doesn't. <<less
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AlphaOC rated it
August 14, 2016
Status: c22
Main character goes from powerful but mindful of his power to overpowered and treating other people like ants. The progression doesn't make much sense. It's kind of like watching a toddler knock over a block set.
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EienMugetsuTensho rated it
August 18, 2016
Status: c22
MC is beyond broken. His attitude completely changes all of a sudden. Battles and fights are not described.

This novel had potential but then it was just destroyed in a single chapter. There was no rise to power it just instantly happened.
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Passerby rated it
August 6, 2016
Status: c13
The translation has no problems but this "story" is pure chuuni material. I'd like to refer it as a chuuni's fantasy/day dream rather than a story for the readers. Reader's discretion advised. No actual story development after MC got his cheat so far.

Besides, he was never weak throughout the story, only weakened for a few chapters.

... more>>

When a story shows that the MC gets all maxed stats (some even over the limit), it would most likely be a bad read. Then he goes on to capture the dungeon, without even remembering that he had 3 friends who were worried about him being dead.


P.S. This is my first review because I think that I should give others a warning. <<less
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Framee rated it
August 4, 2016
Status: c10
Yeah... No. I don't think this one can be rescued anymore, its like author trying to mix several summoned wn into one but failed miserably.

Should you give it a chance? I did.
Is it good? No, not for my standard
is it really that bad? Yes, but maybe someone will like it, but not me.

Lets see what do we got here...

... more>> Whole class summoned to another world[✔] Generic, but doesn't always bad.

Summoned for war with demon[✔] we can go anywhere with this, so this one is fine right?

Bullied MC [✔] but its kinda stupid, who want to bully a riajuu with high social standing?

Game system[✔] for you to ignore since MC is at counterstop on every skills and stats so basically its not important at all

Over Powered MC [✔] just in 5 chapter after summoned with no character development what so ever

Weak to Strong?? [ ] Everything is just too damn convenient


Attacked by Mad Bear! Oh no MC in pinch!! right? nope, saved by white wolf who is basically god's familiar.

Walking around dungeon bleeding? Of course something will happen right? its like swimming in a pool full of shark while bleeding. So don't skip this part or you might miss NOTHING! nothing is happening!!

The monster on that floor is already cleared by the god's familiar so he can find the super power elixir safely


Similar but better

Kuro no Maou
Kamigoroshi no Eiyuu
Boku wa Isekai de Fuyo Mahou to Shoukan Mahou wo Tenbin ni Kakeru
My Entire Class Has Been Reincarnated – I Became the Weakest Skeleton!

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Alpacasaurus rated it
August 3, 2016
Status: c21
Could have been alright, started off very similarly to Arifureta but people aren't just like "Oh, he died. Oh well."

Now I'm fine with op characters, but this goes way beyond that, its like Ex Hero Candidate but it tried to play itself off as an action/drama instead of a comedy.

Oh and the author has the writing skills of an 8 year old. (90% sure its not due to bad TL quality as Antheor's TL of Hisshou Dungeon is good quality). So would have got 1 star but I'm holding out... more>> hope that the author improves their skills. Like a lot.

Edit: Okay 11 chapters later, writing quality hasn't improved at all and on top of that

he gets pissed off with a minor female character that would have been solved easily in other novels, and decides that she deserves to be raped a murdered by orcs so teleports her to their camp, then the author cuts to her pov of it.

He also put in even LESS effort for her character than usual. I don't know how you can write so badly. I also don't know how to edit my rating to be 1 star but w/e. <<less
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BPLeon rated it
October 16, 2017
Status: c38
This novel, looks good at first, sounds good as well, and is surprisingly similar to well known Arifureta. To others this may seem like a waste but this type of thing is something I was exactly looking for. If you have read Invisible Dragon and had desperately searched for a nonsensical OPness version of it in Japanese, this folks may be the closest one so far.

I hope that some people may give this novel a try despite the other bad reviews, mainly due to the fact that it was a... more>> sorrowful attempt to reach the realm of Invisible Dragon mixed with Japanese Cliches. At first you may see it as a generic another world group transfered novel with the main character surrounded by a harem at the start, however, because everyone is jealous of him he got into a dangerous situation and unlocked special powers at the last moment because of plot armor.

Unfortunately this novel couldn't even scratch the surface of how amazing Invisible Dragon is because the Invisible Dragon was invisible, so the author, with no clear goals tried his best to replicate his own version Invisible Dragon but failed because Invisible Dragon was Invisible.


My personal critic is that the main character setting was not fleshed out enough. Despite his level being above 9 digits and being an Almighty Emperor God the author couldn't really express how strong he was and didn't express it in a fashionable fashion so readers can actually enjoy this novel. It was a simple "He fought a LVL<Insert Large Number> and now he LVL???????" then <Insert Status Board With Tons of Nonsense Skills/Titles and Unreadable Text>, then some random side story/world building scenes. The author could have atleast simplified the text adding some comedic satire but kept in at normal plain standards despite not having any real plot.


Despite its setbacks I look forward to seeing more chapter later on, maybe it is too early to decide (Atleast when I am absolutely bored).

TL:DR Novel is a Meme Novel, just for jokes, don't take it seriously. <<less
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Yolo Swag
Yolo Swag rated it
August 6, 2017
Status: c33
Chances are you already read a better novel, with a more interesting OP main character, better jokes, funnier parody and so on. But, if you love reading only about a character constantly pointing out he's the infalible best, this story might have been made just for you. Enjoy! (Theres already plenty of stories like that though)
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Scherz45 rated it
December 16, 2016
Status: c8
This novel is way to unrealistic.

The MC is overpowered and becomes a god like within a few chapters. The plot is too rushed and doesn't give the readers a sense that there is any point to the story. I was willing to read a bit longer to see the faces of the MC's classmates as they realize he has become a god, but the lack of suspense ended it for me.

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zetsubo666 rated it
August 11, 2016
Status: c20
EDIT: So I tried to give this another shot, and disregard everything I said before. Everything I wrote before was already giving too much credit to this series. The best way I can describe this novel is that it is the epitome of everything that is wrong with the isekai genre.

When the main character has hit a developmental dead end in the first 6 chapters, it's a good indication that the author has no idea what he's doing.

The series starts off developing like Arifureta, but instead of a weak character, the MC already has his harem made for him and becomes god in such an uninteresting and quick way that there's no way the story can remain interesting. Other similar series where MCs become godlike in short order are all slice of life because there is no plausible and interesting way to progress the plot anymore.
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lygarx rated it
August 9, 2016
Status: --
There is no plot. No character. There is no point. None of the elements that would have made it interesting are even used correctly. All it is, is status porn. The only benefit is to see a maxed out status when using appraisal on self.
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Squirrels rated it
August 4, 2016
Status: c10
This is nothing more then a gigantic powerfantasy for the MC. Everything in the universe exists just to showcase how insanely powerfull the MC is (even pre-powerup).
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kurosawa rated it
July 30, 2016
Status: c6
Typical betrayed/bullied MC gets in a situation where he/she almost dieded, but somehow survives and gets too much OP type of novel. But, I like this kind of novel so 5 stars from me.
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DreadNaught rated it
August 2, 2017
Status: c29
I like it. the MC was a person holding back his strength on earth for fear of killing someone but when he gets transported with the classmates he decided not to hold back (during a circumstance which couldn't be avoided) and got out and well got OP because the seal got released... Though the chapters aren't exactly that long.
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adislt rated it
August 1, 2017
Status: c20
Okay despite of the great and amazing summary that nu provide this story is really unlogically op for no reason

If you search a story where MC have a solid story progress before become op ir too op like dearh march or arifureta than you will curse and screaming at this story

The story absolutely gone wrong after few chapters
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Godleydemon rated it
May 19, 2019
Status: c38
So I read this through and I'm the type of person that when I find a translated novel that interests me, I'll go and read the raw too. Which I'm going to take a hard pass on this time around.

This novel is so poorly written, I really wouldn't be surprised if this is a really young child or someone with a poor education. The story has no cohesion at all, it jumps from moment to moment with 0 rest and adds things in arbitrarly to make things "interesting". He's so... more>> over powered by the 6th - 7th chapter that nothing could ever touch him ever again. I really wouldn't be surprised if he accidentally killed the Demon King by accident earlier in the story. That's kind of how ridiculous the story is.

Not only that, but the sentence structure, grammar, shortness of the chapters (they're probably only a single page) and the action scenes are so poorly done. It physically gave me a headache to finish it. There is also 0 sense of time, I'm still struggling to figure out exactly how long he spent in the dungeon as an example. In 1 chapter he literally meets the god of blacksmithing and has him reforge a sword he got from the previous God Emperor and it's all done in a single chapter (I'll remind you, the chapters are so short, they're a single page).

I can't tell anyone who reads this review more, please don't read this, the translation has stopped in 2017 anyways. I also severely doubt any translator will pick this back up. It's just that bad. <<less
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knighvrea rated it
February 11, 2018
Status: c21
I regret reading this up to this chapter. I can't even

... more>>

Main Protag sent a maid that annoyed him to be left in an orc nest after returning hostility to him after saving them.

Some might say that's reasonable since shes ungrateful but the maid had done no damage and can do no damage at all for him. He was just simply irritated. And the people with the maid went along with it like they didn't even know the maid.

And to put the cherry on top, the people didn't even need saving since someone powerful was among them.


What I really didn't like about this is that the MC started as someone who let others bullied him like it was nothing to him. No grudges, no dislikes, no nothing even if he was a powerful martial artist. He let them beat him up for a very stupid reason: "They'd die if I fought back", seriously? Apparently, he was incapable of holding back.

But after a lot of VERY SUPER MEGA CONVENIENT power-ups, he became no different from a thug. He then forgot the existence of his classmates that he was summoned with.

The lvls and attributes are all sh*t, no relevance at all since its too op. When I was reading through those attribute values, I imagined a kid long pressing 9 or a random digit then long pressing 0 at the end of every attribute for the MC.

Also, those equipments and materials he acquired, the names are cringe-worthy.

He's also loved by the gods and three bishoujos. WITHOUT A REASON NOR ANY BACKSTORY AS TO WHY. Maybe except for his very handsome and beautiful appearance.


This is a very heavy case of a story by an eight grader...

with a Mary Sueperman Main Character that acts like a spoiled brat. A VERY VERY UNLIKABLE MC.

Mary Sue characters might be common in isekai genre but this one is just too much.

And as you can see from other reviews, the first few chapters are ripped-off from arifureta.

You've been warned.

To the translator/s: I'd recommend that you switch to a different series. <<less
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