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Once a famous police detective, Qi Wang lost his life during the course of his duty, but instead of meeting his ultimate end, he became linked to a strange system that detects injustice and evil across different dimensions. From then on, it became a string of adventures for Qi Wang across the diverse dimensions in existence to right all wrongs in the philosophies, worldviews, and value systems of societies everywhere beyond the conventional mores of Space and Time.

A Game of Prestige –

Ungrateful Ingrates: We love each other truly, Father. But since you object to us being together, how about you make way for your son and heir?

Qi Wang: Well, of course. But the company carries a debt of hundreds of millions. So, good luck.

A Taste of Chaos –

Protégé: The position as Chieftain of the Wulin is mine by right, Teacher. You’re old now, so please give way.

Qi Wang: Well, of course. I hear the forces of Evil will be attacking tomorrow. I wish you good fortune in the wars to come.

Doppelganger in the Stars –

Snobbish Daughter and her Doppelganger: We are the distinguished offsprings of the Marshal. Go away, you useless wretch.

Qi Wang: Well, of course. I heard the Race of Arthropods want a marriage-alliance with you. I wish you a happy marriage then.

Give me any scum and I’ll mete out retribution upon them. I am Qi Wang, the harbinger of Justice at your service, and this is my specialty.

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4o5h3ng rated it
January 19, 2021
Status: c53
On one hand, this is a revenge quick transmigration novel, so it's already a complex concept on the moral level, but a running issue this novel has is that it tends to simplify moral concerns in a way that is... bad, frankly.

Like, for example, in Arc 1 (cw: csa) :

... more>>

People have heavy concerns about a device he makes because it records so much data in a way that could violate privacy, made more understandable by the fact the Chinese Government is a mess already in that aspect. Other people make s*upid complaints of course, but when he has a press conference to respond to said complaints, He

    1. Doesn't respond to the genuinely understandable complaint of privacy (it's not a very emphasised complaint but still)
    1. Uses manipulation tactics to get his point across rather than just using normal explanation (like it's not that hard to say 'lesbians exist, pedos exist, those traits arent mutually exclusive' dude, did you need to use data obtained from someone trying to mol*st a CHILD) and
    1. Literally says words to the affect of 'I have reason to suspect you're a pe*ophile' to a journalist being a bit of an ass while questioning him on a device that collects an almost comical amount of data at a PRESS CONFERENCE
    1. STARTS SAID PRESS CONFERENCE BY ESSENTIALLY SAYING 'A good number of the people against this product are pedos' SIR-
And in arc 3, which is much better, (cw: abuse) :


This girl accuses him of abuse, which obviously he didn't do. And to disprove abuse, he takes out, among other things, pictures of their family being happy and stuff.

This I think is pretty okay, partially because he takes out other proofs that further discredit her lie, but it feels a little naive because the narration is like 'If he WAS abusing her, how could she smile like that?!' and is uninformed about how abuse can manifest itself sometimes. Children can get over things quite easily, even when I was a kid and my brother hurt me and sh*t like that, i'd bounce back with speed and act normal mostly.

Especially because it tries using monetary things as proof and it's like, y'know, there are parents who are abusive but seemingly nice. And in general I feel like if you're gonna touch on the topic like that, you should do more research.


In general, the way it confronts morality isn't very complex although it seemingly gets better and worse somehow in


arc three, where the villain is a reincarnator who died due to an abusive husband. Her mother essentially convinced her to go back because of her general moral ideas (she thought that itd be hard for to get married in the future and in general she thought divorce was a bad idea, which makes sense since she got divorced and ended up having to marry the Original Host who was sick and couldn't work well.)

As a result, her resentment towards her mother and her Ex are entirely understandable. Complex, empathetic villain, right?

No, her resentment towards the original host makes no sense. Basically, she asked him for 200, 000 yuan, which I believe roughly translates to $150k 2021-wise, and he wouldn't give it to her unless she explained what she needed it for, because he didn't have that type of cash on him, her husband was mad he couldn't get the money, so he beat her to death.

Not only does she completely ignore how he took care of her entire life, (actually no, she BLAMES him for giving her money to do well at school because it's why her husband met her) focuses on that one incident, where he didn't give her money he DEFINITELY wouldn't have on him, even if he became famous for his embroidery, she blames him for literally everything, ever. Despite the fact that he LITERALLY TOLD HER 'if you want to get divorced, i'll support you either way'. when her mother was trying to convince her not to.


Other than my qualms about morality, the general story itself is sorta chill. The villains themselves are strange and have weird thought processes, but that makes them interesting and unique. The characters are so weird sometimes I think there should be a comedy tag, but that's not a bad thing, and it does confront serious things well sometimes.

The reason it gets three stars is other than when it tries to tackle complex concepts and then fails, it's honestly fun. It's not really a revenge story with twists and turns and more 'man with way too many talents f*cks around and makes others find out in increasingly comical ways'

The MC is way too OP, but it's heavily insinuated he's been transmigrating for a while, so it makes sense, especially because in certain arcs he has to use the Hosts skills, and conceivably absorb their skills thru that.

Basically, if you're here to watch ridiculous scumbags get pwned in unique and funny ways and you don't really care about it being super duper dramatic scheming, or you're not expecting particularly complex morality, it works. I read like 53 chapters of it and I'm not bored.

Other than that, the translation is really well done and I appreciate it a lot. I hope the translator continues to translate it as for all my complaints I do genuinely like this work. I'd just appreciate it if the writer thoguht more when tackling serious topics. <<less
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Julianita rated it
March 2, 2021
Status: c800
I'm giving this a 5 star just because I can't give a 4, 5 star and a 4 star...I think it's kinda low. Let's raise the overall evaluation!

I won't say this is a masterpiece, far from it. But it is a good read. Really. The stories have ups and downs, plot holes, not-so-perfect reasonings but if you put in mind that the author maybe isn't even a criminalist expert and just a layman I'd say it's a damn good job.

You'll accompany Qi Wang in many parallel worlds serving justice for... more>> the poor good guys that got destroyed by other people. Or I can say they are just cannon fodders. But every cannon fodder on these stories are all really good people, be they naive, innocent, or just trusted people too much. It's a bunch of good guys that became stepping stones because of their goodness. And the kind of stepping stones that not even a pinch of sand is left after being stepped on.

The stories aren't complicated or intricate in what you'll see in some of the best investigation-types of novels (did I said there are plot holes?). Sometimes Qi Wang asspull answers for the plot that makes you speechless. But you can see that afterward the author makes progress and they are qualitative. It's not an investigation novel, it's more or less a male MC version of Transmigrated Canon Fodder, Please Calm Down! but minus the cute system and a romantic partner.

Qi Wang says he is a straight man of steel but if he finds a wife in one of these worlds and has children, he will get attached and his mission is to traverse a myriad of worlds. And he can't get attached to a world or else he will be bound on that world until he dies. He does not want to give false hope to the woman that likes him, but it looks like that if he really finds a girl that really moves him he doesn't mind staying in that world forever and with it end his career as a world-hopping justice policeman. I'd say it's well done! I have read some male quick transmigration novels that the ML in each world gets married to one woman to another, and it seems like it's just another species of scumbag. The no romance here is really a good thing.

This novel is similar but weaker than Super Male God System (heck, Xiao Qingrong is the best ML, if you don't agree bite me!). The system here is almost inexistent but from the progress of the story, it seems like it will make more appearances. Even if it's to try to cheat Qi Wang to spend points in the system store.

A good read I would recommend! <<less
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January 4, 2021
Status: c50
The most op character in this genre. Why would you create such a monster?...

What kind of detective can solo create a portative nuclear reactor and size shifting battle jets in 2008? He is absurdly good in everything, I couldn't feel any tension at all.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
June 25, 2021
Status: v1c9
First, excellent translation quality. Second, I really want to enjoy this. But the scifi part makes me feel mixed.

... more>>

I'm about to enter ch10 and as much as I love scifi, it's really a struggle for me to enjoy the scifi bits. Initially I thought this would focus more on the emotional stuff, so any questionable science would just be... science fiction. Which I have no problem. Because he parallel it with our world in ch1 so I figure that the technology level in the world is somewhat similar to ours. But the author spent quite a lot of paragraph (and chapters) explaining this character invention, it sounds like magic instead. I start to question how and when and where he create his droid. Since such great result can only happen when one creation is tested, but where do you tested a flying droid with a jet speed? How do you contain the secrecy of such experiment? Cos not even Batman and Iron Man create their tech alone. They have other human helps and with helps, you need working space, money etc... and most importantly time. Because no matter what you can't discount time. This war machine droid will also need a good amount of materials that you need to purchase with certain level of authority. Wait, how did nanotech change the size of things? Appear/disappear out of thin air like it's nothing. Wait, is this something like Ant-Man tech. No, wait, how did it get past the competition without causing uproar. Surely people need to submit certain amount of details for a person to have a place in such prestigious science competition. So again, how did you maintain the secrecy? There's so much more that it's really challenging my suspension of disbelief.


But otherwise, excellent translation. I'll perhaps continue reading just for this. <<less
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_BlissCity_ rated it
June 7, 2022
Status: --

Okay, have to admit MC is wayyy too overpowered and the antagonists are wayyy too weak and s*upid. So, it's a 101% easy win for MC. Is that bad? No, I don't think so. We have a convenient excuse for that: MC is a seasoned, highly skilled veteran. So, duh...

Besides that, the thing that I most liked in this story is the general tone of narration. The author's use of words and how he/she told the story was the things that got... more>> me hooked!

I love it so much! MC is just so great.

The following is just me ranting:


In the first arc, I think Original 1 is a great catch too. I can't help but ridicule how s*upid the wife was. Like gurll, wtf is wrong with you? Your husband is a genius and respects you! There's no other woman but you! Oh, and those white-eyed wolves and good-for-nothing children... ugh! No talent, no charm, no finesse, and still acting arrogant? Still thinking the world owes you? Okay, fine! The original has some faults too.... but still. To conclude, the antagonists are so s*upid and brain dead. They don't pose a challenge to MC.

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rialm rated it
March 25, 2021
Status: --
This novel features beautiful sentences, both in English and the original.

I especially enjoyed the author's notes because they help you further understand background and intentions. 👍 The story is very well written.

MC seems overpowered or overly knowledgeable? The author's note on the first chapter explains it:

"Point No.5: It's all part of the story and its groundwork about how the MC possesses the ability and knowledge to come up with his various inventions and how he could be invincible and powerful. Then again, all this could be attributed to the vast knowledge he gleaned from his substantial experiences from traversing through different dimensions."

Looking forward to reading more.
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July 29, 2022
Status: --
As the Principal Translator for the first arc of this story, thank you so much to all the reviews here for your kind words as to the quality of the translation =)

At the moment, I've joined DDL in helping to keep up Humanity's Great Sage in addition to continuing my work with Transn.
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July 13, 2021
Status: c345
The arcs are not bad, they are very fictitious and follow the author's logic.

It is entertaining to see how some of the scums regrets and also some mysteries are more or less good.

Also the MC is not nationalist but the author is low key.
The MC has a lot of knowledge and so he implements it although many times it falls into the absurd as the sci fi parts but here it depends on each one's tastes
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