June Bride


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I wrote “I love you” on white a paper, with a white pen, about you.

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12/26/17 Blob Translations oneshot
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namige rated it
December 27, 2017
Status: --
Hi. This is very short and very sad/bitter-sweet. Really, really short!

It's not obvious what is going on, (not that anything does).

It's up to the reader to interpret, avoid if you don't like having to decipher meanings.

My take was that the MC regrets not making their feelings clear and being timid, causing the one to they love to not understand their feelings for them. But it's very metaphorical, almost poetical.
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Rumby rated it
December 26, 2017
Status: oneshot
Was hoping for a short, cute, happy romance since reading the title....... oooh bride so maybe happy wedding... but surprise!


you get a sad MC wanting the other person to love them and missing them...... why you do this to me feels ;u;

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