Judge of the Song Dynasty


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It was 1068, Year 1 of the Xining era. Emperor Zhao Xu had recently ascended the throne of the Song dynasty. The widely respected old-guard of civil officials, Ouyang Xiu, Han Qi, and Fu Bi, were in their twilight years. The unorthodox reformer Wang Anshi was full of vigor, wishing to reverse the tide of decline sweeping over the empire. The stubborn Sima Guang would rather leave imperial government than give up on proper orthodoxy. The literary Su Shi watched from the sidelines, unable to pick a side.

With such a talented crop of civil officials, the Song dynasty should have shone brightly. Instead, these geniuses embarked on a mutually destructive course, leaving the Song empire with a gaping, irreparable wound, and leaving future students of history with regret and controversy.

But the sudden arrival of a junior lawyer opens a new path for the Song dynasty. Reformers and conservatives, civil and military officials, domestic and foreign affairs, all shall come under the Law.

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azuron rated it
October 24, 2023
Status: c25
An amazingly planned and executed novel. It's a fusion of legal drama with ancient china settings making it a very interesting and fresh novel. The chapters are exciting enough and the main character is very likeable. Would recommend.

I would write more, but I need to get back to binging the remaining chapters. Neither the writing nor the translation would disappoint. 10/10
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MeatEatingPriest rated it
August 30, 2023
Status: c26
I've really enjoyed this novel so far!

The premise is that a modern lawyer transmigrates back in time to the Song Dynasty and becomes personally involved in a case that is significant in Chinese legal history. He gets involved with important political figures and their agendas as a result. I've just finished the first arc and am looking forward to how the story progresses. As of chapter 26 it seems like he's managed to repay his benefactors but still isn't in a particularly secure position and has offended some powerful figures.

The... more>> protagonist comes across as a skilled lawyer with high charisma. He's intelligent, persuasive, possesses a good understanding of human nature, and is an adept rhetorician. He also seems like a good person thus far. He has refused some monetary gains and made helping the person who saved him immediately post transmigration his top priority. The other characters also don't seem one dimensional and have their own desires and personalities. The protagonist's characterization as a modern man comes out well in his interactions with others. He has the experience of a much more litigious society and it shows. He doesn't feel like a cheat character though; he feels fear confronting powerful figures and although he has the advantage of practicing a more complicated legal tradition it feels like he's earned his wins. The people of this time don't come off as bumbling idiots either. They often find the protagonist's actions and arguments audacious but are able to follow his line of reasoning and put up resistance if they oppose him.

The translation by Tuzhi translation is great! It maintains historical flavor while being easy to read. The politicking, legal arguments and historical background are presented naturally and explained well without coming across as shallow. The work overall is quite engaging. I'd definitely recommend it if this synopsis sounds interesting to you! <<less
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