Journey to Seek Past Reincarnations


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I don’t know whether you’ve heard of this type of saying: To want to know of the previous life’s matters, look at this life. The end of later incarnations is due to the karma of previous incarnations. If you plant this karma, then no matter how many reincarnations pass, you will never be able to break away from this end. How can you dispel it then? There is perhaps no other alternatives as it is very difficult to dispel karma. However, our business, against expectations, will return to the time when you planted the karma, find the origin of the karma, and change it.

This business doesn’t accept money. What we only accept—-a drop of your tears.

Perhaps some people might say wouldn’t that require time travelling? How can this be accomplished? It’s precisely time travelling. It naturally can’t be accomplished by an average person. However, in regards to one person, it’s not a difficult matter. This person—–is my master, the owner of this teahouse.

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03/06/16 Luen Translations v2c5
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02/24/16 Luen Translations v2c3 part2
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02/11/16 Luen Translations v2c2 part2
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01/08/16 Luen Translations v1c6 part2
01/04/16 Luen Translations v1c6 part1
01/01/16 Luen Translations v1c5 part2
01/01/16 Luen Translations v1c5 part1
12/30/15 Luen Translations v1c4 part3
12/30/15 Luen Translations v1c4 part2
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willwiz rated it
September 21, 2016
Status: c18
The main character is the familiar mindless type who stereotypically doesn't have common sense. Despite having an important job where she can't afford to make any mistake, she constantly do things without thinking of the consequences. She says whatever comes to mind without thinking of the consequence, doesn't pay attention to what her master warns, doesn't plan things out, reveals what she's not suppose to, constantly slacks on the job, and takes things for granted. Sometimes she even realises this, but treats her job as a joy ride. As a... more>> result, unexpected things happens during her mission. This novel is of her life and fate, and how she interacts with her missions <<less
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Reina Nanakira
Reina Nanakira rated it
October 16, 2018
Status: c176
It's good overall for me, both the Manhua and Novel. But I dislike the Drama version, it lead to neutral ending-bad ending.

I want the MC girl ended up with the vampire guy. Hope all the guy that she met, is the vampire guy :' (


But in the drama version, the MC girl isn't a human, but made from the Master (forgot his name) limbs, and ended up she gave up her life. There's hint that the Master still alive while the vampire guy still nowhere to be seen.

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