Jishou F-Rank no Oniisama ga Game de Hyouka sareru Gakuen no Chouten ni Kunrin suru Sou desu yo?


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Shishio Academy is a school where everything is decided upon by the results of games. During the entrance exams, Guren ended up with the worst rank: The F-rank, just as he had planned. But once the academy’s ‘darkness’ begins to attack his beloved little sister Karen, Guren has to show his true skill!

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Dear Self-styled F rank bro' says, he's gonna rule a game-oriented school.
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08/13/19 CClaw Translations v1c3
08/05/19 CClaw Translations v1c2
07/29/19 CClaw Translations v1c1
07/27/19 CClaw Translations v1 prologue
07/27/19 CClaw Translations v1 illustrations
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Jul 29, 2019
Status: c14
it’s a good book! Although I would like it if the girls were less.. Like the normal anime girls, it’s a given. The MC is quite overpowered, and he’s starting to show it now! Overall, I recommend it for those who like the cliché ‘MC is overpowered and no one knows but then people start to know’ genre. :)
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