Jin Yong Martial Arts Otherworld Rampage


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The vast Kunwu Mountains, one hundred and eight thousand. Spiritual ethereal sword rising, sweeping the summits of the nine provinces.

A modern day otaku is reborn in a wuxia world, becoming the little shishu of a little sect. Unexpectedly discovering he has the martial arts trade system of a garbage web game. Through it he can actually exchange for all of the martial arts in Mr. Jin Yong’s novels.

And so, Nine Yang Manual, Nine Yin Manual, Nine Swords of Dugu, Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms… All kinds of amazing martial arts started to dominate the jianghu of another world…

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Jin Yong Jue Xue Yi Shi Heng Xing
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08/07/15 Sylver Translations c1
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spammerhamster rated it
September 18, 2015
Status: --
Very slowpaced. Nothing exciting happens the first two volumes. A lot of characters are introduced but they're pretty bland and you can't tell them apart the way they talk or act. To make things worse, all the names are about the same...
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