Jealous in Nature


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The young master Wei lived for twenty years, and the person he couldn’t see clearly was his sworn enemy Shen Yuan.

When he was surrounded by glory, Shen Yuan was jealous of him, and always hated him. But when he fell down and had nothing left, Shen Yuan tried his best to save him. He even laughed at Shen Yuan for this.

“Shen Yuan is a narrow-minded person, and some people can only be insulted by me.” As Shen Yuan said, he even spent half of his life paving the road for his revenge.

Once reborn, Wei Zan returned to his boyhood. He was still the high-spirited young master of the Wei family, and Shen Yuan was still the jealous, lonely, and sick child.

With the memories of his previous life, Wei Zan changed his attitude. He couldn’t help chasing after Shen Yuan’s buttocks and made fun of him, by enthusiastically shouting “Brother Shen”.

“Is the young master playing tricks on me?” Shen Yuan, a young man, clenched the book in his pale hands, looked at him with flickering eyes, and finally gritted his teeth, “You know that I am a narrow-minded and jealous person.”

Wei Zan pecked at the side of his ear, then smiled lazily and said, “But you can’t be jealous of others…You can only be jealous of me.”

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YoriMei rated it
February 13, 2023
Status: Completed
First things first Shen Yuan is my perfect little meow meow, my sweet precious darling, the perfect little pearl of my heart. I am now a certified Shen Yuan apologist, he's never done a damn thing wrong is his entire life I'll brawl down anyone who disagrees (ง'̀-'́) ง

Jokes aside, I really didn't expect this story to be as good as it was. Expanding on the summary, Wei Zan and Shen Yuan grew up together and had a really bad relationship but when the Wei family fell into ruin due... more>> to schemes and backstabbing; it was Shen Yuan who got Wei Zan out of prison, nursed him back to health and helped him get his revenge for the Wei family. After his revenge was achieved, Wei Zan wakes up to find himself back before everything went wrong and thus sets out to prevent the previous tragedy from happening in the first place.

To be frank, most of the plot is just background for the main couple to have a relationship. All schemes and conspiracies are pretty shallow and are solved pretty quickly. Even the main antagonist himself shows up only about five times before he's shoo'd away so we could get back to the relationship between Shen Yuan and Wei Zan. On the other hand, the characterization in this story was wonderful. The main couple is really nice but between the two Shen Yuan absolutely hogs most of the characterization. Thus leaving Wei Zan as the typical handsome, strong, cool, troublemaking young master. I genuinely really like him, but in comparison to Shen Yuan he has very little development so what you see is what you get. As per the nature of a story focused on the main couple, everyone else is pushed towards the side but the bits and pieces we do get of them like Madam Hou (Wei Zan's mom), Shen Yuan's two maids or Wei Zan's friends is absolutely delightful.

Like I said I'm a Shen Yuan apologist so let's talk about him ✧⁺⸜ (●′▾'●) ⸝⁺✧!!! Just like the summary says he really is petty as hell and absolutely jealous of Wei Zan's life, but he also has such a tragic past that after seeing how his family, his future and even his health was forcibly taken from him I can't blame him for having a terrible attitude when interacting with Wei Zan. WZ is a living reminder of everything he lost and could never recover, is he right to have an attitude with Wei Zan and to be jealous of WZ when he's just living his life? Absolutely not, and SY himself knows that but can't help him. However SY's jealousy and flaws make him feel much more authentic and memorable than being "gentle, beautiful, kind, pitiful, sweet, white lotus shou #2847537". Even with his bad attitude and jealousy, he never tries to actively harm the Wei family or Wei Zan, just stews in his own inferiority complex whilst trying his best to grab hold of some kind of power to compete with Wei Zan. Rather than enemies to lovers, it's more like childhood rivals to lovers? Regardless, watching Shen Yuan try his best despite everything against him is both sweet and saddening. Besides, later on Wei Zan admits that he loves it when Shen Yuan is jealous of him or over him because it means (SY) he's thinking about him (WZ).

It's minor spoilers, but if you wish to know what happened:


As a kid he was a cheerful, talented young boy who had a really bright future as a general but later his parents were killed in battle, his extended family took everything they could from him (money and property), and his cousin had poisoned him by "accidentally" letting loose a poisonous snake in his room when he was sick and it bit him. After he was bitten what did his extended family do? They bought a coffin for him and waited for him to die so they could get part of his inheritance and didn't bother to try curing him because they wanted to see his future ruined. After this happen, that cheerful boy was no more and Shen Yuan became petty and scheming to protect the only two maids/followers he had left. His future as a war general is gone because he is now left permanently weakened and ill, he would never be able to start a family because his health was bad and prospects were very low so no one was willing to marry their daughter to him either. Even the place he lives is currently only from the kindness of Madam Hou.


Overall I really loved this story and was surprised at how much I fell head over heels for my precious darling Shen Yuan. It doesn't have a very complicated plot and the war/conflict might leave a lot to be desired, but the chemistry between WZ and SY had me absolutely hooked. Shen Yuan might cause a bit of a divide because of his unfair jealousy, but I don't feel like it was overdone or out of bounds and high recommend giving this story a shot.


Also there's a only a few scenes about Shen Yuan's parents and they're wonderful, I genuinely wished I could have read more about them.

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Deerlight98 rated it
November 2, 2023
Status: Completed
This is actually not bad. I mean it was kinda annoying how the shou has this tendency of getting jealous in everything. But it was because he was too sad of his weak body and lost happiness. Tsk tsk. But seriously the shou is still a good person. He knows what is right and wrong. For the seme here. He was a good person and there may be arrogance but he seems to know his limits? And in the end he started to learn to bend his nature and learn... more>> to beg too to his wife. Only to his wife. He is still strong to others. And outgoing? Was this the rihg word anyway.

So the whole story actually revolves around the couple. How they start to get together from being little rivals to lovers. Seriously I think it was hard to talk to shou when he was always trying to annoy the seme with his every words. Lol. It was great that the seme finally melted the shou’s heart. Bur jealous nature is still there. But there will be time when shou would finally able to lessen a bit his jealousy.

it was a fun story. Not bad at all. The revenge part. It felt a bit more like it was almost all done behind the scene? There would still be some confrontation. But seriously it was not that much of an expectation. On it. So this part was a bit of a shame to see? Well may be it was because the seme was reborn afterall. Or it was just me who was not impress lol. Anyway this is a good read. Try it ~~ <<less
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