Jashin wo Kutta Shoujo wa Isekai wo Kyuusaishimasu


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The protagonist, Akame Shimizu, was summoned to a parallel world with the rest of her class. Only she was hated by the goddess for some reason; her attribute values were commonplace when seen in her status, and her two skills, ‘Incompetence’ and ‘Free Dream’, resulted in no magic manifesting. With the excuse of the goddess hating her, she followed the path of tragedy, and encountered an evil god. Whether she rots there, or pursues a road of happiness from there, she would test her fate.

Associated Names
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The Girl who consumed an Evil God to rescue a parallel world
The Girl Who Defeated an Evil God to Save the Other World.
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
01/19/19 Sad Hoovy’s... v2c12
01/12/19 Sad Hoovy’s... v2c11
01/09/19 Sad Hoovy’s... v2c10
01/08/19 Sad Hoovy’s... v2c9
01/05/19 Sad Hoovy’s... v2c8
01/04/19 Sad Hoovy’s... v2c7
01/03/19 Sad Hoovy’s... v2c6
12/17/18 Sad Hoovy’s... v2c5
11/24/18 Sad Hoovy’s... v2c4
11/10/18 Sad Hoovy’s... v2c3
11/10/18 Sad Hoovy’s... v2c2
11/10/18 Sad Hoovy’s... v2c1
11/10/18 Sad Hoovy’s... reference 1
11/10/18 Sad Hoovy’s... v1c17
11/10/18 Sad Hoovy’s... v1c16
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New placeholder45 rated it
January 12, 2019
Status: c20
I enjoyed the hook when the protagonist ate the evil good, but one thing gets tedious fast:

She's a Mary Sue who keeps doing "impressive" stuff and getting praised for it, but the mechanics of that impressive stuff are really boring.
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Mr.Tiemos rated it
November 23, 2018
Status: v2c3
Personally I greatly enjoy ‘stereotypical Isekai’ novels so I’m gonna be biased in my review.

As of v2c3 I find very few flaws and plenty of enjoyable content. I’ll specify a bit more in the spoiler but overall it delivers exactly what the novel says it does, just read the title and description.

... more>>

tldr: Beautiful girl doesn’t know she’s beautiful, is hated by a few of her female classmates because of her interacting with the ikemen of the class who likes her, and after being forced by a jealous goddess (Saria) to be super weak, she’s forced to face an evil god... whom she eats and becomes super op.


The only flaw I see so far is the story’s pacing, which is a bit inconsistent. Not really a big deal but I had to reread a few things to get a grasp on what happened due to that. Even still, that’s not really a problem.

Very good so far, looking forward to seeing more being translated. <<less
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