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– Question: “What is scarier than the personal experience of transmigrating into a horror movie?”

Anonymous: “Transmigrating into a movie you’ve never seen before.”

– “Poor comment! There’s nothing scary about that!”

Anonymous reply: “You sure? Can you be sure your dad isn’t a murderer? Can you be certain your spouse isn’t out to kill you for insurance money? Can you even be certain there isn’t any hidden lethal weapon in your son’s lunchbox? The scariest thing is that you have never seen this movie before so, you have absolutely no idea of any ‘surprise’ that awaits you ahead!”

Hence, this novel is also called [’surprise’ that awaits you].

A line to sum it up: The female lead transmigrates into various movie adaptations of real stories, and conquers the audience.

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New tonguelasher rated it
May 12, 2020
Status: c549
The story is interesting, but the romance is written poorly. It's more focused on the adventures of the MC. The progression with the ML was so poor that I thought another person was the ML.


ML is an actor in one of the movies she went into. He flirted at her during the plays and she kept putting him off, knowing that he died in the past. The author is better at writing obsession than romance.

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New BaiYihan rated it
May 3, 2020
Status: c47
I started reading this because I thought it would be something like a QT horror novel and I haven't read a good one of those in a long time. After reading this, I still haven't. I loved the first arc and how the MC got some what of a dissociative personality from it. It made me really excited to see what would happen next. The phantom of the opera arc was alright but nowhere near as good as the first. And I just didn't like the third arc at all.... more>> It was still well written and there weren't many grammar mistakes but the plot wasn't what I hoped it would be. <<less
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RuiSi rated it
January 9, 2019
Status: Completed
Hi guys, I am the translator for this series just dropping by to leave a review.

So I picked this up because I've really enjoyed reading it and want to share this good read with another person.

This novel had left a really lasting impact on me in terms of the author's original movie scripts and the plot which never fails to keep me interested (whether it be from being horrified, curious, angry, sad, empathetic etc.) in reading to find out what happens next.

Also, the characters' personalities and stories are really well developed.

To put it short, the author has really good penmanship in which I hope I'll be able to show in the translated ver. Even just a small portion of it.


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arashi-chan12 rated it
January 8, 2019
Status: c92
Replying to Azuron up above:

... more>>

I agree that the initial impression with the grandma wasn't the best, but this is also part of the mystery. There is a reason why the relationship between her mother and grandmother is so bad, and Chen Shuanghe is probably not the ML (maybe not even 2nd ML, more like 3rd?). His father appears more than he does. :/

Basically so far he's just blipped back on the radar once the MC gets a role in the modern world. He often plays in the movies she gets casted in (or tries), and he hates/envies her. That's the majority of their relationship at least for the beginning.


To be entirely honest the story has a rocky start. When Grandma came in, I also wondered if I could like the characters and worried if it was going to be one of those face-slapping modern Chinese celebrity stories that are the norm. But I stuck with it and I don't regret it, because it turned out differently to what I expected.

Once I got past the beginning and got into the meat of the story (the actual transmigration and the overarching mysteries) the impression I had of it changed immensely. Please try it if you get another chance 😊


I couldn't help myself and MTLed ahead fufu >w<

I've been enjoying this so far! The summary doesn't do it justice at all D: (although it's not entirely wrong either)

Anyways, this is a pretty interesting take on the "quick transmigration" genre. Details in spoiler below~


So unlike other QT stories I've read, this is not a "transmigration into other worlds, follow quests/orders from a system, get op cheats" formula story (not that I hate those).

The MC instead goes into a creepy movie theater and has to live in movie worlds. Death is not permanent for her (in most cases?) as her real body is at the movie theater.

Spoiler for a bit ahead as well, the movies she QTs into, they're not actually movies! They're actually...... Ok, I won't tell. >_<


I like how the author actually uses things she mentions in the past and incorporates it later in the story. If you think something important is mentioned, then it's probably foreshadowing.

I also like how there is this subtle dark? horror? aspect running through out the story. And I was able to find myself getting attached to the important characters who are showcased in the QT (they reappear and some are kinda important to the overarching plot). The romance is a little lacking but it's building itself up little by little. I hope end game is Wen Yu, he's a precious little bun TuT

Anyways, it's got me hooked so far ever since I picked it up. I still got some reading to do (170-ish chapters current) but I'm rating it a tentative 5⭐ for now!

Props to the translator for picking this up! <<less
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Rumby rated it
January 20, 2019
Status: c119
MC is a bad actress but gets the chance to be improve her acting skills and winds up playing characters in movies she transmigrates into, however there is a risk of taking this shortcut as the life theater cinema has their own rules.


    • Expected lighthearted novel but got much more! This is great thriller!
    • Introduction is a superficial set up. Later chapters gets deeper & interesting as character backstories & motivations are revealed as story progresses.
    • Movie Adaptions show both realistic bad & good morals, also features bad characters with injustice
    • Romance is not prominent or overbearing but incorporated into story well.
    • TL doing great + I love pictures used; they're helpful
    • 5 stars: cuz I cried some parts & I think I'll reread the story (couldn't finish with MTL; MTL starting to kill my brain cells though it's not too hard to read)
And for my longer explanation of tldr under spoilers:


Honestly I thought this would be a shallow light hearted novel due to the summary so didn't expect much, but got much more than what I expected; the author can pull off a thriller.
Not into the horror genre, but this is up my alley~

I love how the author introduces a superficial surface level of the characters, and then as the story progresses their backstory and deeper character/motivations are revealed.

I suggest to read about past 4 chapters to get a feel, since honestly first few are just a typical lackluster set up.

The novel does present more realistic stories which touches on both the good and bad morality, so movies may rub some readers in the wrong way since there are bad characters doing injustices. But I like how the author offers the movie adaptions to the table that each character has their own motivation and reason for their actions.

The romance is not overbearing not too prominent as well but incorporated into the plot which I like.

The TL doing a great job so far and I like the pictures; they're helpful~~

Overall I am a biased with my rating since I cried reading some parts of novel.. And at the moment, I think I'd be willing to reread this novel if I end up finishing; mtl is killing brain cells right now so probably better to wait for TL.

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roseqanne rated it
February 20, 2019
Status: Completed
Thank you so much for RuiSi who share this, this is really good read!

MC doesn't transmigrated because a system and must complete the mission. MC doesn't always stay in the movie. The MC doesn't get the cheat after coming out of the movie (I mean like a cheat that makes her suddenly become great at something). This novel tells a lot of mixed emotions.

And for the role of the MC's grandmother, I thought 'wow there are still characters like this' but I just let it go, because I know this... more>> novel will not bring up drama because of the grandmother. The grandmother has her own reasons even though I think it's sellfish.

MC's mother really loves MC. Her mother will often appeared mostly inside novel. I love her mother's character so much.


and for the ML ahahahaha. ML is a masked man. Chen Suanghe is not ML, and my baby Wenyu isn't either. And I'm really curious about MC's father. I don't know whether the novel was told who her father or not. MTL really makes my head dizzy so I can't concluded who her father is.


More episodes, the story gets more complicated. Many characters are interrelated until I get dizzy connecting to whom for whom. When the MC enters the film, you will also join in thinking. What is the flow of the film, how the characters are played, what should you do and say.


Wenyu isn't ML. Wenyu always there when MC need helps. And MC knows when she needs help, she will search Wenyu. I don't know if Wenyu loves MC. But when MC tells Wenyu she loves the ML, his hand trembled and I think he is try to hiding his expression when hear MC's story. I cant really understand it, because MTL.

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Ichigoeater rated it
February 7, 2020
Status: c25
Everything's been said already that I want to say. I kind of want to scold Reviewer Azuron for rating a story they didn't even bother going past chapter two on, but whatevs. I'll just correct their misconception instead of reiterating what everyone else has already said so concisely.

This is NOT a face-slapping novel. There is an as*hole director and a seemingly unforgivable, money hungry grandmother. I had gotten angry at the protagonist and her mother for apparently withstanding this abuse submissively, but the director's character is already, by chapter 25,... more>> more than just an obstacle on the protagonist's road to success, and the grandmother seems to be keeping a secret.


It hasn't been revealed, whatever it is, but it seems that the mother hadn't given all her money to her, and had actually placed it elsewhere. That isn't to say the grandmother isn't a terrible person, but there's a history that hasn't been revealed yet that may explain why things are the way they are.


Anyway, the point is, the side characters aren't always just side characters, and the usual formulaic designs have been ignored thus far, meaning there's no one you can simply ignore as a cannon fodder character. ESPECIALLY the characters in the 'movies'.

I can't speak for the romance tag, as no male lead has been made apparent yet

though I suspect this may be like some of the yaoi quick transmigration stories where the ML is reborn.

. Regardless, if you like mysteries, thrillers, and twists, then you'll like this. <<less
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fireinmyseoul rated it
March 6, 2020
Status: --

Currently at 33 chapters but I can tell you right now how amazing of a job the translator and original author have done!! I have to give credit where credit is due!

The story is somewhat dark and twisted but also a bit hopeful? You can’t help but want to root on Ning Ning and want to see where the book takes her.

This book just sucked me in and enthralled me in a way I never thought possible. Coming from a person who mainly reads fluffy cute... more>> romance or comedy, reading and enjoying this story came sooo out of left field for me. So give it a shot please!!

The story is beautifully written and translated. I will admit I even cried at some points because of how moving it was, but at others I hid under my blankets with my body curled and fists and clenched because of both the fear and anticipation the writing gave me. Amazing just amazing. <<less
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Aina Seira
Aina Seira rated it
March 21, 2019
Status: c56
It's a unique and complicated series of transmigrations, all to further her skills in acting. The catch is, the transmigration itself is not always smooth-sailing, dangerous even, and very different to the system transmigration stories where host could safely land in a world.

Oops, don't be confused. There's no system something here. It's just that MC, after being hinted by her mother's dying words, went to a movie theater or something where she could view films... and end up being transported inside the movie world. There she would have to play... more>> the part of the person she had transmigrated to, otherwise, the plot won't move, so it is this way that she learned what a real actress is. The reason I said it's not safe to get into a movie world every time is that

She's not allowed to change the fate of the main character. Scratch that, she's allowed to do that only twice, but once she exceeded that, she would get trapped in the cinema, ending up like the other faceless staffs working in that mysterious and eerie cinema. And oops, it's another unique feature of this story, the staffs there are probably souls or punished people and each of them has a ticket that they could give to people. In the future, MC would be in dire need of tickets because without a ticket she won't be able to enter. It's just that, the tickets of the staffs are traps, once she accepts them, she would end up also trap in the cinema, and arrgggg, this cinema truly has so many rules.



BTW, I feel betrayed... All this time, I was praying for her to end with up the midnight theater's door guard... only to learn later that he was actually her DAD when she transmigrated into an ugly pampered girl of the republic era. This dad of hers seemed to have traded his freedom and soul for revenge but I'm not sure yet how he's going to do it. Anyways, the point is he seems so gentle and caring and her conversation with him is really misleading that's why I feel betrayed. Arrgggh. Now, the one she's most likely to end up with is that rude guy who keeps on doubting and demeaning her as an actress. Hopely not. The one I'm seeing potential to end up with her next is actually a cinema staff, but this one is kinda unique because he's been with her in one of the movies she had been to. And this guy is dead over heels for her in that movie.

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Tully rated it
April 29, 2020
Status: c50
Brace your heart.

Extremely deceptive 1st and 2nd chapters. I've read alot of transmigrated stories, even the horror ones, this one is a hidden gem. Completely different from all the stories before. It is heavy on thriller and angst, also has a horror and suspense esque feels. Extremely emotionally laden and deals alot on the human psyche.

... more>>

The MC receives a ticket from her mother which leads her to a Life Theater, where she transmigrates into the body of people in the story.

I know, sounds cliche right? But the content and truth of the movie is the gem. I will not reveal it. I think the real ML is the one in the 3rd arc.

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Rikken rated it
April 27, 2019
Status: Completed

The mystery is really good, new information is constantly revealed and there is a lot of interconnections between each arc. There are logical consequences to changing fate and character flaws are explained. No character is perfect but no-one is absolutely non-redeemable as well. For the people concerned about the grandmother, she is very unlikable but there are reasons for it. The mother is not as great as Ning Ning believes in terms of values, career and actions (although she has done her utmost as a mother). At least hateable characters still have rational motivations. The person I hated the most was actually Director Chen. Anyways, there are enough good people to balance out all of the bad ones. Wen Yu is an absolute angel. Shi Zong Tang is flawed but has a beautiful heart. The gatekeeper and sibling pair were particularly moving.

I highly recommend reading this in Chinese since crime/horror descriptions are much creepier and chilling. The writing was very good. The theme is relatively dark with some lighthearted scenes in between, then warm scenes that can move you to tears.

There are tragic reasons why the romance can't progress much but the ML appears in the 3rd movie. There are basically important characters in every movie that move the plot along. The pace was good and the story is relatively short for a CN.

Rather than a transmigration genre, this is closer to a time travelling mystery novel.

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icecream rated it
March 2, 2020
Status: c31
It's really dark, borderline emotionally traumatizing. It's just creepy to know all these plots are based on a true story within the novel world. But these cases can also relate to the real-world, unfortunately. I get creeped out so much by it. I really don't want to continue this book, because my stomach churns every time I read a chapter. While it's not my preference of genre, it does deserve 5 stars, because it is written and thought out well. The pacing is good and I felt very strongly for... more>> the best and worst of characters. But, I'll end my reading here because I'm weak of heart. <<less
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Tachi Works
Tachi Works rated it
September 9, 2019
Status: c176
Rough start, intriguing warmup, amazing end.
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speracles rated it
January 15, 2019
Status: c5
I am going to give this story some time. It's a story about character growth... So she isn't a badass (right now) who is perfect and cold and merciless. (AKA the superspy female trope who is really just a guy character with boobs, perfect skin, and a random ass medical degree.) She starts out as a pushover, but chapter 5 cemented my interest because this is the chapter you realize how steep and dangerous the learning curve is... Not just for her, but for those around her. Five stars... more>> for chapter 5. <<less
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azuron rated it
January 13, 2019
Status: c2
I had immense hope for this novel seeing the 5 star reviews and reading the summary. Unfortunately after reading the 2nd chapter, I am dropping this. I shall refrain from rating the novel too low since translation quality is good enough. However one might wonder about the blatant contrast between the reviews and overall ratings.

If I had to guess I would say that the initial attitude of MC and even her mother towards her malicious grandmother is extremely off-putting. This is clearly not ancient china settings where the characters are... more>> unable to resist the oppressive demands of their so called elders. Also it's inconceivable how a "movie empress" was unable to fight back against an old woman, not to mention her daughter willingly acts submissive towards her indirect murderer. The main lead (I hope he is) is nothing to write home about and is extremely off-putting.

This review is solely based on the premise/pre-arc and I will not be going into the arcs, simply because my initial impression of the characters is so so so bad. If you can ignore the flawed characters, and can pass through the initial hurdle of illogical submissiveness and maliciousness, you should be able to get into the arcs, in which case your opinion will fall into the 5-star bracket. But if you are completely unable to relate to the characters and completely loathe every single one of them, there are plenty of other novels to choose from that floats your boat.

[Disclaimer: This review portrays my subjective opinion as a reader, and only as a reader] <<less
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oyasumi_pp rated it
March 26, 2020
Status: c91
Like all comments here, this is not your usual transmigration story.

no cliche, no system. Everything has a reason. Things are so connected. So many twists that will make you frel surprised.

it's much better than many timetravel films and series out there. It's very solid and detailed.

... more>> the villians or bad people have reasons for their actions. The big bad is actually clever here.
I haven't found such a good web novel since Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria. In fact, this one is even better.

this one sets the mood so eerie and suspenseful that it can keep you on edge and jump reading before your bed

endure first few chapters of cliche stuff, the more you read the more you realize this is no ordinary QT novel. In fact the cliche stuff was just trolls author intentionally put. As you go on you will learn that a Mary Sue is not so mary sue at all and a bad person is not all that bad at all. Like it's a nice shade of grey.

Everyone is flawed in some way. But that makes the characters very human and realistic. There is a reasonable character development.

having said that I did not manage to finish mtling because though the author's language is good enough to be legible on google translate there are so many details that cannot be missed and it's killing my brain cells (as another reviewer said)

I will definitely comr back and mtl the rest again once my brain cells are restored lol

it's so shocking why the rating is not as high as it should be. Maybe it's too heavy. This novel is not for the faint hearted. As someone who enjoys perverted Japanese New Wave and Sion Sono films, I like it really much. But I think it's not everyone's cup of tea <<less
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juzkdiing rated it
March 21, 2020
Status: c37
I hated the fact that all of the comments before mine are absolutely CORRECT! I came in full of bias, wanting the story to follow the cookie cutter development of a “transmigration/time travelling/life rewind” story - but migosh! It is more than that. I found myself screaming nooooooo when I reached the final translated chapter.

You owe it to yourself. Give this a try.
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jesspaulwts rated it
January 16, 2020
Status: c55
So I'm just left with about 120 chapters, and I gotta say, this is A DAMN GOOD NOVEL! And I'm reading this on MTL.

I really didn't think this novel would hit me so deep in the feels. I thought it'd be a quick transmigration but it really isn't, but still good in it's own way of transitioning between reality and the movie arcs.

I gotta say, the MC been in like 3 movies and I shed a few tears after each one, it gets me so emotionally tangled.

So far so good... more>> since we're discovering the secrets of the cinema, and I'll keep reading,

  • a bummer this novel wasn't like 500 chapters instead. It has such a unique base with this cinema of life thing but at the same time, each movie arc isn't so long that you get lost from the main focus.
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sakuratemple rated it
July 18, 2019
Status: Completed
This novel is really detailed and the main character grows after acting in the movie. There’s a lot of mysteries behind the movie theater and etc that makes you want to continue reading on. Nearly everything the author writes about will eventually foreshadow the later events.

For example, when her grandma says that her mom was indifferent during the time she went missing and Ning Ning was saved by a young boy and young girl that actually foreshadows a movie she’s going to transmigrate to later on.


All the characters mentioned in the novel will be important later on so I recommend people to pay attention to all the details.
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