I’ve Been Reincarnated Into Another World and Become the Protagonist of a Galge, but I’ve Never Been Told That I’m Being Doted on so Ardently by a Character Who’s Not My Target! ~the Protagonist of a Gal Game With a High Level of Feminine Power Is Overwhelmed in Many Ways by the Courtship of a Tomboyish Princess


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I was reincarnated as the protagonist of the Japanese gal game (male version of otome game) “The Jewel of Utopia “, but I didn’t like the characters that could be captured, and when I didn’t raise my affection points, an event of condemnation occurred!

The one who saved the protagonist from this predicament is the princess of the Sacrifice Empire, who never appeared in the game.

This is a story about an “overly handsome, high-spec princess” and a “maidenly male protagonist with a high level of feminine power” who love each other dearly.

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xalvarez rated it
June 29, 2021
Status: v1c8
Yeah, so, I just came here to comment on the title.

58... that title is a total of 58 words! A normal title is less than 10, but this novel really went above and beyond in its naming skills, huh?

Well, I suppose that the title's purpose has been achieved anyway. I read the first few chapters out of curousity and it was actually pretty good. The translation wasn't bad, albeit a little confusing at times. The story progression isn't rushed... but there also isn't much plot to rush either...I like FL... more>> a lot and the ML is fun to read and actually has a little personality to him.

Honestly, this story just seems like a typical love-dove, feel good story. Of course, I'm basing that judgment on that on the very few chapters that I have read already as well as the novel's current tags. If you want a story with substance, this is probably not your story. Still, I like it a lot. I'll continue to read it as this review now. <<less
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July 8, 2021
Status: v1c7
The premise is interesting but so far the ML has the type of personality I dislike even on female protagonists. Instead of being feminine he's just kinda spineless. I think if you don't think too hard about things it won't be a bad read. Personally I thought way too hard about it. I'll refrain from rating this till i've read further but I will say I like the FL already.

... more>>

I am surprised the capture targets were willing to out themselves as not virgins like that though. Also him kneeling was probably the same as admitting guilt which was dumb. If he'd tried to stand up for himself a little it would have being nice.

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July 11, 2021
Status: c8
I don't know if it's the fault of the translator or the author, but the constant switching between third and first person makes this almost impossible to read.

The story itself isn't terrible, although the various names also disrupt the emersion (who would name their child Muffin, or why the hell would a country be called Sacrifice?).

One thing that the title and summary don't properly convey is just how feminine the protagonist is. The fact that the genders of the MC and heroine are swapped might almost not matter. It reads... more>> exactly like a regular story from a female perspective. IMO that twist went so far that there's no point to it anymore. <<less
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Dirty Mick
Dirty Mick rated it
August 24, 2021
Status: v3c2
The MC is rubbish and not just because he is effeminate. I went in expecting that and he is one of the worst i've seen. A good effeminate male character isn't a totally spineless wimp, which is what he is. A Brother's Price which is somewhat similar with the romance dynamics has a good effeminate main character. Who is submissive and feminine but is willing to fight and kill when necessary which this guy isn't even in the most extreme circumstances.

The villain and the galgame capture targets tried to r*pe and murder him and then he started bloody crying because FL was going to kill the villain. There is a limit to kindness and mercy especially when the villain showed no remorse whatsoever. Again when compared to A Brother's Price which has a good effeminate MC who kills when necessary and is proactive and isn't a bleeding heart idiot it shows how garbage this MC is. Even if he was a woman i'd still dislike him

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