I’ve Been Reincarnated as a Perishable Character, and I’m Terrified of My Plans to Be Miserable


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After dying of an illness at a young age, I found myself in a game called [Kagetsu Kaidan].

The problem is that this person is the main character’s rival, and he dies in every route.

In addition, his 『Spiritual Power』, which is a unique ability in this world, is weak, and it’s impossible to counteract it with the original knowledge.

If you don’t strengthen your body, your head will fall off with a single pinprick.

I’m not going to inherit the family name, I’m going to be a member of a different family, but I’m going to be enrolled in the “High School of Shion Academy”, where the game takes place.

「One of the heroines from the original game is watching me, and I’m screwed …….」

One day, I was overwhelmed with despair.

A beautiful girl with a fantastic atmosphere came to me and said,

「I’m here!」

「Hey, I’d like to spend some time alone, quietly. ……」

「Give up!」

I struggled to avoid the looming dead end, but my knowledge of the original story was already useless.

I mean, I’m the villain who is spreading the damage in most cases.

The more results I produce, the more active I am, the more the world’s major powers are paying attention to me.

But I want to do what I can.

Even if there is no scenario, even if I am are in a game, I will survive .

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Horobiru Kyara ni Tensei Shita Ore wa Hisan na Meniau Yotei ni Obieru
I've Been Reincarnated as a Perishable Character, and I'm Terrified of my plans to be Miserable
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    icerror rated it
    December 3, 2022
    Status: c11
    Readability is bad - cluttered dialogue lines, haphazard use of pronouns despite the speaker's gender, dangling modifiers... all in all, another galaxytl special.

    ... more>>

    Nothing happened, despite the teaser in chapter one. It might be too soon to judge, but it's a big deal wasting 4000 words of your 1st 4 chapters on nothing burger, where the author could easily dump the exposition expand on the premise. There's nothing about the game, its characters, plot nor about the MC - why he despaired and his characterization as a product of these elements.


    Tl;dr: likely the author is new to the whole novel thing. I'm not expecting much, but I will give it another try 10 chapters in.

    Edit: nothing has changed since c5. MC is still nondescript.


    As of the 11 chapters, the story is going no where. The initial premise - MC being isekai into a game he knew and, therefore, gave up on actively participating - hadn't played a role into any of the developments: none of the characters shown up except for 2 is from the game, MC is clueless of the danger despite knowing the game, and I still haven't got a clue what this game is. Long story short, the settings don't seemingly add value.

    I also like to remark that of all the things about an elite school, to have the only piece of info being all the boys want to date mc's attendant or shikigami, it is not interesting. In fact, it's cringe why it is brought up so many times.

    Compounded by poor character building, description, and the general inconsistencies, which idk whether to blame the author or the tls, this is simply not worth the time.


    I don't recommend this. If someone says this will be good after x chapter, start reading from there. <<less
    14 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
    Faizzki rated it
    December 13, 2022
    Status: c7
    The TL felt like an mtl with little to none editing. TL seems to be unable to keep pronouns, name, and slang consistent thus making the story harder to follow.

    For now you'll better off reading the series straight from the raw using google translate
    2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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