It’s Too Early to be Having Newlywed Syndrome! ~Childhood Friends Who Rekindled their Love for Each Other ~


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Morita Naoto spends his days avoiding falling for another girl ever since he was strongly rejected by a girl he confessed to.

On the winter of his second year in high school, Naoto came to learn about the troubles of Oshida Natsuki, his childhood friend and neighbor in the same apartment complex. They’ve been estranged for many years, but for some reason Naoto can’t help but worry for Natsuki, so he offered to help her.

However, on his first day of helping Natsuki, Naoto can’t provide proper support, and on the second day he can’t come up with any idea at all. This cause Naoto to worry that he is being useless to Natsuki.

Despite it all, to show her gratitude, Natsuki offered Naoto her lap as a pillow, cleaned his ears, and promised to go out with him on Christmas Day. This caused Naoto to realize his feelings.

Their relationship that had stood still began to change, and just like the old days, Naoto and Natsuki held their hands together. This time for sure, forevermore.

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新婚病にはまだ早い! ~幼馴染みに惚れ直した幼馴染みカップル~
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MungMan rated it
October 24, 2021
Status: c10
Omega protagonist X girl who has unconditional love for him (for some reason). Most of the novel is characters conversing with each other, and most of it involves the MC apologize for something. Its mostly fluff and doesnt amount to much. It doesnt take long for the characters to get together. Their personalities arent very interesting and their lives arent very interesting. They just do fluffy things without much conflict. Most of the tension ends when they become a couple and the story just meanders as a slice of life.... more>> I would give 2.5 stars but I cant, so ill cut some slack and give 3. Its really bland and could have used better characters at least. <<less
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DMR rated it
March 4, 2022
Status: v4c14
Honestly, once the drama is over, this really drags.

The slice of life is just badly done. The characters aren't fun. The interactions aren't fun. The chemistry isn't that great. It's just boring stuff written boring.

I'm giving this 3 stars because this at least starts out good.... it just should have ended.

It's one of those stories that suffer because of how drawn out it is...
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