It’s Time To Stop Looking For A New Family


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I wanted to become the head of the family.

Leticia, left in the cold because she was an illegitimate child of the duke, was used as a successor.

Her dedication to that was thwarted by Sujin, a foster daughter from that world.

Her death was due to false charges. But after her final moments, she wakes up as an eleven-year-old girl again.

‘In this life, I’ll pave my own way forward.’

“I’m going to leave the family.”

Leticia rids herself of the forsaken family and heads north. There, she meets the blood-and-iron minded Countess Winter and offers a deal.

“Please sponsor me, Countess.”

“What is a duke’s daughter able to do for the Winters, if the Winters shelter you?”

“In exchange for a contract, I will undo the curse lying on the Winters’ dominion.”

In this second life, the more I try to avoid it, the more I get entangled in these dangerous but enchanting relationships…

“Acting as you please. You shouldn’t have saved me if you weren’t going to look back at me.”

“Please leave the archmage, and take me as your husband.”

A turbulent second life.

Will Leticia be able to find a new family?

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이제 그만 새가족을 찾으려합니다
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