It’s Tickling to Be Loved All of a Sudden


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Audria’s parents died early on so she had to raise her two siblings by herself and couldn’t live her life.

One day, she was murdered by her siblings who took her care for granted and just wanted her fortune!

When I opened my eyes, I became “Audria Trudy,” the famous daughter of a duchess whose name was the same as mine, but whose status was a world’s distance away.

She is famous for being a princess who was abandoned by her family…

But for “Audria,” who realized from her past life that family was useless, this situation was just right.

‘You mean no one cares if I live my own life?’

An ample allowance, a powerful family, plus, a child’s body, so it was easy to get away with things.

Moreover, she had no restrictions or responsibilities.

It was a life where all her needs were fulfilled without her having to do anything!

Why do I need love from my family?

I don’t have to suffer anymore.

I can live as I please.

She decides to eat well by herself and live well by herself.

But suddenly, she keeps sensing a strange look on her.

That stalker’s identity is Audria’s brother, and Dad?!

“No, you abandoned me, why are you bothering me now?’

Associated Names
One entry per line
Love Tickles
갑자기 사랑받으려니 간지러워요
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lilly2805 rated it
April 24, 2020
Status: C5
So far there's only 5 chapters, but the translation so far is well done and the story is just as interesting.

I really reccomend trying this novel out, you won't regret it ❤
12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
PanaceaSeer rated it
March 26, 2021
Status: --
god this story is too cute!!! I really hope it will continue, I want to know if the family circumstances are just misunderstandings
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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