It’s The First Time For Both Of Us


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She had possessed the daughter of a secret woman and the male lead who became a tyrant after knowing the death of that woman. Her father, who she first met after losing her mother, is already on the verge of being a tyrant.

I’m not going to get killed… right?

‘No, no, how did I survive?’

I can’t do this. I’m going to make him look like a real person first!

But there was a problem with my training?

“My daughter said her dad was the best in the world,” Dad, who had the scent of blood, said.

“Mariette, you are my salvation and my God. Because you have saved my life.”

The crown prince thought she was a crybaby fairy.

“I will follow you until the end of my life. Queen of the Witches.”

Even the witches who used to live in secret.

“Where are you looking? Don’t look at him and just pet me.”

I thought this wolf had become extinct, but I picked it up by accident.

Not only my dad, but everyone’s affection for me is too much.

What if I get sick?

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우리 둘 다 처음이라서요!
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5 Reviews

May 22, 2021
Status: c4
Si far the story is really interesting the FL is a witch who is hated by the temple so she has to hide her existence. Her dad is totally new at this whole child thing

I left four stars because there are still more chapters to come and the whole base for the story is not laid out completely.
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Su Jin
Su Jin
Jul 12, 2021
Status: c4
The interaction between father and daughter looks very promising for moments of cuteness and laughter. Currently, a love so intense that makes you feel lost when you don't have the person you love is very romantic.
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Aug 23, 2023
Status: c51.2
It's cute and we also get to see the interactions between the FL and her dad. We don't see any ML yet but there is a chance that the 'fairy' is the ML.
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Nov 06, 2022
Status: c2
Novel not recommended to read.

Okay so within 2 chapters there are mind-bogglingly ridiculous premises:

1) MC is a witch and her mother is a witch. MC killed her mother by simply existence. (This is logical because logic.)

... more>> 2) MC knew that her mother would die and that her black cat witch guardian could save her (?) but she in fact did nothing because MC is just literal scum.

3) Mc’s father is not too bright (possibly mentally incompetent) and didn’t show up even when Mc’s mom was dying. He also doesn’t comfort MC and is useless. (But apparently he’s going to take MC away?)

4) MC isn’t planning on hiding out but instead is going to just hang out with her dumb father because she suddenly had a flashback to her mother telling her to take care of her dumb father. (Her mother clearly says Mc’s father isn’t bright.)

This is what the story begins with. It is very, very doubtful the story can get any better.

There’s not much good explanation or even storytelling that makes sense.

-900Quintillion/10 <<less
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Lumine simp
Lumine simp
Apr 11, 2023
Status: c51
I gave 4star bcz I'm not completely read the novel. But as far as I read, there's no annoying feeling while reading this.

Pretty recommended if you like father-daughter trope. MC's interactions with her father and employees are really cute, heartwarming and fluffy. I'm really glad that there's no b*tchy maid or whatever in her home.

  1. Spoiler

    MC was an adult in the first life, but she mostly act like a proper child in her 2nd life. I think that bcz she was a lonely orphan who reincarnated as a child and receive so much love from her parents and the people around her?

    Her father is indeed kinda pissed me off at the beginning. But that's bcz he lacks of common sense, not an A-hole. Not only not knowing how to take care of a child, he also didn't know how to interact with family. Fortunately it doesn't take much time to see him changing to a better person, MC really determined to teach him lmao. The sad thing is, he really doesn't know why his wife left him. He was really depressed and always looking for her and their child. And how heartbroken he was when the time he found them, his wife died.

    I think the villain is people from the temple, the emperor is not that powerful compared to them.

    Don't mind the person who gave low rating and said a nonsense criticism while he/she only read 2chapters

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