It’s Purely an Accident to Love Again


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4th book in Yuan Yuan’s series 老梗也是梗系列之(AKA We were supposed to have died in a plane crash, instead we transmigrated). The stories consist of three modern settings and three historical.

How can her luck be a “match”?

She decided to say goodbye to the past and start again, but she encountered a plane crash by accident. Even more surprising is — she didn’t die.

And her soul still “borrowed” the body of another person!

Haha, this time she really got a “new life”.

The original owner of this “new body” also coincidently has the same name as her.

And ah, by her previous self, she used to be a delicate, stunning person and a big beautiful woman.

Now she has a head of curly hair plus a round face.

Living as an oriental doll, in school campus just popular as much!

However, although there are pursuers in long line queues

But there’s always a man living in her heart…

Maybe the god of destiny heard the voice in her heart

Actually allowed him to meet her and also started a strong and fierce pursuit of her “new life”!

Just… she thought that she destroyed his happiness at the beginning.

Now, it’s time for her to pay back her debts…

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New fakeluff rated it
February 4, 2020
Status: Completed
Actually, quite an interesting look into regrets and second chances. The pay off isn’t as good as the build up, though the build up is of course most of the novella!
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New hikaoru
January 25, 2020
Status: c6
among the series, this only gets 4 stars for me because of his statement that (non verbatim) :

if MC is still alive, he'll marry his ex (who's also his secretary) but since she died, he decides not to.

it's as if the MC should be thankful that he's the one who's chasing her now and she can't say no to him. I think it's not love, it's only guilt and he's still trying to clear his conscience on what he has done to her.

he also keeps on telling himself that he... more>> only like his ex because she's on par with him when it comes to intellect and behaviour.

like dude? In the past chapters, you keep on saying that you guys are deeply in love and wanted to marry her asap but MC cut this relationship. Now that MC died, you act like the abandoned doting husband?

now I can understand all the hate the ML is receiving. He doesn't deserve MC <<less
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ShanShan rated it
May 8, 2019
Status: Completed
So I've finished reading this and I wasn't very happy with how the story went. Tbh I like happy endings but here... it's just so weird.

... more>>

So it turns out ML likes MC all along but was just really mad that she set him up to marry her. So he ignored her for 5 years. While still spending time with his ex-fiance. Then he suddenly discovered he loved her once she died. Umm what? Clearly ML liked his ex-fiance considering he proposed to her and the sudden realization just don't make sense.


Overall I can say it's okay to read but the novel "Love Me Again" that shares the same universe as this one is much much better to read. <<less
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luzumafu rated it
June 23, 2019
Status: epilogue + extra
Actually rarely rate novels under 4, but it was bittersweet and that's why I gave it 3 in the first place. Took off two stars because I didn't like the MC and ML too much. Mainly because of the ML.

... more>>

Like a review already said, he clearly wanted to marry his ex, and if MC didn't do what she did in the past, then he would never have realized he loved her but f*cking hell, he's a real scum for me. Idk why the ex liked him when he LOVED two girls AT THE SAME TIME he clearly stated it too albeit only after he met MC again (ex already knew though), it was just that he "loved MC more" (according to him and ex, but if that were true he would have never proposed to the ex, you know???!?!??) And his excuse is that he didn't realize his love for MC...I understand that it's hard to distinguish between childhood friend/sibling love and man/woman love but ARE YOU SERIOUS._. and MC didn't help him realize his feelings for her when she drugged him either -- but prior to that I highly HIGHLY doubt she never confessed her feelings for him and we know he ain't that f*cking dense to not realize her feelings for him so just AAHHHH

Even worse, later, ML throws her on a guilt trip and forcing her to apologize to him whilst failing to acknowledge his own f*cking wrongs (clearly having feelings for both girls, but only feeling that he'd wronged the ex--he never admitted/apologized for his own actions and other f*ckery to the MC while he worried for the exes feelings and apologized to her -_- and I just want to punch him and throw him in a meat grinder but whatever) and the MC WHADAHELL she is too soft. She should have made ML suffer a bit more, but I get it. She did ruin his original life plans by stealing him from his ex so yeah she can't bear to since she ruined his happiness. She probably also thought he suffered enough for those two years of grief for her death (but girl, you suffered for five years of indifference, humiliation, and loneliness... oh, I forgot. She said that she deserved that since she wronged him first by forcing that marriage--f*ck that logic, if he really loved you then he would have at least apologized to you after he met you again when you were reborn) And haha don't get me started on the fact that ML repeated says he would have married ex if MC didn't die hahahahah f*ck this guy.


Overall if you can get over the lack of chemistry between these two (in my opinion this is a horrible match of partners due to their actions and that ugly past that was shoddily "fixed" and "put back together" by MC's sudden death (for me, it was a horrendous fail), then read read read. It's HE, and has smut (the main and --later-- only reason I stuck around til the end). <<less
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hanisahhilmi rated it
July 9, 2019
Status: Completed
The book is just so-so. I like it that it’s from the point of view of the ‘villain’. I do admit that what she did was very mean, and I am happy that she realized that and changed for the better. What I dont like is how the ML is so selfish. I think he is partially at fault with regards to how the FL turned out to be. And when he did find her again, I think he should have apologized to her. 5 years is a freaking long... more>> time, to leave someone. He says that the FL does not understand him, but he does not try to understand her either.

Aside from that, I think the translation was good, though some parts was a bit confusing but it does not hinder the reading experience.

Thank you to translator 🤗 <<less
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natasha_habib rated it
November 8, 2019
Status: Completed
I loved it so much! Just as much as "love me again". ❤

I honestly don't understand why ML gets so much hate. Plus what makes me pity him and love him more is that during that forced marriage he never cheated on her. He was just friends with his ex and she was his secretary too. They never crossed the line.

If someone did the things that FL did, to me, I would hate her too.

... more>>

he treated her nicely since she was 5. He watched her grow up and thought of her as a sister. It's not easy to turn that kind of sibling relation sexual. But she didn't understand that. Again and again she acted spoiled and disrespected his gf. But he still wasn't mad at her or blamed her. Which I think wasn't fair to his gf. That also shows that he always loved FL more than his gf. More than he realised. And I get that. I have younger boys in my life who I have watched grow up. 10, 5, and just 2 years younger. And I can never imagine loving them more than little brothers.


But just imagine, someone you cared for and trusted for years betrays you like FL did to him


She Freaking drugged him and accused him of raping her. That's disgusting. His mother seriously fell ill because of that too. How can you forgive a person like that. Even if you forgive, you can't keep loving them. So I'm surprised that the ML still did


About her 5 years of suffering? That's her fault.


she didn't sit quite and feel guilty. She often showed up at his office to cause trouble and insult his ex who was his secretary and just a friend. Slapped that poor girl too.


So in my opinion she deserved that punishment of 5 years. Plus it's not like ML didn't suffer too. He did, just 2 years but even though I still think he wasn't wrong. It's not wrong to love your gf. Not wrong to ignore the woman who raped him. Yes, in my eyes that was rape. Men can be raped too... *sigh*

But in the end I'm glad our FL changed and wasn't selfish anymore. All happy ending. ❤ <<less
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Snoweee rated it
July 2, 2019
Status: Completed
I guess this will be my favourite story from all Yuan Yuan series... everytime I read the diary section of Yaya it made my eyes wet from those entries goddamnit!!
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loveaddiction rated it
June 16, 2019
Status: c10
A short, sad, and sweet story~

Different story has a different plot so stop comparing lol. Just imagine if this story also went with the same plot as "Love Me Again" won't we have another "Love Me Again" story? Lol. FL didn't go back to the past but to the present, in a different body like the description said, so she didn't want anything to do with ML because of her past. This is the difference with "Love Me Again" cuz in "Love Me Again" the FL went back to the... more>> past to change everything but this one is not!

If you want to know then read it! It's very sad, ready tissue T.T <<less
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kichullie rated it
December 18, 2019
Status: Completed
It's actually should get 5 star!! I can't delete this!! This book was actually makes me mad!! You guys should DEFINITELY CHECK THIS OUT!! Don't read my spoiler, you will only dislike the novel. Try read the book first. I like "Love Me Again" more than this.

Here's the reason why I get mad at this story:

... more>>

I HATE IT HOW THE ML KEEP BLAMING THE MC AS A SELFISH PERSON WHEN ACTUALLY HE IS ALSO A SELFISH PRICK!!! If it's not because of him she will never died! If it's not because of him she will still be a happy person. I also HATE his family!! That family should have apologize to her 1000 times or more! They make her life so miserable in those 5 years of loneliness. Even her own brother is also BAD! I want her to be happy with someone else. I actually want her to just forget about her past self..... How can the author do that to her???? Why does the female MC in Chinese novel always got hurt like it's nothing when it's actually something BIG!!??? She gave up everything for the ML but she still got nothing in the end!! HOW CAN HE GET HER BACK INSTANTLY WHEN HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN SUFFERING MORE!!!!!!


I even cry again while I write this. I read this story like months ago... It's infuriate me! OH NOO!! I can't stop crying.... After reads the other review I can't stop my tears and snot!!



If he loves her that much HE SHOULD STOP HER throwing tantrum at his own girlfriend. Not scold her or stop her is what makes her be more crazy to get him with every means. Love doesn't mean you can let her do whatever she wants even if it's wrong, IMO that means you neglected the person.

Seriously why he never force to divorce her himself? She needs to f*cking take 5 whole years to make herself let him go and divorce him. Her brother doesn't even call her, again all of them just neglect her, abandoning her like before the marriage. Those family never talk with her heart to heart. Why not just throw her out if they still feels angered by her, instead of making her stay at his home without anyone to talk to. She is heck so strong to live like that. I will go to a mental hospital if that's happen to me.

Lastly, she doesn't know that they are only FRIEND! She thinks they are in an affair even though she can get him marry her. You also know that the EX still love him, right? People also thought they are still together and even ridiculed the LEGAL WIFE........... I still think that he never marry the EX only because of his guilt towards the MC just like her brother said. He also actually wanna trap her with the marriage FOREVER but will still neglect her to take his revenge up until the death of her. He used to get angry when they are a child, but later he only tolerate her behavior. That's the wrong step he took. Oh right he also keep the EX wait for him until she get tired herself and let go. He wants two women in his life, period!


Sorry for my bad English.... <<less
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PasserbyA rated it
May 4, 2019
Status: c3
I was skeptical on trying the novel out after seeing the review, (3.7), but clearly don't judge a book by its ratings you know what I mean. The first to second chapter I was still feeling iffy but I haven't left so that's something. Chapter 3 though, chapter 3 made me tear up at the end. So far the plot is pretty good, it's really sad honestly, also frustrating. Life is life sh*t happens but anyways that's not the point. The point is that till chap 3 at least,... more>> the story is good. Can't really say for future chapters but cross my fingers.

P.S thank you translators <3 <<less
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masakibluei rated it
October 26, 2019
Status: Completed
I like this book. The ML is not as bad as I thought when I read all the reviews. The MC was the one who was wrong. She had bad attitude and selfish and she used tricks to get him.

... more>>

Yes the ML was too prideful as well. But he did not realize his feelings and MC's behavior does not help. After the breakup with the ex, he never has any relationship with her. It was purely business although he admits if the MC did not die and signed the divorce paper, He might ask for the divorce first and end up with the ex. But during the marriage, he never had any affairs and after MC was dead, he practically told the Ex to move on.


It was a good read although I wish there were more chapters about how she lives the new life. She certainly becomes more mature and a better person but it will be nice to see her progress. Another thing that I like about the story, it does not have unnecessary drama. It was good for a short reading. <<less
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Sisi_Lisa rated it
October 8, 2019
Status: Completed
Its worth the read. Made me cry. I did not regret reading it eventhough I see on reviews that the ML is too much of a scum. I didn't hate him that much unlike the others. Actually this is my cup of tea where ML suffers from great regret in their lives.


love the diary entries I just wish ML has diary entries too during the 2years after Xinxin's death it will satisfy me greatly for the 5years Xinxin suffers from their marriage

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LW5577 rated it
September 27, 2019
Status: Completed
Nice storyline but a bit confusing relationship between MC And ML. The person around MC is all likeable and reasonable. Interaction between MC and ML is sweet and fluffy.

I read all this authors storybook.
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Pandakutty rated it
June 1, 2019
Status: c9
I don't know why this story has low ratings.... This is a short and sweet story... some of the chapters brought tears in my eyes....I like these kind of stories which has unrequited love and which is from the angle of the person who is considered as a villian....
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Jeanne_DG rated it
May 12, 2019
Status: Completed
Short and sweet. Lovely!
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