It’s Easy to Take Care of a Live-in Hero!


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Just one step in the wrong direction, and I managed to cross over into a different sphere. A newly-made world of a God.

In the distance stood a small house surrounded by a field. And inside lay a man on a bed.

According to the God, he was a hero. One who had died in a tragic event.

Then the next words of the God threw me into a panic.

What did you mean I needed to save money to return to my original world?

Since there was nothing else I could do anyway, I dove head first into my goal. Plucked some grass. Grew some vegetables. All to earn a steady income.

Apparently, my profession was the “Hero’s Wife,” but that’s definitely a bug, right?

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New FearlessMustela rated it
February 4, 2020
Status: Completed
The plot didn't make sense tbh. But that's the point! So we can have the fluff and the sweetness of the CP without having too much thought. The story is nice and fun kinda fast paced but not too rushing. Everything is well explained so we didn't leave confused with the weird setting. I'm pretty sure the other reviews have covered enough with the summary and spoiler.

Although this isn't exactly my cup of tea but I'm giving this 5 stars coz what the heck is going on with those 1... more>> star. I mean I personally think this story deserves more than 1 star. <<less
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Karry rated it
October 9, 2019
Status: Completed
It's a pretty cute story (in my opinion at least). I mtl-ed this a while back (so memories of the story are a bit fuzzy), so it's nice to see it getting translated.

... more>>

The God (?) gave our MC a way to see his status (?) so that he can see his progress (so that he can leave the place). But as he interacts with ML after he wakes up, his status/rank/title (I forgot exactly what it was) gets upgraded to "hero's wife" or something like that. Lol. MC was very thrown off by that. Hence that one part in the summary.

Another thing to add is that, in ML's world, telling someone your full (real) name means that you're proposing/interested or something like that to someone (again, I read this a long while back so I don't remember all the details). MC told ML his full (first) name after ML woke up. LOL

Edit:ML told MC his full (real) name (which means he's interested/wants to court MC couple chapters after ML wakes up. (Basically, everyone has a fake or abbreviation of their real name in ML's world) (Guys bear with me here. I'm re-reading the story right now and I'm trying to make sure there's no false info here.)

God later called MC to congratulate him on their marriage lol. That's how MC found out about the name thing.


The ending seemed a bit lackluster to me but it still had a 'feel good' feeling to it so I guess it's fine. Overall, it's a nice story. It's nice to see ML (who's been through a LOT as a hero) relax and be happy with MC. Though I will say that the extras after the ending was a nice little addition to read.


Though I feel like the author could've done better with the premise of the story (I mean, your own little snow-globe like dream place ((that the ML can't leave if I'm remembering it correctly)) is a bit iffy to me but meh. I can get over it, I guess)

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Chiaroscuro rated it
November 4, 2019
Status: Completed
Slice of life, fluffy, not much drama or angst, yet still bittersweet enough. You'd like to read this after you read dog blooded BL lol like a cup of warm cocoa.

MC is a failed mangaka. Stressed and weary, he decided to take a break and visit his grandma. He got lost and accidentally entered a plot of land created and belonged solely for ML.

MC is a 20th-century Japanese person, polite, hardworking, afraid of bugs, with little stamina.

this actually affected his smexy time. He always fainted because his stamina wasn't enough for snu snu lmao but eventually he raised it and both are able to rid of their virgin status

ML was an almost omnipotent hero. His life was so sad God decided to gave him happiness after he sacrificed his life for war.

The process of MC falling in love is a gradual thing, and I think ML doesn't really understand the concept of love, yet he's already falling for MC. It's a happy ending.


not sure if I should add mpreg tag since they actually have a child but they actually grew it from a seed

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Shuangzhu rated it
November 24, 2019
Status: c1 part1
Aaaahhhh this one is so refreshing!! I can't help but imagining Harvest Moon as the setting lol I love the fluff too 💕
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BaiYihan rated it
January 9, 2020
Status: c33.2
This story is full of fluff! It's an OK read and the plot line is funny. I usually read more modern stories and just read this one for a break. All in all, I think I like it.
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