Itinerant Doctor


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In the year 2041, a miraculous instrument emerges, known to professional insiders as the Projector.

It can link to a human’s thoughts, project the complex thoughts into a bizarre actual space. This space can be stable or unstable. All laws of physics are meaningless; all weird things can happen.

Accordingly, a whole new type of psychologist appears. Using the altered space, they put themselves into the thought projection space, going in depth into the origins of the patient’s illness amid dangers.

Accordingly…this is a cheerful adventure story.

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Peeping Girl
Peeping Girl rated it
February 15, 2021
Status: Completed
Another Priest-laoshi's novel! This author never disappoint her readers!

The plot is well written! The characters are well developed. Highly recommended! This is a masterpiece!

Thanks to E. Danglars for their hard work translating this awesome danmei! I've been reading all their danmei translation s.
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glitteryjoon rated it
February 28, 2021
Status: --
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. I’ve always been interested in psychology and the fact that they were able to make something so interesting out of this and dig deep into the thoughts and aspects of life that everyone tends to question was just.. Beautiful.

i loved that the cp wasn’t the point of this novel and that it, instead, was the backstory, second to the plot itself.

the only criticism I can really add is that I wish the relationship, the sudden exit out of the projector, and the ending of what... more>> happened to the others wasn’t so rushed. The cp couldn’t have been expanded a bit more especially expanding off the slow change of how HJ sees people as objects and or at the very least show his change in how he sees the MC. But overall, because it was a secondary thing, it didn’t impact the flow of the story any.

really loved it. The translation was very well done and easy to understand. Thank you so much! <<less
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nomius rated it
February 16, 2021
Status: Completed
I really enjoyed this ~ (≧▽≦) /~

About the cp

... more>>

believe me when I read that their first impression on each other was so good and straight to the point :0

i’m too used to the typical not-interested but then u-caught-my-attention and then problems come and we can’t be together and blablabla

so I have to say, their relationship... so straightforward, was very refreshing and they so cuuuteee

i also like their teasing each other hehe (/ω\)


and about the plot... the content of the novel... welp, i’m bad at evaluating that haha

so i’ll just have to say, it hooked me from beginning to end and I felt there was nothing wrong with it :D <<less
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StarPhia rated it
March 30, 2021
Status: Completed
Great novel, amazing. I haven't read The Ultimate Blue Seal yet, which this book is a spin off of, but you still understand the point pretty well. I love the characters so much, I appreciate the balance between sadness and happiness in this novel. Although it was a bit rushed, most of what should have happened, did, and the story did come to a beautiful end. It's a very quick read, but it is very good.

Plot! The plot isn't really a plot, but more like a scenario. I don't really... more>> know how to explain it, because the story is more focused on the characters. Anyways, what happens is the two leads and some others get stuck in the Projector and they have to get out. They aren't able to let their emotions run wild, to prevent the space from collapse and they have to make sure they don't get killed by a psycho. The story and progression is very natural and very well done. The world itself isn't very well explained, probably because it is a spinoff and the story is more in the original (I'm not sure). But the way the characters interact and the setting is very well done. There isn't too much conflict, and much of it is a psychological journey. But for the characterization, it really makes you think. The setting they get put in truly highlights the characters traits and circumstances. The ending was a bit rushed, as the other reviews have pointed out. If it was maybe 10 chapters longer, and had the time to go a step deeper into the MCs at the end, then it could have really improved the story. Also the ending is summed up very quick and they all just leave and go frolicking? Anyways the story is very good otherwise. I do find the Projector quite interesting, despite it being a bit confusing. And the psychology is very interesting as well.

Characters! This was the highlight of the story. There are 7 MCs (2 leads). They each have an issue that conflicts with their environment. And they don't all have happy endings. This is very well done. The sad endings show that not every heroic story leads to happiness, there are always setbacks and reasons to succumb to yourself. Just because you experiences happiness and grow, doesn't mean you can't fall back when happiness disappears. But much of the journey was for the two MCs: Our MC and shou, Kou Tong, and our ML and gong, Huang Jinchen. The MC had a rough past and suffers a lot emotionally. The ML had a rough time adapting from his work back into the real world. Although there could have been a lot more substance in the novel to go really in depth with the two, there is still a lot. The MC (small spoilers) has a very difficult time with himself. It doesn't tell you exactly what is wrong emotionally for him, but you see his past and you see how it effected his present behavior. He is a bit eccentric and lawless, he really just needs someone to lean on. Someone who can help share his burden. Going from a top to a bottom, he had to learn to depend on someone else and share what makes him hurt. The ML needed to learn to stop objectifying people, he needed to start seeing people as living. His previous line of work (sniper) had him seeing people as targets. He has to reconnect himself with the world, and the MC becomes his outlet for this. He probably though only really cares about the MC, and only sees him, but it was a start for him. He even learns to change for others and to care for others. It is honestly a really sweet journey with the two, and I wish there was some more fluff at the end.

Romance. Although this story is very focused on the relationship between the leads, it is surprisingly not centered around the romance. The MC and ML have the cutest and silliest first in person encounter. They are very much 2 of a kind and it is very funny because neither of them are very principled and they end up being very silly. They really understand each other. The romance doesn't start until around chapter 40 or 30, but they share their first kiss in chapter 18, it wasn't a romantic kiss, but one stemming from lust. They both have vibrant night lives and don't think about romance first, the ML just thinks the MC is hot, so he kisses him. But they eventually learn to actually love someone, not just for sex, but for love and happiness. This is actually one of the firsts, if not the first book I've read with romance like this. Where their relationship begins with simple lust for the other's body, and later through talking and reliance on each other, forms a solid relationship where they really do love each other. It is a very well written romance and although it doesn't state how the MC came to love the ML, you can really see it happen. Very well done romance **thumbs up**

All in all, I should have probably read "The Ultimate Blue Seal" first to understand the world a bit better, but just reading this book doesn't impact the emotional experience of it. This novel is very centered around the psychology aspect, and is very interesting and well written! Highly recommend... I'm off to read some random novel, but I'll edit this a bit after I read "The Ultimate Blue Seal." <<less
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dee_ism rated it
June 29, 2021
Status: --
Totally Priest's style. A solemn tone story with 'wounded' characters.

This one is too heavy with psychology, well dr Kou is psychiatrist btw.

But the problem is, even until halfway of the story, it's barely talk about the psychology of the main characters. So it's complicated yet boring and it's hard to understand what's the main goal of the story. Maybe it's just me who can't really connect with the story.

I still love Sha Po Lang, Guomen, and Imperfections more.
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HanYuri rated it
February 13, 2022
Status: extra 3
First of all, recommend reading zhongjilanyin first before picking youyi. The whole plot doesn't rly have much connection with zjly but you will get a glimpse of past events.

... more>>

And ko tong trying flirting with su qing cough cough


And I love kou tong so much. Starts appearing as carefree unreliable doctor but he grows on me a lot.


His childhood is so sad. It breaks my heart.


The side characters are also great. I love little Manman. Our baby girl boss.

Sees chang dou extras and I die immediately.


My boy finally gets fang xiu. I feel like a proud mom! *Pats chang dou*

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Pezwitch rated it
May 16, 2021
Status: Completed
My second Priest novel, and it was excellent. I like how the author wove the tarot into the plot, and

How everyone’s endings were appropriate, even the tragic ones (there is sadness at the end of original plot)


higly recommend if you like mysteries
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
momorang rated it
April 29, 2021
Status: Completed
Another amazing BL novel by Priest. It's very interesting, and you can see the character development not just for the main CP but all of the other characters! The MC and ML are very interesting, and they are very funny yet also extremely smart and good at what they do. Priest wrote Kou Tong (the MC) in such a great way that he feels... human. If you're looking for a modern danmei to read, something that isn't too fast-paced or too slow-paced, this book is for you.

Thank you to E.... more>> Danglars for TL-ing! <<less
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Kyuusaku Lee
Kyuusaku Lee
August 14, 2022
Status: Completed
I think I'm getting used to Priest's way of making characters: an quirky and clever character with dark past.

Anyways, I don't have any objections since characters with naive personality really don't suit my taste.

The story is as always a bit confusing, but it won't be too confusing when you ignore the not-so-important point.

... more>> Also the same with Priest's another novels, apart from the main characters, other characters also have interesting and likable behavior, with their own past. There's also much philosophy in this novel that can be used as daily quotes.

I like the MC and ML's relationship, as always from Priest's other novels.

At last but not least, it is indeed a cheerful adventure story. <<less
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Little Cloud
Little Cloud rated it
July 4, 2022
Status: --
Wonderful reading experience!

The plot was great and very addictive. Once you start reading there is no way to stop. I really love this story and the characters.

Highly recommended!
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shuulys rated it
December 28, 2021
Status: Completed
Nice. Loved how the author writes out the part about kou tong, that just because hes always smiling and laughing doesnt mean he actually is or anything. Also loved how 11235 kind of helped and support kou tong through his 'past'. They are both so cute together.
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pink_cat112 rated it
October 3, 2021
Status: Completed
sequel to Blue seal. Hey, here we have Dr kou who's been meddlesome in BS who is a self-proclaimed matchmaker got involved with mysterious agent on BS the one with code name 'gun' to sum it up, it's story about how scoundrel met another scoundrel and fall in love. Despite their good first impression of each other, this is also slow burn eh why? Because this story, unlike BS who focused on evil organizations and a little about mental illness, this book is focused on it. And both of our... more>> protag has some issue. This is focus more on comedy? And more light hearted than BS (but also more heavy in some issue example: Mental illness) also hey, The second couple in BS who has open ending, finally got their ending, though, still a little rushed in my personal opinion, (I wonder how their relationship is?) All in all, I like it. 4 stars for me <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Rimamr rated it
September 21, 2021
Status: Completed
Like all Priest novel good to read as novel but not total bl novel in all priest novels she focus on the story and the main character romance is side story never main story so who's looking for main bl story Priest not your ideal author

But still this story so good and the main couple so amazing they are so funny I love them so much their interaction with each other so harmonic wish if there are more about their love story in here or at least more Extras about... more>> them together

Kou Tong past so sad really make me cry I felt so sorry about his mother and wish if they stay on the universe where she's alive

all the character in that alternate world was pitiful and make my heart ache for them <<less
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