It Seems There is Light


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What is a small southern town with warm mountains and gentle water suitable for? Fall in love.

Yan Liang: The name is in the shape of loving you. ¹
Shi An: …Afraid of the sun.²

I think.

You’ve probably learned the magic of warming hearts .


1. ….是爱你的形状 (… is in the shape of loving you) is a meme. It’s basically Yan Liang confessing his love for Shi An

2. This is a word play on his name. Yan Liang’s Yan consists of 日 on top of 安, and Shi An’s An is also (安). Basically, Shi An adds 日 on his 安 so he feels very hot because the sun is on top of him, so that’s why he says he’s afraid of the sun.

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