It Seems That Unreasonably Exiled People Will Become Stronger, So I Tried To Expel My Beloved But Struggling Disciple


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~I Was Looking Forward To The Day She Would Become Great, But It’s Already Too Late. My Grown-Up Disciple Found Out About My True Intentions And Proposed To Me~

A person unreasonably kicked out from their party will develop their talents through novel encounters—after the witch Frey hears about that rumor, she decides to do just that to her beloved disciple, Tetya.

Tetya joined the party to become like Frey, but she wasn’t suitable for attack magic, and her growth was sluggish.

After Frey kicks out her disciple, makes Teya cry and breaks her heart, Frey was sure she would swallow her tears and pick herself back up. Someday, when Tetya grows up with this incident as the springboard, she would come back to tell Frey, “Serves you right…!”

“Master, I love you, please marry me.”


… However, Frey’s thoughts seem to be completely out of question for Tetya herself, who had grown significantly. Instead of being fooled, she decided to propose to Frey.

She invites Frey to go to the countryside, buy a store and run a magic store together, and spend the rest of their days enjoying a leisurely life.

It sounds lovely but Frey has one question.

Aren’t they both girls?!

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02/09/21 Foxaholic oneshot
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Shuryo_CN rated it
May 27, 2021
Status: oneshot
The title says it all, it practically just a oneshot that somewhat makes fun of th cliche "kicked out of a party" and giving it a yuri twist. Not bad, I suppose. Pretty normal.
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