It Seems I Was Hitting On the Most Beautiful Girl in School Without Me Noticing


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The protagonist begins to get involved with the most beautiful girl in school, who is famous for her cold attitude, and slowly becomes attracted to her.

That protagonist finds himself in a consulting relationship with a plain girl in glasses at his part-time job.

He doesn’t realize that the girl he is consulting is the same girl he is in love with, and just keeps telling her about his growing feelings while continuing to fall in love with her.

The heroine realizes that the person he is in love with is herself, and although she is embarrassed by the protagonist’ feelings, she gradually becomes attracted to him.

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I've been hitting on the most beautiful girl in school without even knowing it - when I tell my part-time advisor about my crush, she starts to get embarrassed for some reason...
Ore wa Shiranai Uchi ni Gakkou Ichi no Bishoujo wo Kudoiteita Rashii ~ Baito-saki no Soudan Aite ni Ore no Omoibito no Hanashi wo Suru to Kanojo wa Naze ka Terehajimeru ~
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13 Reviews

Jun 19, 2021
Status: c124
This is a really good story, and so far it only gets better the further it goes. Two things should be kept in mind going into it:

1- The premise is inherently unrealistic. I think the author does a decent job in terms of consistency and some context given later on, but the protagonist not realizing that both girls are the same person would be impossible in reality, at least as he gets closer to both of them. That said, as long as you can accept the premise that her disguise... more>> is somehow good enough that the MC will never suspect them of being the same person while it's intact, everything else is pretty realistic as far as romcoms go and the MC isn't very s*upid or dense at all.

2- The chapters are short. There are some longer chapters later on, but the average chapter length is probably around half or less compared to most WNs. I don't think this is a bad thing, just a style where each chapter by itself isn't very deep. All it means is that it takes more chapters for things to get going and you could almost divide the chapter number by 2 to get a better idea of where the story is compared to others you're used to. At like, chapter 10, there's only barely the intro to their relationship. The currently latest translated chapter, 27, is just getting into the good stuff iirc, where the whole part time consultation starts taking more of a role in the story.

None of this really made an impact in my enjoyment, in fact I actually liked the short but sweet chapter format, and it is extremely sweet.

I really liked the dynamic that the consultation with the person itself brought into their relationship, it's like, through it they're able to achieve a much better level of communication than what romcom or generally teen relationships normally would have, which makes the whole thing flow smoother, in a satisfying and refreshing way.

The way the relationship itself is established and grows feels very believable as well, built as a friendship through a mutual interest along with the MC being a good person and developing into something more from there in a way that makes sense especially when we get her perspective on the events. The MC isn't super dense or overly insecure so there isn't much of any of that kind of unrealistic stuff either.

And, most of all, they're so cute together. It is an incredibly sweet story and I couldn't stop smiling through a lot of it. The circumstances behind the girl's situation are dark but interesting from what has been revealed so far and when they've come into play they've enhanced the story rather than detracting from the sweet no drama parts of it.

Overall, highly recommend especially when a few more chapters get translated. Honestly it's probably the "heartwarming slice of life romance"-type story I've enjoyed the most and with the least problems out of all the ones I've read here, which is the great majority of them at this point. <<less
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Apr 26, 2021
Status: c10

Too much plotholes.

Short, and uninteresting.

Not much developments towards character and romance aspect by using pragmatic means, I mean if someone fell inlove with me for picking up their handkerchief or something like that, then that place would just be weird.

Simple, and in a bad way too, they don't use the protagonist and the FL enough, not much characters either, 1 or 2 interactions then, next chapter, it makes for an uninteresting, lacklustre, and predictable story.

Hope it gets better or sumn but I'm not really having too much high hopes.
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May 31, 2021
Status: c25
Shortest chapters I've ever seen in a WN. The MC is unbelievably s*upid, like to the point where it takes you out of the story because it's so unrealistic. The writing is super lazy and it's almost insulting as a reader.
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Sep 03, 2021
Status: c134
This is a very generic romance novel between two school students, one a loner and the other at the centre of everybody's attention. All the typical cliches in any JP romance novel is present along with cute moments and good, descriptive writing (even though the chapters are short, the author absolutely nails the descriptions of the FML). Is this novel reinventing the wheel? No. Could it have reinvented the wheel? Absolutely. And I believe that the LN version of this would be better if the author puts effort into it.... more>> So, why am I giving it a 5 star rating? Well, I needed something to warm up my cold, decrepit heart and this did the job perfectly fine.

Edit- I'm dumb, I didn't realise that it's September now and that the LN version had been released on July 1st. <<less
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Sep 27, 2021
Status: c8
It felt generic. I was expecting more from the title and the synopsis, but the story didn't match up to expectations. I mightve rated it a 2, but it is exceedingly average for me to be opinionated towards one site or the other
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Jul 18, 2021
Status: c30
Read up to C30 so far and its enjoyable (fan-translated but very readable and enjoyable). I think it's a bit unrealistic that the MC doesn't realize the FMC is the same as his coworker and the beauty at school, esp since her voice would logically be the same (the voice issue isn't even addressed) but still, I like the premise a lot, and it's a very fun school romance read, albeit not super deep or anything.

I like the idea of MC thinking he's out of the FMC's realm and keeping... more>> a distance respectfully but earning her respect/trust through that as a result of not having bad motives like the other guys approaching to only date her.

I like the dynamic of the two

giving advice and watching out for each others' health, even if the guy doesn't realize it's the same person (she literally asks how to give thanks to someone at work, he says food, then he gets food the next day from school girl as thanks, and thinks nothing of it - it's a bit absurd but even still, I enjoy it and find it cute). Also like the two bonding over shared books as a reader myself (I like mysteries and like that they enjoy the same mystery series with tricks and such, it seems). I also generally am partial to cold FMCs who open up a bit due to a MC (enjoyed it in Oregairu and Tanin and Venomous Tongue and some other series), and felt this series did that.


There are some cliches that occur

(save girl from truck, teach girl how to order ice cream, share umbrella, sick and take girl to infirmary, etc)

, and I like that development too.

One note - there's not a single important side character, and all the characterization and time is focused on these two - I actually really enjoy that and wish more romances would do that, instead of meandering with side characters that add nothing. Anyway, overall enjoyable, albeit cliche, and a tiny smidge shallow but still very fun romance and a quick, easy read <<less
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Mar 22, 2022
Status: c66
This is my fav romcom. After reading just 10 or 20 ch u guys are saying make own opinion without reading further. From my point of view author did good job without adding to much drama. At first I was quite angry about dense MC but now I am so happy. Its just wholesome ln. MC and fMC both are so cute and good. Wating for updates;)
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Dec 15, 2021
Status: c47
Maybe this is my fault for trusting titles too much, but the story didn't quite turn out as I had hoped. Instead of accidentally hitting on her while they're both in disguise at their part-time job, it's more that he tells her all the compliments that he's too shy to tell her in person.

Other than that, the romance basically entirely develops between their actual personae and there aren't even a lot of chapters about the part-time job at all to the point of makimg me question whether it was necessary... more>> to include that in the setting.

The aforementioned compliments are essentially the only purpose of that up to this point, and further it seems strange to me that he wouldn't realise that his co-worker and the girl he's been talking with at school are the same person when they literally describe the same events and reactions.

Other than these misgivings, it's a decently slow-paced romance with short chapters about two people who like to read books (90% of what they've done so far). What broke immersion for me was that when they started to address each other by their "first names" the family names were used instead, but I cannot tell whether that was a mistake from the author or the translator. I am taking a break from the novel at this point but might keep reading it later when there are a lot more chapters to binge. <<less
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Sep 24, 2021
Status: c50
I usually end up feeling either annoyed or invested when I read romcoms but this one just leaves me feeling very apathetic about it. I can't even think of what to say because I barely have an opinion on this novel. It's just a harmless Japanese romcom. It's something to read I guess.
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Sep 11, 2021
Status: c11
The charecters are shallow, doesn't feel like human, plot holes and really common plot. The pacing is bad, so is the narration. Overall, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
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Aug 28, 2021
Status: c22
I don't usually read romcoms but I picked this one up based off the fun premise. Unfortunately, it doesn't make use of it nearly as much as I would like. The vast majority of chapters are ones where the protagonist interacts with the female lead at school, and these chapters are both very standard and (my opinion) very boring.

The highlight chapters where the disguised female lead gets to interact with an oblivious protagonist at work are not only few, but also feel like they're squandering the premise.

... more>>

Since they're infrequent, despite being 22 chapters in, the female lead has only just learned that the protagonist is her co-worker.


The chapters in-between the part-time bits felt like they were treading water, with nothing of note occurring beyond some (again, boring) common clichés.

It's quite possible I'm simply not far enough in the story yet, but I feel like if the author had anything interesting planned, a hint of it would have reared its head by now.

I'll admit that this novel wasn't written for me, and there's a chance it will appeal greatly to someone else. Perhaps it could work as some light fluff (?), but I feel like there are better options for that. I've given it a 3 out of consideration that this isn't my go-to genre, so I might be treating it harsher than I should - my honest impression is more of a 2. <<less
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Aug 17, 2021
Status: c46
It’s reallt just a quick wholesome pickup. I wish the MC was a bit smarter, but this is jusr a carefree LN. Not meant for anyone who wants a deep plot or drama
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Jul 14, 2021
Status: c31
I think it's okay.

The premise is exactly what it says in the description. The girl he starts liking is actually the same girl from his part time job. She knows but he doesn't. Expectedly he will be honest with his feelings only to the girl in the job so the girl will get the compliment anyway and blushes but MC will wonder what's wrong with her.

To be honest the only interesting part was the premise. Other than that it was the same old high school romcom that we have read... more>> too many times. Guy who is at the bottom of the popularity poll meets the girl at the top but cold towards boys. After meeting her he becomes the only person who is aware of heractually being sweet. There are even moments everyone goes "Oh she can actually smile?!"

So I was only interested in his part time work scenes. But it might change to be better or unique in the future <<less
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