It Is Said That I Attacked the Great Demon King


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Xiao Zhi has been addicted to games recently. His hobby is robbing the boss. He is living in Hessian with his gentle, shy and prosperous and beautiful little brother, giving gifts to each other, going for a walk on a date, and having a good time. After he woke up, he logged in to the game, but the game is no longer the same version.

It is said that the ruthless and gloomy Lord of Hessian once had a lover who cheated him for money and deceived him for s**, and then evaporated, making him wait for hundreds of years. And the wanted notice is still valid till now.

Xiao Zhi looked at the unobtainable items that were shining with gold in his game backpack:…You’re not talking about me, are you?

For the sake of his life, he had to embark on the road of self-improvement by punching the boss and stepping on the player, and became the creator of many legends on the mainland.

At the top auction, legendary treasures shocked the people.

The ancient city that has been lost for a thousand years has actually reappeared in the world.
Xiao Zhi: Yes, I did all these.

Then he was accidentally listed as a popular candidate for crusade against the lord of Hessian.

Emperor: Brave man, the future of mankind is on you!

Pope: Destroy evil on behalf of the light!

Player: There are top bosses participating in this battle, it’s finished.

Xiao Zhi: You guys wait…

Lord Hessian: You can have my life anytime you want, as long as you are willing to keep my corpse by your side.

Xiao Zhi: What happened in the past few hundred years? And, where is my gentle and shy little brother!?

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