It Is A Different World And Yet I Am Cultivating Monsters (LN)


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I, Himuro Ryouji, am one of the people thrown into the popular different world as an inhabitant. Somehow, in a different world with ordinary specs and no particular cheat ability. And so, I, who has trouble even with food, will use the last resort! I’ll cultivate monsters and make them into dishes! A dangerous idea if I say so myself.

Because there are no vegetables in this world, while I’m cultivating monsters, I’ll make dishes, I’ll occasionally be dragged into fights, it’s that kind of story.

In addition, the style of the story is that the slow life will be thrown away in the latter half and there will be ‘serious’ type developments.

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Isekai desu ga Mamono Saibai shiteimasu.
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06/09/19 TOMO Translations v1c18
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01/07/19 TOMO Translations v1c4
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