Island – End of Nightmare


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When legends becomes nightmares,

will humankind gain control over the earth,

or will they become an endangered species…?

The immortal world has combined with the mortal world, sending all sorts of mythical creatures. Humans will no longer be the master of the Earth, but an endangered species…

Do ghosts come out on such a brilliant day?

This teenager who had come onto the island to work, felt the Frog God Rock shake, before he heard a voice in his head.

The teenager must make a choice—— “More or less time?”

This ordinary teenager didn’t know his world was about to be changed forever. Later, he’d realise that there were students around the serene school grounds carrying weapons that eliminated “unknown” things and that more monsters were appearing around him everyday. No defense, nowhere to hide.

Had he messed with something he shouldn’t have?

Everything began on that sunny summer day, with the decision of a teenager that forced the future into a different direction…

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Date Group Release
09/14/17 Yumeabyss v2c6 part1
09/06/17 Yumeabyss v2c5 part3
08/28/17 Yumeabyss v2c5 part2
08/21/17 Yumeabyss v2c5 part1
08/14/17 Yumeabyss v2c4 part3
08/07/17 Yumeabyss v2c4 part2
07/31/17 Yumeabyss v2c4 part1
07/24/17 Yumeabyss v2c3 part3
07/17/17 Yumeabyss v2c3 part2
07/10/17 Yumeabyss v2c3 part1
07/05/17 Yumeabyss v2c2 part3
06/26/17 Yumeabyss v2c2 part2
06/20/17 Yumeabyss v2c2 part1
06/15/17 Yumeabyss v2c1 part3
06/05/17 Yumeabyss v2c1 part2
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bighandxyz rated it
June 20, 2017
Status: --
Start slow but its a good series. This is a story of two worlds merging, turning modern society into an apocalyptic settings. The story tells from a perspective of MC and his group of friends on how the modern society slowly ends and how they (along with humanity) adapt to this new fantasy world.

Decent character developments, interesting plot, great world building using many Chinese mythology.

MC is anti-social, and not unnecessary ruthless or arrogant. He is actually fairly kind heart, which is quite rare combination for Chinese novels.

This was also the... more>> best selling fantasy/wuxia novel in Taiwan while it was ongoing, sadly author seems to have made enough money from those two seasons and retired for good. <<less
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