Isekaid 40ish Man Returns, Regressed as a Peerless 17-Year-Old


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A black company employee in his 40s, Namba Kazu, died of overwork and was reincarnated to another world.

After saving the world, he returns to find himself regressed to his 17 year old self.

Kazu realizes that he can use the abilities he acquired from another world and is excited to restart his life over again.

However, through the help of his childhood friend, Yui, he learns of the existence of “human eating abomination called Variant” in the world he was born in.

Kazu knows from his past memories that Yui will die in the near future.

In order to save Yui, who is on a mission to fight against variants, Kazu decided to throw himself into battle in this world as well.

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Isekai Kaeri no Arafour Riiman, 17-sai no Koro ni Modotte Musou suru
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12/24/23 SHMTrans c15 part8
12/23/23 SHMTrans c15 part7
12/22/23 SHMTrans c15 part6
12/21/23 SHMTrans c15 part5
12/20/23 SHMTrans c15 part4
12/19/23 SHMTrans c15 part3
12/18/23 SHMTrans c15 part2
12/17/23 SHMTrans c15 part1
12/16/23 SHMTrans c14 side story 3
12/15/23 SHMTrans c14 side story 2
12/14/23 SHMTrans c14 side story 1
12/13/23 SHMTrans c14 part15
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12/11/23 SHMTrans c14 part13
12/10/23 SHMTrans c14 part12
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boltpl rated it
February 1, 2023
Status: --
I found it to generic, quite poorly written, lacking world building, skiping over topics, having badly placed time skips, having tons of plot holes, his time in another world is to vague.

Riding it feels like someone sticked multiple similar novels together.

Some plot feels forceful put in, out of context, to make story more “epic”
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Kines rated it
May 23, 2023
Status: c5 part6
The start was really fun but for some readers ive something I wanted to trll you in advance. If you're a fan of MC being involve in some random plot for no reason this is for you, if not this is gonna be a pain. The writing's really good but right off the bat I notice that this is one of those with interesting premise but the execution could be better. For example : ... more>>

MC he'd live selfishly but for like almost the entirety of the early chapters it's just him going around hunting demons. Outside of that he literally does nothing. He doesnt enjoy any hobbies or theres no chapters of him enjoying in life in any sort of way. So much for saying he'd live for himself. He also is just letting a demon live and telling him what to do (wtf). Its like hunter stories where you have this running gag of enemies just getting away while the MC with his god powers is just there like "ah damn he got away".

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aristocrat rated it
March 27, 2023
Status: c53
Actually much better than I thought. The MC is truly OP, so most of the tension is generated by the mystery of the monsters as well as the training he's giving to his girlfriend.
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