Isekai Torippu Shita Sono Bade Taberarechaimashita


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Mizukami Sakura, 20 years old. This time, I ended up having a trip to the another world! But, my trip destination was on top of a bed while I was dressed with only a bath towel wrapped around me, and I ended up being “eaten” by the owner of that room, Captain Grace-san. Well, I’ll forgive him since he’s an ikemen who’s completely my type. Rather, how about doing it one more time?

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I Tripped into a Different World Where I was Eaten on the spot
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koco2018 rated it
March 3, 2021
Status: c10
Are we sure this is a smut novel? She was eaten on the first night (honestly it didn't leave an impression on me), and after that, it was just an interesting story of what she was doing after she isekai'd.

There has not been smutty content, so far.

It's still fun to read, it has a good base but I cannot see this story growing more than 40 chapters, and that's a stretch.

MC was isekai'd into a new world fresh out of the bathtub and landed on a man's bed in only... more>> a bath towel. The man returned to the room, misunderstood that she was after his breadstick, she accepted the misunderstanding bc he was her type and got poked. The next day, the man left for work and returned back to his room to find her still there. They talked it out, he got on his knees... yada yada. It's interesting, but if she leaves him idk if the story could progress. <<less
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