Isekai Tensei no Boukensha


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Ootori Tenma, who lost his parents and was raised by his grandfather’s and grandmother’s friends who are living in the countryside, loses his life at the age of 25. A god of a different world called out to the ghost Tenma. This is a story about Tenma who, is liked by multiple Gods of reincarnation, receives multiple cheats and lives a second life in another world.

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Latest Release

Date Group Release
07/05/18 Garden of Translation c1c7
06/25/18 Garden of Translation v1c6
05/26/18 Garden of Translation v1c5
05/17/18 Garden of Translation v1c4
05/16/18 Garden of Translation v1c3
05/13/18 Garden of Translation v1c2
04/29/18 Garden of Translation v1c1
04/27/18 Garden of Translation prologue 2
04/25/18 Garden of Translation prologue 1
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falloutexile3 rated it
May 26, 2018
Status: v1c6
Anytime I see a novel whose chapters are split into multiple parts, I check to see how long those parts are, and if they are relatively short, like they are here, I let the parts build up before binge reading. It'll be up to the translator (or heaven forbid it's the author releasing like this) to either translate a chapter at a time or translate the fragments more regularly like what Jigglypuffsdiary is doing for The man picked up by the gods (reboot) for a more steady audience.

So as said... more>> above, I'll be waiting for a few (full) chapters to come out before I bother reading through the fragments. Good luck to the author and translator!


2 months from starting and 1 month since the last chapter fragment, chapter 1 is now at "part 6". I'm not sure if the chapter is complete yet or not, but I'm staying by my original assessment of a few FULL chapters before a proper review.

Assuming the translator group can focus that long, he/they seem to be more interested in mass translating NTR adultery s**t with poor reviews than this right now.


Interesting, now the parts are relabeled as chapters. I'll look into it when I can, but considering it took a month since the last "part/chapter" was put out, I'm not holding my breath of something that can hold attention too long.

Edit 2:

As expected, the chapters are short enough to be fragments, but since each chapter so far starts with "x years passed" each one is it's own chapter, even chapter 4 which is little more than an info dump.


Decent translation (non-headache inducing, few minor typos).

An OK time-killer if chapters have built-up.


Chapters are short, maybe 5 minutes per chapter at current time with a chunk of each being set aside for listing MC's growing stats. The original prologue was of decent size, now it's just... short.

Time leaps: "X years have passed..." Hopefully this is just the childhood years that the author doesn't know how to better flush out, but it's starting to become annoying seeing every "chapter" start as such.

Character sheets: I get that the author wants to reflect character growth in the MC, but when the stat page takes up 25% of the "chapter", you've done something wrong.

Translation pace has come to a crawl, going from 3-4/month to 1/month since the translator (s) seem more interested in translating poorly rated s**t garbage than something with a story. Worse yet, the translation group is getting greedy asking for $45/chapter for 5 minutes worth of reading (a portion of which is just updating a stat sheet) while only asking $15/chapter for the sm*t they're shoveling out. I'm hoping either someone else can pick it up and give it the attention it deserves or original translation group gets their act together.

Overall: a typical Isekai reincarnation story so far; A weak MC growing up with some hidden OP cheats in reserve (which he may or may not know how to use yet). Can't say much in terms of story so far since it's still in the "child/growing up" stage. Grand plan/story unknown. I wouldn't bother getting too invested in it currently due to slow translation rate and short "chapters". If you do plan on reading, I'd suggest waiting a few months for a handful of "chapters" to build up and binge on it rather than wait each month for the next chapter/fragment. <<less
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Gonzhilaz rated it
July 18, 2018
Status: prologue 1
Yes.. another story full of cliche. Its like reading The Man picked up by the gods... but the pet monsters is different. There's a slime, a silver wolf, baby dragon, an a talking carp.

While his power and skills were trained by his OP Parents and a Sage Grandfather... he conquer many hardships with his harem.

The story is good.. but there's nothing new. I would give 5 stars if the settings is not too cliche...

Read it if you have a lot of time...
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