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I was a delinquent that died when an accident occurred on a school trip. When I realized it I was the growing son of a farmer in another world. In this world where demons and demi-humans were in the middle of a war, I didn’t have some ability that made me a hero nor did I have magical powers. I didn’t know anything useful.

Then, why was I reincarnated?

Wait a second, when I reincarnated, was the girl who was my classmate that was riding on the same bus also reincarnated in this world? Alright, I’ve decided! I’ll reunite with that girl, and reach her with the feelings I couldn’t express in my previous life.

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Reborn In Another World - The Long, Long Journey Until I Reunite With You
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wuhugm rated it
September 3, 2016
Status: Completed
People read 11 chapters and rated 2 stars, complaining about growth, like wtf? If ya wanna growth then wait until it gets more chapters for proper growth.

I'll tell ya, it'll start to shine after the 1st time skip. Also despite the thorough 1st person POV, this one got one of the best characterization ever. The world will gradually expand throughout his chaotic journey. Btw, this one has extremely refreshing harem :D

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Riku rated it
April 16, 2016
Status: Completed
Finished it and the sequel (until latest chapter) too. Absolutly loved it! I’m not really good with reviews, but if you want to know if you will like it or not, ask yourself this question:

Do you like stories with a LOT of humour (eccentric personages and a MC who throw tsukkomi as naturally as breathing) ? Even during the serious moments?

If not, you might dislike how the tension is “broken” during serious situations, otherwise, you’re on for a great ride!

PS: Good luck to the translators, the way some personages talk... more>> will be a real pain to translate. ^^’ <<less
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shuiko rated it
July 12, 2016
Status: --
Honestly its not a very good story. The author tries to make the story Fun, but randomly inserts jarring tragic moments that make no sense.

Also the MC is beyond annoying, and the characters surrounding him are 1 dimensional, boring, 0 growth, and are basically cannon fodder to the story, they just quickly pass by. Add on to the writing, dialogue, and world setting this is one of the worst stories out there.
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Ixcez rated it
May 29, 2018
Status: c80
The story is about a JP highschool kid of presumaly 15-16 of age who dies and is reborn and then at the age of 8 remembers his past life and like most of these stories his new life and family is not important instead his past life matters most. So because of past life's parents not treating the delinquint teenager in the best way (though depending on his own actions it could have all been a way for them to act strict so he would mature) he can't accept the... more>> new parents who dot on him in the most dottiest of dotty way's even after having 8 years of memory of being with them and then 2 years from remembering. These are from the first few sentences in ch 1 therefore no spoiler tag.

So now the story starts and the MC has a mental age of 17 (+8). Instead of acting mature for his appearent age 10 the MC acts worse then the other kids his age. Pulling pranks, bullying, fighting, doing vandalism etc, most of it is done against 10 year olds... I mean sure he was a delinquent but he keeps trying to appear mature and the whole setting is that he was trying to change his way. But the way the character is acting is like a spoiled brat at the age of 5-6 instead of the 17+ mental age he's supposed to have.

Now for some plot setting spoilers


The MC is loved by most girls to start of with the first few chapters are about the princess who is madly in love with the farmer MC. The background of it being that somehow the 5 year old princess managed to sneak out of the castle, then walked through the whole capital to then walk out of the capital through the always guarded gates, to then get lost in the wheat fields of MC's family. The MC then finds her and she instantly falls in love with him. Now this is frankly hard to believe since it would most likely take hours if not a day or two for a 5 year old to wander that far on top of the fact that no one stopped her. I can accept that if the farm is close by, never really explained.

The next part however is what makes it very hard to swallow by the fact that in the next few chapters their farm is attacked by bandits who put their house and field on fire. Simply the smoke of it would make people see it from miles away, however no one notices it and the MC who comes home to the attack watches and to a certain extent is the reason for both of his parents being killed, then of course plot armor appears and saves him.

This showing a build up for a tragic past as the MC cries and reveals he only wanted to be spoiled by his parents which was why he acted the way he did. Then blam tragic parents death is forgotten and it's time to get harem member 2 cause tragedy is boring.

Short summary of next part

Demon princess (DP) instantly falls in love with him even prioritizing keeping other girls of him while her own father is dying on the ground next to them within hours, female human general after being attacked by MC and DP believes him to be brainwashed. So instead of killing him she tries to r*pe him because???? Then half a chapter is prolonged on immenent r*pe until plot armor.

These situations just keeps on comming.


It is also unbelievable as to how or why the heroines keep being crazy about the MC


The most extreme case is the demon princess Day 1 falls madly in love with him. Day 2 is abused, bullied and publicly humiliated until the MC realizes he's tr*sh when the two princesses starts crying and the citizens calls him human waste he gives an apology and then an hour later he keeps saying their annoying since he already said he was sorry, even though just like the girls mentioned he never really seemed sorry in the first place. The two girls then instantly becomes shy and wants to bathe together with the MC cause????

So yeah girls just keeps falling in love almost instantly with the MC and all of then are appearently masochists who loves being abused and neglect play.

On top of this he can't accept any of them, even though after his parents deaths he promised himself not to keep things bottled up. Since he found out that some of the other JP's on the bus also reincarnated though they were all reincarnated 20ish years before him.

So as the title of this story he can't accept any girls because he wants to search for his highschool crush he never got the chance to confess to which is the plot setting. He can't accept the other girls because he wants to try and find her even though he has no idea if she has reincarnated yet or will in the future. Though because of title it will happen though it would be funny if she get's reborn when he's 50+ or she was already reborn 40 years before him.


So because of before mentioned reasons even though girls are litterly throwing themselves at him he can't accept them and pretty much only bullies or neglects them so there is no reason for them to continue liking him.

The last part which is among the weirdest is that everyone wants him to be the king of the country. Even though he has no knowledge (litterly one of the s*upidest MC's ever) and is a drop out, he's lazy and doesn't wanna work, a bully that fights most of the time, he is weak most of the time in a world that is constantly in war, he is the reason for almost starting a war at least a few times, his personality is horrendous, he's a farmer so no money or background his only redeeming factor is for some reason the princess is crazy about him and the crown prince loves him like a little brother and is a total sis/brocon for no apparent reason.

I really wanted to like this story but after reading some 80+ chapters I find the MC to be frustratningly annoying even though he's supossedly 23 (+8) years old mentalty he still acts like a spoiled little brat perhaps at 40+ he'll act like a mature teenager.

The girls are all super M's that appearently love being abused, bullied and neglected by the MC. They also all seem to be exactly the same except their race and powers differes.

Like one is a melee fightning lightning boxer, another is a melee fighting karate master, then a melee fighting.... oh wait even their powers are pretty much the same so yeah different races or something since all the races girls are pretty much just humans girls with either a horn or not.... Seriously though the only difference is hair colour like blonde, silver, brown....

In the end the lack of character development, diversity or depth of characters coupled with a super weird setting with no plot to follow except author makes up things along the way, which becomes apparent with the story lacking structure since it's all over the place. It's only saving grace being humour that is the same all the time makes this a story not worth investing time into. <<less
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Idle Translations
Idle Translations rated it
June 17, 2018
Status: v3c151
After reading 150 chapters of this novel, I decided to finally give it a review. This story is a shounen with good world building, epic fights, hilarious comedy and great character growth. So, this is my kind of novel, but it's understandable why some people wouldn't like it if they don't like shounen.

The MC starts off as an ordinary person that isn't really likeable or strong. But through each encounter and incident that happens, he grew as a character and I could feel more relatable to him. Although his character... more>> development is a bit slow, it's definitely there and I love seeing it. The fights are great too, and though there is some subtle plot armour, it's not unreasonable.

One of my favourite parts of this novel is its characters and their dialogue, but translating it is hard. Their conversations are interesting, have plenty of comedy and some people talk in ways which are so comical, but I can't really write it well in English, so it's not as enjoyable as the raws. The characters feel unique and the harem is fresh, it's never gotten boring for me to translate it. Normally I don't like big harems, but I feel like this one was done right.

And finally, the translation. I feel like I got better at translating after my first failure (Kaifuku Jutsushi), but there were still a lot of parts that I could've translated better. I don't think it's too bad though.

Overall, I just really liked this novel, and I'm looking forward to reading the rest~! <<less
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CreamPuffDelights rated it
April 18, 2018
Status: c50
When I started reading this, my first though was: Are delinquents in Japan really that ret*rded?

... more>>

The synopsis is not wrong, this really is a story of a daily everyman. It's a strange incongruence because I know when most people read, they put themselves in the main character's shoes, they revel in the strength and ability that they will never experience in real life.

In this story, the MC is not talented, he is cowardly as f*ck, and because of that fear, he hurts people around him, typical of a delinquent. Later on, as actual danger approaches, actual danger that his yankee bluster can't deal with comes along, he just sits there frozen in fear, or spends most of his time thinking emo, angsty thoughts. A normal farmer's kid, surrounded and best friends with someone this world's most powerful people who believe in him to the death, but he will keep repeating that he's not worth it, sort of like Harry Potter, but with even less self esteem. Again, typical of most delinquents. They will keep trying to push him to be a better man, but you'll have to read about him being completely uninterested in developing his potential and throwing everything away for what most would consider a very tiny and s*upid goal despite so many good things around him.

And that's not even taking into account the REALLY s*upid stuff he does while acting arrogant and super self confident. Again, like a typical yankee. The only reason he's still alive, is because of plot armor. Because how else would a super strong delusional yandere hell bent on massacring the demon race suddenly transform into a super strong delusional yandere hell bent on raping your 10 year old ass, just long enough for someone who is actually strong enough to arrive?

Then it abruptly takes a jarring turn into a more cheerful mood and suddenly no one is sad that their father died anymore. It's marginally better after the time skip, but again, it's VERY draggy and a pain in the ass to read, and because there's more action, there's also more chances for MC to do REALLY s*upid THINGS again.

For example, his personality regresses because he again becomes very aggressive and uncaring to everything in this world, so its VERY frustrating to read about how callous he can be despite having it so good. E.g. He has people around him that trust him with their lives, but on his journey he still refuses to tell them whats going on despite not even bothering to hide that he's different from them. This attitude eventually became so annoying that I couldn't keep reading.

In summary, the story is bad enough that the MC is powerless as sh*t in the grand scheme of things, but his useless bluster when interacting with the world, zero social skills despite having a healthy social life in this world since he was five years old and refusal to grow into a better person despite repeatedly making promises to do exactly that again and again each time something happens was cringy enough that I could not read past chapter 50. I'm sorry, but this is where I bow out.
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Blackrabbit0634 rated it
June 27, 2016
Status: c11
I write this review into two parts and I have only read up to chapter 11 & will edit my review after a couple more chapters

Its not really that good at the moment (chapter 11), there were a few instances where I find it annoying like the attitude of all the people introduced so far.. The MC keeps talking about his previous life and nobody even cares to check if he's mentally ill or not? I also find the attitude of the MC towards his parent annoying.. So far... more>> he's what you'll call "tr*sh"..

The story is somewhat mocking itself,

Around the chapter the MC goes to the weapon shop and argues with the shopkeeper, there was an argument of how strong the countries army is and there is a low chance of bandits, demons, etc. (I kinda forgot the exact argument but let's just say enemies attacking) attacking them then boom chapter 11 (his parents got killed due to the s*upidity of the MC), the bandit demi-humans probably only wants to steal the wheats (the writing shows that there were no other ulterior motive other than stealing & killing the resident, so why risk fighting to death? Just give them the wheats in exchange for leaving them alone) & and the MC's parents can probably escape not for the MC running to his parents and getting the situation out of control, and seriously where's the goddamn army? Did they even capture the demi-humans, and why so late? There's a friggin burning house so there's a lot of smoke & bright fire (its said it was late in the day so I'm assuming that its around evening or around sunset) to alert the guards or are you telling me the house just started to burn exactly the moment the MC came home? Where's the guards on horses running to his home? Why is a 10 year old brat faster & able to walk so far out of town (assuming that there house is really faraway due to the guards not noticing the fire)


The story so far is in his childhood. If I remember he's still in his 10 year old body so I'm expecting a LOT of serious character development for the MC.. And with the latest development of the story (chapter 11) although I don't like how they forced to make the MC takes things seriously, it makes you hope for a good character development later on.

I've read till chapter 16 and I've still not seen anything that could make me change my mind as I can't read ahead because I can't read the RAW Japanese.. And like I stated my review is only up to the current translation so my review only covers the first few chapters & honestly if I could binge read it until 100 chapters I would've done that first before making a review but sadly I couldn't do that.. <<less
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Ersicoada rated it
January 18, 2018
Status: v2c60
We know that there are too many story about otherworld reincarnation with classmate (and harem), but I think the stories in this series are humorous. Personally, I like when the MC always broke the tension during serious situation.

If you're bored with story where the MC's mind full of revenge and hatred or MC that have "whatever" mentalities and accept the act of killing because "this is fantasy world" or MC with OP abilities from the start, then you can try to read this story.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Krazyguy75 rated it
July 7, 2020
Status: c86
As of chapter 86 I've officially dropped it and am lowering my rating to 1 star. The MC has gone above and beyond to not develop a character. It's one thing to stick to your gut. It's another thing to reject killing to the extent that the literally worst possible person (who ordered mass r*pes and started wars for fun) wouldn't be killed by you if they literally tried to kill everyone you love and you had them defenseless at your mercy for the second time after they escaped the... more>> first time you had them at your mercy and didn't kill them.

It's like if he captured hi*ler, and goes to him and says "Hey hi*ler, I know you've already killed millions of jews, but could you stop doing bad stuff?" This MC is a worthless idiot and I think him and all his friends and lovers deserve to die for their s*upidity, as it has literally cost lives.

I had never given a 1 star review up to this point, but the MC deserves special treatment. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Novelupdatesaccount1 rated it
March 19, 2018
Status: c48
Almost. This story is almost good but keeps falling short due to the abundance of japanese beta MC tropes. It keeps coming right up to the edge of what would be a good story but keeps falling into the pitfalls of a Japanese MC. It almost feels like a parody at times just how ill-suited the MC is to the world the author develops.

To elaborate it is a bit amateurish but the author does successfully build a world where there is no solid good or evil faction. Rather there are... more>> good and bad characters in each faction and no faction is guiltless. The characters are faced with a world where they can die easily, where their actions have consequences, where they have to think about the world beyond themselves... AND THEN the authors goes and ruins all this with a 110% stereotypical beta Japanese MC.

The MC goes and picks fights with people far stronger than him time and time again and survives through plot armor. Moreover he is praised for doing this even though it gets others killed. He never learns from this and keeps acting without thinking and putting everyone in danger.

The MC repeatedly puts his entire country in dangerous situations but is supported for no good reason by the nobles of said country.

Everyone kills when necessary, but the MC. You have a gritty-ish world where people kill when they need to. Except the goddamn MC. He robs a bunch of s*ave trader in what could be a diplomatic incident that could ruin his country. The s*ave traders mention that they will report this. They are at sea and can easily kill the traders. Logical action: Kill the traders. MC action: threaten to kill the traders and let them go. <<less
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MystiKnight rated it
July 21, 2018
Status: v2c109
The web/light novel medium is saturated with the isekai genre, so much so that reader standards are going up, yet quality as a whole continues to decline as more garbage is pumped out. I think that now, even what would have originally been considered to be good in a time when isekais were less prevelant is now just not cutting it.

Anyway, onto the main point. Isekais now need something to stand out and separate themselves from the crowd. Do I think this novel does that? Yes, yes I do.

The first... more>> thing this novel does is give the character a clearly defined purpose and makes him self-driven. That means that our character has a goal with a distinct conclusion, and wants to actively persue their goal. There are a lot of motivations for protagonists in isekai stories, but a lot of the time they are indefinite (harem and dungeon isekais, for example) or they are tasked with it (kill the demon lord isekais). It takes a little while for the ball to get rolling and for the character to flesh out their desires, but it's done in a very natural way that evolves over the course of the story.

The second thing the novel does well is it creates a realistic protagonist. Asakura's apathy towards the world is completely reasonable, and is actually the crux of his growth throughout the story. At first, he doesn't really care about the problems of the world because it isn't his world. I think isekai stories have tended away from vanilla protagonists, and that's for good reason - people who would put their life on the line to save a foreign world don't exist in reality. I do understand that a completely disinterested protagonist will probably turn some readers off, but I promise that the character is written like that intentionally, and his opinions of the world change for the better as the story plays out. As of where the english translation is at right now (c109), there have just been big changes to the way the protagonist thinks, so it does happen.

There are a couple smaller things that I feel this novel does right. The power-leveling feels fine - the protagonist isn't given amy cheats, but is strong in his own right, and his powers grow over the course of the story, rather than being broken from the beginning with increasingly difficult foes.


His power is levitation, which is a common low-tier magic in the world and is normally used for minor tasks like carrying dishes around in a restaurant. Our protagonist takes it to the extreme since he's terrible at magic, and develops a way to use it to enhance melee combat. Later on he realises how to use it at distances, and very recently in the translations he's found a way to finally break the magic entirely and is practically telekinetic.


There is a harem, yes. As of this point, there are no s*aves, so it's already better than a lot of other harems. Right now the harem is at 3-4, depending on how you define it, and I do think it'll be a 'one-true-waifu' type harem from how the story has played out. The characters are par for the course, even if that's a low hurdle. Absurdly enough, the writer has used the fact that the protagonist has a diverse harem to pull the story along at some point, which is wonderful. I think the girls are cute too.

It's not perfect, and it's not the cream of the crop when it comes to isekai stories, but it has enough going for it to separate itself from the rest of the garbage this genre has to offer. <<less
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Renaxan rated it
June 30, 2018
Status: v2c96
Its isekai with unique plot. a whole class, Instead summoned together as hero, they are reborn to different country, race and timeline. And our velt, trying to find a girl that he likes in previous live tho he know they are dispersed. Such a dumb MC right?

However, the real start are after time skip. dang, the enjoyment are real. MC have a girl from start, growing to harem time to time... character development here are the best one of all novel out there. Atleast for me, im not even forget... more>> slightest event in this novel after reading them, unlike other isekai novel.

Our MC is free spirit, selfish and does anything he like a said deliquent. But this is far better than other isekai MC that does things for world sake, revenge sake or another ill questionable sake whether MC still have good mental or not. MC on this novel felt alive and can talk humour.

What I didnt like from this novel probably a lot forced event plot that comes nonsense out of nowhere, but that given author try his best to keep the story interesting so yah.. nothing could be perfect. still i'll give 5/5 for enjoyment. <<less
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The Manager
The Manager rated it
December 26, 2021
Status: v2c125
Haaaa... Another WN that is way too good, but got abandoned by our translators... It's been 3 years...

I first start reading this 4 years ago, and to be honest I really got hook coz the MC has a so called dedication. His magic too, even though it's simple, he make it something (this is my opinion) that is his and only his.... The girls so far, yes... F*ck em....

His adventure is very nice, the plot is dope, and I want to read it raw now, but because it's been awhile... more>> since I read this, I might reread this for the sake of confirmation and reedit of my reviews.... <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
tekinwillie rated it
January 1, 2018
Status: v2c50
Wanted to like it and give it a 5 star, unfortunately I can't. The character "development" is pretty good, though I put it in quotations due to how slow it feels for the MC. The story also feels pretty good except for the unreasonable psychopaths, really who the hell would put a general like that or a shinsengumi like that in a high position. High positions like that are for people that can keep there people safe, but these guys feel like they would sacrifice there army for there beliefs.... more>> Funny thing is only heard of only one person trying to make the world peaceful, and she's dead. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Circle rated it
April 17, 2018
Status: c74
I almost passed on this novel because the premise sounded pretty vague and aimless. "He's going to search the entire world for his crush? How long will that take?" Glad I didn't.

To be honest, I only read for my everlasting search of a harem novel done right. This... wasn't that. Like in a lot of cases, as soon as the girl falls in love with the main character, you can say goodbye to any depth she had. What made me stay however was the main character himself.

I'll be blunt. The... more>> MC's an everyman built to relate to the audience as a modern day person fresh to this fantasy world. At no given moment does the main character know more than we the readers know. He's not even given some lofty ambition like defeating the Demon King or ruling over territory. His goal is just as stated prior. Plain and simple.

But this very thing puts him at odds with everybody else who has lived in such a world for generations, trying to justify their actions both good and bad by lofty ideals such as justice and fairness. Watching this clash is always entertaining.

Even moreso in that chapters seem to be written chapter by chapter. I don't even think the author knows what will until it actually happens so every twist feels genuine. Does make cliffhangers all the more painful though... <<less
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