Isekai Taneuma


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After the whole class was summoned to another world it was not fantasy that awaited them. What awaited them was a cruel dark fantasy where humanity on the brink of destruction by the outbreak of monsters everywhere.

What is awaiting the MC in this world?

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Stud in another world
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neoshadow rated it
January 19, 2017
Status: v1c4

So far, the I would give this 3/5

The description is pretty accurate. The MC is transported to another world where he becomes a "breeding-s*ave" for the royalty in order to give birth to people with strong skills. Much of s*x (so far) is femdom though, so if you really dislike femdom then don't read this novel. The royalty is a matriarchal medieval monarchy and is obvious corrupt beyond saving by the princesses self-contradictory statements. For example,

... more>>

For example, the princess says that starving s*aves makes them better breeders-- is a self-contradictory statement. Historically, any s*ave owner would know starvation and malnourishment is the most common rookie mistake that newbie could make especially trying to increase the quality of s*aves. While I don't personally believe this mindset, for them it would be like starving your stud or stallion.


1) The grammar and translation quality is excellent. I look forward to more translations from this person/team.
2) The porn is very detailed, but does not go on for several chapters with most s*x scenes only being a chapter long.
3) The characters are unique different from the common expected tropes (like a villianous princess) and plot is different enough to be similar to many of the anti-hero stories like Arifueta, ATG, etc.

4) The plot and conflicts lead stuff to be desired. Much of the plot, like the country's motivations, etc. Has not been revealed so far. However because of that, the characters motivations are not clear yet and the plot holes are numerous. The characters are engaging enough that with only a 1-3 world building chapters this would be a great novel. So because they might be filled in later, it still to early to tell whether or not this will be 3/5 or 5/5 novel.

edit: sorry the the spoiler tags broke when I edited <<less
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GuldTasken rated it
March 22, 2017
Status: v1c16
I've read till chapter 16 which is an epilogue, so pretty much the end of the First volume/chapter.

The story contains elements of 'cruel dark fantasy' but they are generally glossed over in favour of the more porn related topics. The MC is obviously our Stud and produces of the porn centric desires we wish to read with evil desires. The MC is essentially a Free s*ave, in the mean that he can do certain things and tasks but he has to 'work' for no money or security of life. Only... more>> to bring more blood to the world.

The first volume is slightly satisfying, it is a bit of a slice of life erotica and it has a neat happy ending for some side-characters at the end of the first volume. I cannot see any deep plot in the future, but I hope it will explore in more detail other type of Enjoyments. So far, the typical monsters have been introduced but perhaps a Succubus or similar monsters may appear in future volumes?

I rate this 3/5, it is not Mediocre and it is not a literary art piece for Erotica. It has its flaws but it has a good summary to give a vivid imagery. For those that has read Hentai Manga or similar of Ahegao topics. It has lot of interesting expression description. But my personal desires want a bit more than simple Thrust at times.

Therefore I rank it in the middle <<less
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Shuc49 rated it
January 8, 2017
Status: v1c1
I had no idea what is going on in the first chapter, but I expect that the details will be explained in future chapters. However the first chapter did do well to set the scene. From the first chapter alone we can see that this story is set in a rather cruel world. The entire class is summoned but rather than being treated as heroes, they are treated as disposables. The first chapter also contains R-18 scenes, so be aware of that before reading. Those scenes in fact are well... more>> written, they are nice and short but carries the point, with no unnecessary information and excessive description. The beginning is promising but only time will tell which direction this story goes to. <<less
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SilverKing rated it
January 8, 2017
Status: v1c1
Ok giving a first impression for the first chapter. This was surprisingly good. The story isn't one you normally see in transferred to another world settings, it's actually pretty refreshing, I am curious as to how the story will go from here tho so will keep it on my reading list may do another review later on after more chapters are released.
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Tarlos rated it
June 19, 2017
Status: c19
The wonderful tale of a transmigrated MC slowly conquering the world. With his dick. One woman at a time.

Surprising a good read and IMO one of the best. Pretty intriguing plot, although it's a shame there's so few translated chapters. There were a few NTR vibes but it turns out to be a false alarm (phew).


Regarding the NTR: there is NONE in the translated chapters. IDK about future chapters but hopefully not.

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Acorn rated it
April 28, 2018
Status: c35
This has loads of potential. Read til the current released chapters. There are only 60 chapters out in Raw so guess what past translator said about author dropping novel happened.

Main character is passive and that gets annoying sometimes. Hes a go with the flow type of character he loses himself in pleasure; but he has so much potential to be great. There's a little bit of action/adventure.

NTR false alarm, I almost dropped it cause of that. This is a nocturne dark fantasy novel where the author can decide to pull... more>> out our hearts at anytime and piss on it and call it normal at any time.


Btw there are no brakes on what this main character sticks his c*ck into. So far hes touch age 12+ women. Royal, and noble wives. He touches people he can get skills; Hes blessed with a c*ck that can give people skills or upgrade them, but hes a "sex" s*ave. He way too valuable in a world like this. Hes angry at this kingdom but once he starts f*cking he loses himself in it; exmp: He f*cks someone stress away and helps with stuff and is asked if he wants a reward from someone with power ; and he said's your pu*sy is reward enough, even if he came there with the thoughts of changing his current circumstances. His friends offer to power level him and he just said's "my only job is to swing my hips so I don't need to level. So at times he sounds like he likes to be a s*x s*ave and sorta powerless. quite annoying at times. The main group of transported have been in this fallen world for about 2-3 years now. He sometimes worries about his women and he gets a lie detector and mind reading power, a genius skill yet he acts retarded sometimes. When he sees his women are safe, haven't cheated and such check his ranking in their hearts another one of his abilities, he loses all that ambition he had after he inserts his d*ck in pu*sy and just decides to rely on others. After reading loads of xianxia/wuxia where power = ranking in the world of survival of the fittest this is really annoying.

Don't read below if you don't want spoilers about the current situation.

A dark fantasy where your happiness can get snatched from you by someone with more power.. I repeat he lost his ambition and sh*t for revenge at the beginning and just becomes a passive idiot.

I enjoyed reading this though with hopes that it expands with action adventure romance and lewd/adult and our main character gets some mild ambition that isn't just to keep the status quo going.


Chapter 16 is where the first volume ends. Chap 16 title "Epilogue" its also right after the first false NTR heart jerking scare. For those wondering about the false-NTR;

Main characters main girl hasn't come back in days after accepting a solo orc hunting quest, main character decide to escape and investigate on his own why she hasn't come back; he arrives at place she disappears. Orc are gangbanging some women when he arrives. "Margaret A monk. Greydia A knight. Marl An adventurer." Turns out later these Orcs are more then what they seem, and know how to speak. Chapter for this is chap 13 and its more then what it seems search noble in ctrl+f to go straight to the spoiler. Its never explained if that's the same Greydia that's next to the Princess that's the spy from her uncle. But they are both knights.


LOVE THESE almost COMPLETELY uncensored R- rated novels but usually end up lacking in some areas.

Ch35 now 3 star. 11/30/2018
Edited this a little after noticed there are some new chapters. Leaving current rating at the moment cause sometimes think the author tries to do who knows what.. with expanding the details but fails or gets lazy and saids f*ck it and starts skipping around all over the place and readers like wtf is going on... where.. why.. or something.. <<less
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xxsubarugt rated it
June 2, 2017
Status: c5
The novel is pretty great for me. But some character development seems very silly like his childhood friend liking him too much (maybe just because of the lack of background of the protagonist). The story is pretty interesting and have a lot of potential, at the very least in my opinion.

It's a story that pretty much tell what human kind will do when its driven to corner. They will use despicable means to survive forgetting their morals, dignity and honor. Well that's pretty much it ~short review.
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summers rated it
July 21, 2017
Status: c19
OK read. Guy goes to another world and is treated as a s*x s*ave to gain skills. He also gains skills from this though and as time goes on he becomes closer to his masters and exerts some control over his situation. Promoted from s*ave to man whore. We get repeat "customers" while focusing on the main girls. The princess and her knights.

It starts out dark, with Classmates being killed; but obviously author changed the tone. This is for the best, because then it would have to confront how to... more>> become close to the people who killed his classmates. So instead everyone seems to make their peace with it and move on. <<less
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noxxy rated it
March 9, 2018
Status: c23
I'd say the series is pretty good, although slow-moving. Sadly, the quality has dropped drastically after switching translator. I doubt I'll bother to keep up anymore if the translations will continue like they currently are on Machinesliced
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