Isekai Risshiden


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A very ordinary salaryman of around 40 woke up in a place he didn’t know. Also his body had regressed to a child’s body and he was on an island.

He was trained by a kind undead he met there and aims to go to a place where people live.

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06/20/17 Novelonomicon c14
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05/28/17 Novelonomicon c1
05/27/17 Novelonomicon prologue
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greyhud90 rated it
June 15, 2017
Status: prologue

Very Normal Jap Salaryman, transported to another world and his very first reaction....


No doubts, fears or worries. MC has cardboard like personality and I fear the character development for future characters will be the same cardboard cut outs (hopefully not though).

When the master has passed away it took him like few moments to grieve and then acts like the master is nothing but a pet dying (lel, LOOT! Imma make master's weapon into a fking bardiche!).

All those 6 years of training with the only living thing that's already close to a family and when it died he never felt grief...

Everything done here has been nothing but copy paste from other isekai, hell even the first meeting with a girl is with a harem member already and DUN DUN DUN... AN ELF!, and at this rate he might even meet everyone of his future 1 dimensional harem members on every chapter.


I sincerely hope the author improves as time goes.
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Fuxy rated it
July 6, 2017
Status: c14
I don't particularly mind the glossing over of the grinding part of the story but the fun part of the story didn't start off that well.

... more>>

The heroine made herself overly familiar with the MC too fast it's very obvious that she is only around because she is incompetent at surviving by herself and she decided to trade her body for money.

If I were the MC she would be out on her ass proto I could get a s*ave that would be more loyal, grateful and cheaper in such a world.

Even more annoying she doesn't even choose to improve herself instead laying around until the MC drags her out.

Worst heroine ever.

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D34TH rated it
November 24, 2018
Status: --
Amazingly good.

Nevertheless, the pacing is fast. Well it has it's own pros and cons anyway.


Character development: even though it's fast paced, it didn't stop.

Storyline: There are good plots.

Characteristics: Hmm I guess, characters had straighforward personality, specially the wife, who is honest to herself.

Romance: I should say, it's supposed to be the cons but, still I love it.


CD: too fast, so many problems on it's own.

Storyline: yup again too fast, there some plot holes itself.

Characteristics: too straighforward I say.

Romance: too sudden.

Well, nah it's good on it's own anyway.
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Gonzhilaz rated it
July 29, 2018
Status: c163
This story is like a chaotic fruit platter. You got beastkins harem, God-like MC, grinding story, magic tools making, city/kingdom built, monsters, kingdom wars, politics, dungeon outbreak, otherworld technology (guns and humvee), and demonkins (just one chapter)...

And the author just fill the characters with standard templates. He just use many characters from another stories and make his own light novel.

He met his undead master (hacchinante got an undead master)

... more>> He made magic tools (magi craft meister style)

He made guns and vehicle (a lot of novel refferences)

City building (yess another light novel refferences)

He just wrote this novel without any purposes. Until he couldn't come up with new ideas... and he just stopped the story just like we rode on a race bike and suddenly brakes.

Too bad.. the story looks promising but... ah... just read it if you like a short novel. <<less
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