Isekai Nonbiri Nouka


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After his struggle against disease for a decade, the main character dies. However, he revives and became younger in a different world.

The main support of the main character’s heart during his battle against the disease is a TV program about leisure farming.

In his second life in a different world, he’s going to try farming.

Common things like different world transition and domestic affairs?

This will have no big climax.

This is going to be frantic.

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Farming Life in Another World
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Nitpicking Reader
Nitpicking Reader rated it
October 17, 2018
Status: c86
"heartwarming" story like the tag, with non-existent conflicts (even they're just small amtters and easily handled) with an absurd harem with no explicit content.

just don't use logic for details or try understanding the emotional relationships and it'll be enjoyable.

if you want to take change from all those novels full of action and conflicts or run/flee/chase death situations this is a recommended pick.
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8uddha5an rated it
November 24, 2019
Status: c236
I have read some past reviews and would like to clear it up. This book is more like a journal or a diary of a retired or carefree cheat-lite character. Yes I said cheat-lite because he only really has one super power, which is first stated at the very beginning.

This book is not about a super op character getting all the girls though heroic acts or supreme force (though that could be argued over).

This is like viewing into the mind of a dude who is tired, simply going though the... more>> daily motions of survival and the pursuing his love of food. But this in turn changes the world that he gets reincarnated to by using his modern knowledge, which in turn disrupts the power balance of nation's. But the tech that is made is most focused on to increase conveniences.

Although there are some battles, they are not heavily focused on, only used to start a situation or for entertainment, (not for the reader, it's more like actual entertainment).

Yes the plot armor is real, but this book is more focused on slice of life of a dude who wants to chill. <<less
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sgrey rated it
April 8, 2019
Status: c183
I actually quite like the story, but I like manga much more because it has a much better translation, plus illustrations make a lot of difference here, especially for the comedy. Translation here is quite bad, but it didn't really influenced my score that much. Here is why I gave it 3 stars.

At the start the novel was fun, nice, slow paced, funny. We were discovering the world and new characters. However, around chapter 100 the novel was changed for something different. It still tries to have the same spirit... more>> of being funny, but several things happen that doesn't work well for me.

One, the time skips are picking up and becoming faster and faster. Every few chapters a year passes. The novel basically becomes one sports festival after another. I hate sport festivals. At most I can tolerate one maybe in a hundred, or better two hundred chapters. Here, the author clearly ran out of ideas and so just writes about sports festivals.

Two, the MC kind of fades into background and becomes more of a support character for his wives, who think he does not have any common sense and just irresponsible and cannot take care of himself (even though he freaking built the whole place singlehandedly and lived there for like a year or two by himself).

A lot of chapters started to focus on some random villagers. It was interesting once in a while, but it becomes quite often now. It would be fun, if it wasn't the same thing over and over again. Oh they see wolves, oh they see vampire, oh they see the spider. Oh, everyone is strong, etc.

He now built what seems to be a decent size town, with over a thousand people living there. There are basically few villages now, not to far from one another and the population is growing quite fast.

His ever-growing harem and kids, who grow up in the next 100 or so chapters (about 15-20 years passes in about 100-150 chapters or so). Kids take off and go traveling and the focus is shifted on them.

The novel becomes somewhat of a standard hero isekai. There is a reincarnated hero, holly sword, dragon maidens, and some other powerful kids joining the village. There is an evil god, an evil dragon, conspiracies, espionage, dungeon expeditions... What the hell became of a slow farming life in another world? Yes, there is still humor and it's somewhat funny, but I just can't see the trace of the novel I liked in the first place...

There is a lot of unexplored things like he has a ton of super rare stuff in his basement (dragon scales for example), but only 1 chapter uses that a little. <<less
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September 3, 2019
Status: c217
Well, This LN writing is strange really strange, everything come either to slow or too fast, but it really interesting.

Then again looking up at the author name this comes as no surprise he mostly write for galge, you guys might know him more as author of BUNNY BLACK by chara-soft.
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