Isekai Kaeri no Ossan wa, Fusei Sukiru de Fathercon Musume-tachi o Tororori ni


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The strongest Hero in history, Nakamoto Keisuke.

He was summoned to another world in the spring at the age of fifteen years old, and when he successfully defeated The Demon King, he was already thirty-two years old. He had finished his role in another world and returned to Japan, but the reality that had been waiting for him was, “Middle school graduate with seventeen years of blank period” label. He couldn’t find a decent job and had no choice but to spend his days working part-time.

Before such a Nakamoto, a beautiful girl who self-proclaimed had come to return the favor, appeared. “I’m the reward for Hero who had defeated Demon King”, said Angelica, a girl who came from another world that persistently tempted Nakamoto to make her his wife. Together with a high school girl who looks like Elsa, his beloved girl that he lost in another world, Nakamoto with his cheat skills got caught in a harem life.

Associated Names
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The Middle-aged Man who just Returned from Another World Melts his Fathercon Daughters with his Paternal Skill
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ssj4maiko rated it
December 21, 2018
Status: c184
Reading on Google Translator, hence why more advanced compared to translations.

You most likely saw the cover, read the description and thought: This is a slice of life harem story with a virgin old-man as the protagonist, pretty much a generic light read, right? I thought so too, and I found out I was very wrong, so wrong that I will try to explain it now to you all with some extra info from the initial chapters for you to see if this novel really is for you

Nakamoto Keisuke was summoned... more>> to another world when he was 15 years old, in the year 2000. He was forced to fight for a Kingdom, 2 years later he saved a girl (Elsa) in that same world and both became lovers, why? Because the Hero was nothing more than an hero to the Kingdom, but Elsa reminded him that he was human. 15 years together, as husband and wife (Yeah, he is no virgin, 15 years doing it), she was sacrificed in an unexplained way to allow him to fight against the Demon King, he won and returned home without nothing else, the year is 2017. The story starts about 1 year after he is back, already 2018 (And to add, a little over a year after losing his wife to boot, hence try to understand his reluctance against accepting little girls into his love life). To avoid inconsistencies in memory of the world and to "explain" his absence, a spell was released and the result was: 17 years as a shut-in, even his parents believe in that.

The MC was a normal Japanese who was forced to fight to survive in another world, now he is a "Hero", a self proclaimed garbage disposal that cleans monsters for the sake of others, he can kill if it's an enemy, thought he has an special hate for Goblins to the point he can tell them they will live if they provide information, and kill them regardless. Why does he lives like a loser even after 1 year of returning with all his cheats? His strength is too great, as such, he can't do delicate work, because he was summoned early, his studies are unfinished. And his Magic? He has Attack Magic, but it's not precise, it's the type that is too strong and scatters damage. He can also buff himself (But why when he is already too strong), and he has powerful healing magic (He can be decapitated and survive), however, he has nothing else like radars, map, item box, hiding and more specialized abilities (Appraisal is considered an exclusive ability by heroes though). He level is high, so he really is focused on damage dealing plus tanking with the ability to recover his allies,

After this 1 year later, he receives the visit of Angelica, his compensation, but why 1 year later? It seems that a compensation for him was actually considered against, and some wanted to turn him into a criminal because of unknown events. This shows that he wasn't exactly loved by the powerful people in that world, you can already guess where most of the action of this story will come from. And why he doesn't try to improve nonetheless? He considers his current suffering his atonement for Elsa's death, and as irony dictates, his regret even awakened a skill called paternity on him. He is already a very broken person by all most psychological standards.

The 3 main initial heroines: Angelica, a small blond big boobed priestress, volunteered to be offered to the hero that she read about in histories from that world, she lived in a monastery all her life, only girls, no contact with men, she was thrown into the other world with no way back, and what she found was a malnourished old man, but she is still going strong... Or is she? Though she is a priestress, she is no "strongest priestress" or special one, her level is ok for the other world, but nothing much, though she is stronger than normal humans from Earth already. In fight ability, she is pretty much useless, but may help others with magic in the back..

2nd heroine is a normal height even more big boobed library girl, she is quiet, but she has the makings of a psycho. She is also a super hardcore fathercon (A girl that doesn't know her father? That's literally impossible, they would die without one. / Her self proclaimed best place was inside the testicle of my father, but she had to be born with half her mother genes. Ugh), and since she is a modern girl, she helps Angelica (And MC to a lesser extent) about today's technology. No browser history is safe from her. (Think about teaching the girl about the story about Sodom and Gomorrah, but rather than focusing on the sins, and salt statues and stuff, it's about the daughters making their father drunk and being impregnated by him.)

3rd heroine is a fail girl who really looks a lot like Elsa in her early days, but the contents are bullshit, why? Her family is just bad, and she doesn't have a father.

There are more later one, but only these 3 appear in the initial chapters.

All girls have or awaken some level of Fathercon (as the title implies).

For the arcs of the story, each arc until now adds someone to the family rooster, 1 Arc is Angelica, the villain may sound weak an generic to some point, but Arcs 2, 3 and 4 connecting his current way of life with his life, in all pros and cons, and shows his priorities an abilities to fight his enemies. The enemy is a little girl? What about threatening by cruel ways? What about Overkill and vaporize in a surprise attack? What about super strength bearhug and crushing like that?

However, he can't do much against his "daughters" (specially Angelica), and while no s*x has happened up to now (They are minors), sexual content exists to some extent, as the girls are all up for doing it. If you are looking for those parts and a lighter story, Arc 5 is the one, while Arc 6 is the current one going on.

Also about the world building, many stories with isekai and modern setting add some mystery on Earth, maybe a clan capable of weak magic, or some weaker supernatural abilities like limited telepathy, maybe even super ninjas. This world seems to be based on the real world though, events skipped by MC from 2000 to 2017 may influence his life, in fact, the novel presents some hypothesis that, if the numbers are based on real theories (I have not checked, but I feel they may have influenced the base of the story), they really do give some interesting real life contexts about human psychology and even differences between how wars have evolved from the WWII, going through the Vietman war and the current Iraq war (Since this one is post 2000, MC learns about it from these points). There was certainly a lot of thought in the plot. Hell, I finally understood the message from Rambo - First Blood BECAUSE of this novel. <<less
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ZeroR18 rated it
May 22, 2018
Status: c6
I am not good write review but I. Want to samething (x.x)

What well happen to the hero when he go back home?

... more>>

he lost 17 years of his life and his love life to save the other world and what he get? Just thanks for save us now go back to your world without any reward!!! Oh and we going to change the people memory to think you life a otaku life in your house for 17 years like a loser.. wtf


Is really sad end for hero but the story is good and down to earth so get ready for lot of feel.... for first 4 chapters get ready for roller coaster rides xD <<less
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October 14, 2018
Status: c13
A pathetic and depressed protagonist doesn't work well with harem slice of life genre since I think we won't see any character development later. All I can see is a wish fulfillment story of being surrounded by beautiful "daughters"..
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UnknownSaint171 rated it
August 18, 2018
Status: c14
It started off pretty funny but the fact that Teenage girls get sexually aroused over a middle age man is disturbing. They have a huge Father Complex mixed with a different kind of love. Though the father con genre is funny, it's too weird like this.

Harem aside, It would had been really fascinating story if he was younger. I see a lot of good potential in this that it hurts giving it a negative review. Some ideas are really good. But in the end it seems the Kingdom f*cked him... more>> over. Idk. Something tells me there's a secret motive or something for sending Angelica. (But clearly don't think Author smart enough to add plot. Mostly a wish-fulfillment story)

I at the most want to read the chapter where Reincarnated Elsa/Rio meets Angelica. And how his parents react to this. <<less
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laclongquan rated it
June 13, 2018
Status: c10
An interesting approach to the usual Hero-return-Japan: survivor's guilt.

Nice and slow pace, too~

One sentence description: Ex-hero's modern harem of fathercon girls.
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April 11, 2018
Status: c5
Tbh with you, I quite like the story. It has slower plot than some other novel. It also has the must-have background story, even though it's kinda hanging. In short, good novel.
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Yume. rated it
August 29, 2019
Status: C59
This novel has two extremes, one being the MC has been treated like a doormat and tool after being summoned in year 2000, as he was repatriated in year 2017 he felt foreign and broken even in his old world and constantly acts like a broken mess who just takes getting abused by everyone. (Even the memories of people on earth were manipulated into thinking he just spent 17 years at home in his room refusing to find a job.)

The other extreme is the comedy aspect, if this was... more>> a more fluffy and light novel without the severe trauma and dark aspects associated it would work very well but due to the aforementioned points it leaves it leaving somewhat incongruous as author adds messed up humour elements to things like this:

Name : Ootsuki Ayako
Level : 1
Class : High School Girl, Bookstore Clerk

HP: 50
MP: 0
Attack: 40
Defense: 40
Agility: 40
Magic Attack: 0
Magic Defense: 60
Skill: Fathercon (Enthusiast)
A Bibliophilic girl. She hardly has any fighting power, rendering her harmless.
However, she is under heavy mental breakdown after having an unrequited love for her biological father.
Knowing that it is a love that cannot be acknowledged, she did not disclose the fact to anyone.
Currently, due to her meeting with Nakamoto Keisuke who is the spiting image her father in his younger ages, he becomes her target for her unrequited love.
Her recent favorite delusion is to wash her body with Keisuke's rough stubble on his chin.
Someday, she would like to drug Keisuke until he drops and play with him as she pleases.
The content of yesterday's indecent imaginations where she violated Keisuke. Is as follows;

"Aha~ Daddy Keisuke is a bad person who gets aroused by his daughter.
Even though you know this is wrong, you still see me as a woman?
That's alright, do you want to just lay your hands on this underage girl and lose your job?
Don't worry, even if daddy Keisuke got into a newspaper column, I'm sure you'll still look cool.

Then I'll cut that part and preserve it, okay?
Then I'll paste my picture next to it, and it'll be a father and daughter's two shot full of love.
Come on, come on! Let's make you some court pictures by having illegal sex! I'll then collect your pictures from the court and make a wallpaper out of it!
That means I can still feel daddy in the house even though he's in prison.
After you're released, let's register our family on the spot, okay?
If daddy got a criminal record, you won't be able to look for jobs, so other girls won't even get close to you so I'll be at ease!
So hurry up and have s*x with me and get arrested! Daddy, daddy, daddy, my daddy Keisuke!"

(Appraisal in this novel adds a column after stats for what's on their mind and/or nature like shown in spoiler.)

I advise reading the spoiler so you know what your getting into as it can indicate weather this novel is too much for you or not before getting invested. (It is purely an appraisal result of a random bookstore clerk so nothing is really spoiled but as it's an excerpt from a chapter I attached tag just in case.) <<less
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arifureta rated it
September 7, 2020
Status: --
This story is about your typical dumbass Isekai hero when he was summoned he was like”I’ll save the world” and this idiot sacrificed 17 years of his life to fight the demons who may or may not have been evil and be the humans war substitute. He lost his lover and is too overpowered and has no degree or work experience so this guy has entered a extreme state of depression which I personally believe he deserves for being so naive s*upid and selfless. Overall the novel is ok the... more>> heroines are likable but the MC is meh the comedy is good and the story is nicely paced my only complaint is about the protagonist. <<less
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bloggbigg rated it
April 10, 2019
Status: c16
I started this thinking that the described backstory could give this the foundation to go somewhere interesting, and so far?...


    • (This usually isn't the hardest part of a review...)
    • I guess the female leads are 'cute'? I'm sure some will appreciate them more than I did.
I'll come back to this...

The BAD:

    • 'Interesting backstory' becomes more and more 'tragic fail' as the story progresses, and the half-assed details are revealed.
    • All characters are pretty 'flat', other than being plot puppets with magically convenient 'mind shaping' backgrounds that deliver then into the reluctant MC's convenient (not really) 'harem'.
    • Spoiler

      One of the girls is basically 'raised to be conveniently attracted to the MC (and s*upid), and the other is stuck in a dangerous family situation with an abusive sexual predator causing all kinda of strife (another 'custom made' fathercon who's 'charm point' seems top be that she wets herself.) Yeah, this is an uphill struggle, folks...

    • 'Plot' cannot be even called such. 'slice of life' is insulted by the lack of 'life', and the story breaks down to 'aimless existence, tinged with regrets of the past, shaping his now purposeless life.'Yeah. Fun fun.
    • Pop-up events are ridiculous nonsense.
    • Spoiler

      'Hero' bullies (seriously injures) s*upid school kids with his powers. They deserve punishment, sure- but 'Overkill, much?' next comes the 'completely believable' Yakuza kidnapping & rescue- of the aforementioned bullied kid... (for 'cause a girl asked me' reasons). It's very lazily string together...

The Different:

    • The proposed backstory sounded promising, but the actual backstory isn't, so the only thing left is that it focuses on suggesting 'ossan vs eager loli', but delivers 'unfocused ossan muddles through everything'.
All told, this offers nothing worth bothering with (so far). The forced 'yakuza' arc suggests to me that the author really did most of what he wanted already, so I honestly don't expect much more.
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Baron Carpi
Baron Carpi
June 26, 2018
Status: c40
I think it's an interesting story about an ex-hero who returned to their original world after saving a fantasy one and his reward was a young bride.

I thought it would be a story about his modern "normal" everyday life with his increasing fathercon harem, but there are supernatural events that occur.

The pacing of the story is not fast. There's a mix of drama and comedy in the story. I especially like how the remark section of the statuses is used for comedic effect.

Parts about his adventures in the previous world and Elsa will slowly get revealed later.
There's no dense MC here at least when it comes to the harem's love and lust for him since the system lets him know.

【Party member Ayako Otsuki's popularity increased by 9999】 (It's over 9000!)

【Ayako Otsuki's sexual excitement has reached 70%】 (Third girl added to the harem is a [yandere (?) or something like that] book girl type)

It is a numerical value that can be sexually agreed. Do you want to move to execution? 】 (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Of course, he'll try his best to reject his harem's advances, since he's not a lolicon.

Overall, it's a nice story.
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Custardmouse rated it
May 17, 2019
Status: c22
Meh, middle age guy wish fulfillment, probably not written by a middle-aged guy, or perhaps just some old fart's first work. Where the story is lacking is in the emotional development of the MC. The guy whiplashes through five or six different paradigms of how he is going to treat this growing crowd of teenage girls in just as many paragraphs. All the ways he feels are perfectly valid, but middle age folks don't whiplash emotions that fast and the depression melodrama feels a little shallow (depressed, easily healed, depressed,... more>> healed etc with no anger, passive aggression, despondency, etc). Some really nice things: the ero temptation scenes and translation quality. The hot scenes are very hot, I only wish there was more of them, and like most stories here, it's doubtful there will be a payoff (even though the girls are of age in Japan, but whatever).
For now, I'm hoping for some more plot because the slice of life aspects are a little weak compared to the hero flashbacks and the gangster whooping. 4 Star rating is for the translations, a brave author taking risks, and middle age unity against shonen tr*shing seinen (read the tags, guys). <<less
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Renaxan rated it
August 26, 2018
Status: c15
Story is kinda return of hero back to earth. The MC is naive and has trauma that affect the way of his thinking badly. And what worse is the hero's back in this miserable condition.

Then at likely chapter 10+ the MC goes to fathercon route, officially become beta MC altho he is *ossan*. In the newest chapter, he got another woman that suddenly has interest in him with no much reason as expected of harem JP novel. And yeah, he is still OP.

As its too early to review character dev,... more>> and world building is well known for us, I'm gonna edit this later. For now I'm stick on 4/5 since its seems going to generic direction but I hope its not gonna be the bad one. <<less
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August 30, 2018
Status: c15
An exhero just wants a good job becuase the years he spent saving a magic world got concealed as him being a NEET yet he just gets a group of girls younger than his inerests with one thing on their mind one after another.
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