Isekai Is Surprisingly Kind To Me?


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Yuuki Akito, big fan of fantasy fiction. Suddenly Akito got request from a countess named Lysette, to save her from another world.

Realizing he was summoned, what awaits him was mountain of corpse and a demon, but because of his good friends, he was be able to change his destiny.

Dreaming of reuniting with Lysette, Akito and his irreplaceable friends face trials and help Akito to his survival fantasy!

Isekai is nicer to me to me than I expected?

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Isekai wa Omottayori mo Yasashii?
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11/27/22 Translator-San c3
11/25/22 Translator-San c2
11/24/22 Translator-San c1
11/23/22 Translator-San prologue
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