Isekai Hero: From Delusional Loner to Peerless Hero?!


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Right in the middle of Shindo Seitarou’s high school trip an accident occurs. While riding in a bus, his entire class “wanders” into another world. In that world, people like them are known as “lost ones” and are a relatively common occurrence. In the process, Seitarou receives the powers of a character he admires — a dark hero named Black Knight. With his newly acquired strength, Seitarou believes he can also become a hero, just like his idol, however, that might prove to be a much harder task than he expects…

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異世界ヒーロー ~厨二病ボッチが、異世界に転移してヒーローの力を得て無双する!?~
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1 Review

Apr 05, 2023
Status: c19
What an interesting take on Isekai. If you're reading reviews and aren't daunted by the mediocre rating, I recommend to just start reading. That's what I did and I binged 19 chapters.

Honestly, based on the side characters, I'd give this story a 2/5, they're bland and uninteresting, but the main character, Seitarou, is incredibly well written. He has no self confidence, but that doesn't stop him from trying. He believes he's worthless without his powers, so he doubles down on his training to use them properly. He idolizes Saturday morning... more>> hero shows, and aspires to be a Hero one day, despite being a Hero from chapter one.

The translation is top notch, the author writes a compelling story. I definitely recommend and will be keeping an out out for KinSeiTL's translations in the future. <<less
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