Isekai Finance ~Reincarnated Former Teacher Lives Freely~


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A slightly clumsy elementary school teacher who is exhausted from everyday life suddenly dies in an accident.

After going through the reincarnation procedure, the place where I was reborn was a frontier town in the Kingdom of Roland. It was a different world that was developing around swords and magic.

The main character who obtained magic for moneylending because he didn’t want to work.
“My dream is to live a leisurely life with interest,”
Of course that kind of thing shouldn’t be allowed.

In the midst of this, he was blessed with the love and friendship of his family, which he had thought he had no connection with until now. Thus, he began to plan and put an effort on his new life.

This is a story about the growth of an ordinary person born into an excellent family.
“Upstart”, “Unparalleled” and “Relaxed daily life” until the day comes.

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Finance in Another World ~ A case where a badass teacher who doesn't want to work starts lending money in another world would be a matchless one ~
異世界金融 〜転生した元教師は自由に生きる〜
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