Isekai de Maou wo Taoshite Nihon ni Kaettekitara, Chijou ni Dungeon ga Shutsugenshimashita


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Andou Shougo, a normal high school student you can find anywhere, had one day died after a falling meteorite hit and destroyed his skull.

When he came to, he was in a completely white world.

There, he met a girl claiming herself to be God, ordering him to go and defeat a Demon Lord in another world.

“There’s no way I’d be able to do that.”

“If you are able to defeat the Demon Lord, I will grant you whatever you desire.”


In order to get the Goddess to grant him a certain wish, Andou decided to accept and defeat the Demon Lord. After 10 years, he finally won the decisive battle against such an adversary on an isolated island at the furthest ends of the world.

“Come, Goddess! I have defeated the Demon Lord as promised! Now, it’s your turn to fulfill the other side of the bargain and grant me my wish!”

“You have done well in defeating the Demon Lord, Shougo-san. Now, tell me what it is that you wish, I will make it come true whatever it may be.”

After having his wish conveyed to the Goddess, Andou finds himself back in Japan, at the time just before he was reincarnated.

Moreover, the power he had acquired as a hero in the other world remained.

“Isn’t the current me just like superman…?”

Holding a power that could destroy the whole world if he so desired, Andou goes about living his daily life as usual.

However, one day, dungeons had suddenly appeared in the peaceful nation of Japan.

“Dungeons have appeared above grounds, and the country has begun running an adventurer’s guild in order to excavate resources found within… If that’s the case, then I might be able to use my power as a hero.”

In Modern Japan where dungeons have started appearing, Andou, the sole human who can use ancient magic, finds himself living to his heart’s content and satisfaction with his acquired money and fame.

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After defeating the demon king in another world and returning to Japan, a dungeon appeared on the ground.
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    ThomschK rated it
    January 16, 2023
    Status: dropped
    I was hoping for a real "lowkey" slowlife story but yh... Not gonna happen. I mean dude went 10 years fighting in isekai where he met all kinds of people and cant even use his magic properly... Like the previous guys rating said:

    no mask- no magic to hide... Its just a pushover story where he talks humble and acts like a selfcentered fool.

    I could give it 2 stars because it managed to get my attention but lets leave it at 1. For other peoples sake :D

    And ofcourse he didnt get... more>> laid in 10 years and couldnt grasp the feelings of a certain person towards him.

    The best about this story is the authentic conversation writingstyle. I really like that. To some it might be iffy but to me it feels nice. I can imagine a brother-sister conversation with those words. Sisters character is nicely built unlike the MC. He is nothing but a fragment that fits pretty much everywhere in the story :D
    For example:


    He fights with classmates and let them show their skills and knocks them out afterwards. Those maniacs used their skills against people. One had electric skills that could easily kill. The other used 100kg of metal to assault him with. The third had a skill that puts others to sleep. Those guys are big dangerflags for society. He didnt even report their actions.

    On another case: A skilluser with gravitational abilities tried to assault a woman. He ran up and hit him. Didnt report it either.

    In the dungeon where he went to for his explorer license. A stmapede occured and while fleeing, one person (a trainee) ran out of stamina. Instead of using a sneaky stamina spell (which he can use) he turns around and uses his strongest firemagic... Its just too s*upid.

    He says that he wants to hide the magnitude of his "fire manipulation skill" but uses it in such flashy ways.

    To me its just a bad cover up for a potential harem mashup (Mashup because its almost 100% confirmed that he will meet up with the princess of Alistar or whatever the isekai kingdom was called... maybe Atlas)


    Friendly reminder to all those who are interested.
    The available chapters on the translators site are 25 as of now. They probably messed up the listing so it only shows half of it. The story is not bad. Its just beyond my tolerance. Translation is a solid 4/5 <3 <<less
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    Red Dragon
    Red Dragon rated it
    July 7, 2023
    Status: c36
    I like that he comes home to make his sister happy. Yet he defeated a Demon King and he says he can't use magic properly, yet some he uses well, practice what you can use. Isn't that how he beat a demon king?

    Thanks to Zetro for picking this up, I was curious how it played out.

    To the haters of the series most ln/wn are about a loser, a guys who got beat up or loners going to another world and getting stronger. It would be nice if there was more... more>> than the weak becomes strong or strong becomes stronger, but we don't seem to get them.

    I would like to see more written and translated, but I want to see it develope more.

    Read for yourself, and make your own decisions on it. <<less
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    Hucklefinn rated it
    June 21, 2023
    Status: c33
    So... this is just another wish-fulfillment novel where protagonist is a loser in his world, got isekai'd, then later returned as a winner. Oh yeah, props to Zetro for their flawless translation as always, here is the reason why I gave this novel a low rating :

    ... more>>

    Protagonist casted a very strong fire magic inside a cave. But thanks to our big brain, genius, and talented author, Protagonist and people around him didn't get suffocation or asphyxiation due to smoke from his fire magic in enclosed cave. What a good story-telling right?



    Our Protagonist himself usually laid-back, and calm on most situation. This is included when he casually dealt a monters hazard & stampede, and also protagonist stated that back then in another world, he used to see people die everyday. This is actually pretty neat, since I finally begin to enjoy his personality. But then, the author ruin his character by make him stuttering like a damn 1-year old toddler when Protagonist asked by his sister about mysterious person who single-handedly destroy monster hazard (of course that person is him). I mean... really, Author?


    I'm not dropping this at the moment, but let's just see few chapters ahead whether Author keep make mistake or not. <<less
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    NsP 7737
    NsP 7737 rated it
    September 25, 2022
    Status: --
    the MC wants to keep living a quiet life and has to protect his sister from danger but even though he has the means, he didn't think of taking the most obvious actions for it, like wearing a mask to hide your face or using your transparency magic from the beginning when doing something flashy.

    Result: he keeps getting entangled in people's selfish desires, a bit frustrating
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