Isekai de Bishoujo Kyuketsuki ni Natta no de “Miryou” de Onnanoko wo Otoshi, Kuni wo Horoboshimasu ~Sennou to Kyuketsu ni Kaerareteiku Otometachi~


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“Fascination”, is the power to pour magical power and forcibly captivate the other party.

Chigusa, a high school girl who had been suffering from severe bullying, committed suicide to bid farewell to her hell like world. But she survived after encountering a dying vampire and shared her life. Chigusa who was no longer human, used her vampire powers​ to fascinate any girls she met, captivated​ them, sucked their blood and changed​ them into a half vampire like her.

The girl who had nothing and was robbed of everything, got reborn in another world as a vampire, desires nothing but to get hold of the entire kingdom.

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Become Beautiful Vampire Girl in Other World, I Corrupt the Girls with “Fascination” and Destroy the Country ~Transform The Maidens with Brainwash and Blood Sucking~
異世界で美少女吸血鬼になったので”魅了”で女の子を堕とし、国を滅ぼします ~洗脳と吸血に変えられていく乙女たち~
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07/21/18 Yado Inn c1
06/09/18 Aya Translation c2
06/06/18 Aya Translation c1
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calebra rated it
June 6, 2018
Status: Completed
Oh no. It's this one. This made me feel various complicated feelings. My emotions went up and down through every chapter. It made me feel sick, excited, happy. Made me question the morality of the characters (and myself at times for even continuing on reading this lol). It's a dark yuri (harem) story. This review is spoiler-ish because of the warnings I've included.

If you really can't stand extreme bullying, gore-ish scenarios, r*pe - then you probably shouldn't check this one. If you're able to go through those though,... more>> this can be quite an enjoyable read.

It's not an R18 novel but the way those specific scenes were written will make you think otherwise. There's also plenty of incest so go back now if you hate that.


The main girl is also overpowered so don't expect much difficulties in regards to enemies (though it wasn't really something they focused on so you'll probably actually forget it as you read the story). They'll most likely fall in the end. Men will definitely be killed or become something.. Not human.

So if you feel offended about the idea of men being eradicated from the world, then you should also forget about reading this.

It might not be much for the others and I might just be weak but this series was seriously like a ride of roller coaster for my emotions. It was fun at times but on another hand it also made me squeamish. I still enjoyed it quite a bit but my rating for this should be around 3.5 stars. I also think it might be fun to go read this again but at the same time I end up remembering the scenes that made my stomach turn lol. <<less
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DoomCalibur rated it
June 6, 2018
Status: --
Hoh~~ This got picked finally~~! A pretty dark erot*c story, to the point you thought this is a Nocturne R18 rather than usual Narou R15 heheh. And I must say: This is a gem for Yuri Lovers!!! Be alert that the amount of brainwashing here as well as yuri-netorare here are insane.... especially for couples........
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SovietWeeb rated it
July 2, 2018
Status: c2
t's alright. The grammar seems to be a big issue. I'm glad that someone translated It and I've read their translations before. It's just In this story It's not that great.

This Is one of those stories that think you need to have all the shitty things possible happen to your MC to make the audience think she has a sh*t life. Well, you don't. Simply saying how she Is bullied at school constantly and nobody talks to her at school Is more than enough to get the point across. You... more>> don't need to list these things that bullies have done that include Cutting her finger off, Destroying one of her eyes, Gauged out cheeks and finally r*pe. It Is so over the top that It's kind of funny.

I honestly feel that If this story was In the hands of maybe a better author and better translator, Then this might actually be a really nice story. I'll defiantly keep track of this and see where the story goes. <<less
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