Isekai Cheat Survival Meshi (WN)


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A young man with a rather unique hobby, Kazusa Yuu fairly young has departed from the world… Or so he should have. Before he knew it, the young man awoke in the middle of an unknown forest. With nothing but his backpack as he was thrown into another world, laughing wholeheartedly! Driving him forward was his survival knowledge obtain from his hobbies including camping, and his thirst for food of this otherworld. To him, this is a treasure cove. But what’s this? The more he eats the stronger he gets? A cheat that allows him to obtain traits of those he devours.

–”Is it really okay for me to eat this?”

–”Otherworldly monsters are an important source of protein!”

Eat, grow stronger and eat again! A fantasy isekai survival food guide.

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異世界チートサバイバル飯 食べて、強くなって、また食べる
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