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As the only princess and daughter of the crown prince, Sophia was born into the royal family. At the age of seven, she recalled her past life.

She was a solitary witch who had died exactly 200 years ago.

She had hoped that if she were reborn, she could use the magic she had learned and live a peaceful and happy life.

However, now that she remembered, her body clearly showed signs of malnutrition, with bruises all over, and she even had to do the work of the servants herself.

Wait, isn’t this strange? She decided to appeal to her grandfather, the king, and if things didn’t improve, she would leave the palace and live her own life. But unexpectedly, she realized that she was loved?

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N.irenemika1234 rated it
June 17, 2023
Status: --
As the translator, shouldn't I give it 5 stars? Lol

But I want to be honest so yeah, here's my review. (This is my FIRST review so it might be a little...)

I have read about 40 chapters, mtl'ed by the way and I have to say, this is a very good novel. With its great main characters and politics that make sense, it really grabs the readers attention.

What I absolutely liked about this novel is the protagonist, Sophia, who doesn't act like a kid as she regained her past life... more>> memories unlike most shoujo, childcare novels. Sophia is cool and cute at the same time for me and I really love her. Overall, I love it very much.

The only thing I didn't like was that the chapters were too short for me at least.

And, I am sure that you all want to know about Sophia's s*upidly ignorant parents, but I don't to give any spoilers about that so you will have to wait.

Don't worry, Eliza and her family will meet their miserable ends (soon).



There is a lot of drama in this novel so get ready and grab a box of tissue.



And Sophia actually turns 15 before even 40 chapters so it's not a slow-paced novel.

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September 1, 2023
Status: c44
hmm, so here's my problem. The romance just isn't my cup of tea. The MC is just vaguely nice, and very pitiful even though she was doing magic for 200 years. She goes against some newbie teenagers for the first time and she's like "oh no, can I even beat them" with over 200 years of experience. Also, she has a harem, literally, I think. She just lays down and kind of begs for them to save her.
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Snooty rated it
January 15, 2024
Status: c100
I really wanted to like this, but there's a lot wrong with this one.

The MC suffers horrific abuse in the first 10 chapters or so. Then after, everything is taken care of off screen and the story does a 180 and becomes a feel good otome slice of life where everyone worships the MC.

Second, the abuse is actually so dumb it's absurd. If the king/grandfather actually gave half a crap about the MC, he could have spent 5 minutes investigating why the MC never ate anything in family dinners. Is... more>> it allergies? Maybe I'm serving food she doesn't like, what does she like? Literally if he took even 5 minutes to order someone trusted to check things out, this story would have been over in chapter 0.5. <<less
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December 25, 2023
Status: c147
Possible triggers: ... more>>

physical and emotional abuse; food deprivation; implications of intended s*xual assault


While this story isn’t as good as, say, “Common Sense Of A Duke’s Daughter”, I kinda love it because it’s unique in a way that other authors of “FL = nobility/royalty” stories should take note of.

Normally in LNs or WNs with female protagonists where nobility say or do incredibly s*upid things, punishments involve things like exile, binding magic powers, imprisonment, and execution. Sounds heavy, however those are treated mostly as insulated punishments - a noble kid acts out, gets exiled or punished with their s*upid parents, and everyone moves on with their lives. Sometimes you’ll get a little tidbit of information about how they’re trying to get back in the king’s good graces or some such, but it almost never affects anything in the capital or surrounding territories except perhaps to boost the lead Mary Sue’s trade deals or similar.

However in this story, if a noble kid shoots their mouth off in front of the crown princess with something like “ugh, yes, our territory will be independent!” under the right circumstances, well okay then. The crown princess does the paperwork, stops sending support to that territory, strengthens the next territory’s border, etc. *Words have consequences* and the nobility at the academy can be seen as legal representatives of their houses. While it’s not exactly an amazing series or anything, there’s actual political and financial management in this one, to the point where you can faintly see the ghost of such stories as “Ascendence of a Bookworm” or “Realist Hero” behind it. You’d think this wouldn’t be so notable in a genre frequently involving nobility, but unfortunately it’s borderline rare in romance LNs & WNs with female leads. Maybe authors think we can’t handle serious situations amidst the romance? Anyway, it’s kind of a breath of fresh air.

And on that note, the initial admittedly somewhat outlandish abusive situation is just a method to get you in the door and set some things up later. Like I said, it’s certainly not an amazing story and it shouldn’t exactly be your first choice from a long list but it is worth reading to its fullest IMO - at least more so than many others in the thinly plotted “FL ends up loved, gets power, Mary Sues you into the ground” books. <<less
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HondaFit rated it
September 20, 2023
Status: c22
I like the premise. The translation is good. The problem is the reincarnated MC. I'd expect her to have twice aa much personality as a normal child but she has no personality. She's an empty vase as the Chinese would call it. None of her past life had any impact on the story. She's just passive. Doing what she's told to do. Supposedly she has powerful magic but we neither see it nor see her train it. Her grandpa the king says. 'You'll have three consorts" and she has no... more>> reaction. I'm not sure what the author was trying to do. Maybe portray the shell shocked remains of a damaged person? Its missing most of the things I look for in a story like this. <<less
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Doofus rated it
September 4, 2023
Status: c10
the premise seems intriguing, however, the writer did not have a well constructed characters in their first few chapter of the story. You can noticed the first few chapters are mostly about the main character telling others of high-ranking individuals the conspiracies, dark plots, and blatant discrimination she faced as a seven-year-old child. Not only is her action not fitting for a child which is not something an adult can just glossed over, the surrounding characters are also not fitting as a supposedly loving individuals, or a well-thought out of... more>> an adult character, which provides no reason for the reader to liked the minor characters. Although this is quite an early judgement on the story which could be improved later on, and I still like the idea of a witch reincarnated. <<less
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Schwarzberg rated it
July 6, 2023
Status: c54
Maybe it is too early to say, but for me this novel is a good 5 both in story and translation. Take it with a grain of salt, of course, I just love me some rise of abused child here and there :) I'd be even happier if all culprits would face some grim justice though.

I sincerely recommend to try it at least for 12 translated chapters and make one's own opinion.

Upd.: I stand firm on my statement after 54 chapters. It may seem a bit awkward at the beginning,... more>> but still - s*upid evil people being punished is a delightful treat. And, as some plot guns hadn't fired yet, I am eager to continue the read. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ragingmisandrist rated it
September 6, 2023
Status: --
This story is outlandishly dumb.

The level of neglect and abuse the FL recieved is something anyone with a brain would notice much less a king who is supposedly incredibly intelligent.

It doesn't make sense from the very beginning and only worsens as it continues.
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