Is The Guide Reborn


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Sentinel Shou: I got something I have to confess

Guide Gong: You’re good at picking your time, we have just finished marking each other, no matter what you confess, I have to accept it

Sentinel Shou: I am reborn

Guide Gong: Oh, just that huh, then let me also confess something, I transmigrated here

Sentinel Shou: Huh?

Guide Gong: This world we live in is actually a book, you are the villain, and I am a cannon fodder character. Here’s the book, read it for yourself

Sentinel Shou: … (Looking through) Oh, this is my second life… Tsk, the X-star rebels are so useless, they still got suppressed with that much advantage; the government of country y is too useless, playing so poorly with a great hand; Is the head of the z-star bandit out of his mind, betraying for love?

Guide Gong: Got reborn more than once?

Sentinel Shou: This is my third life, I didn’t expect to be reborn again, and I also didn’t expect to meet you, so fortuned——

Guide Gong: Met me, so what?

Sentinel Shou: Now that I have met you, I have decided…to get my life together just for you

Gong transmigrated into a cannon fodder Guide character who loves vanity and has countless fishes on the line. Soon, his glands will be destroyed by someone love-crazed.

Yet, the worst part is that he is the only Guide in the book who has a 60% compatibility rate with the most terrifying villain Sentinel.

Gong: Wait, that wasn’t mentioned in the book. Didn’t the Sentinel die because he didn’t have a Guide who met the minimum compatibility with him?

Villain Sentinel: Does that mean you came just for me? I’m so happy, I’ll not destroy this planet for now.


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One entry per line
A Guide to Reincarnation
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New Eat__tea
March 18, 2023
Status: Completed
I like the nuances here. MC realising his feelings, while ML overcoming his mental problems.

However, the ending is little bit too abrupt. So I had hoped to see more from the extras but they are more of an alternate universe type of short stories.
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Akih4645 rated it
February 4, 2023
Status: Completed
Good novel with a shitty manhua adaptation.

The first time I read the manhua adaptation, I was really confused because some characters just suddenly starts diverting from the previous description and it's very confusing to read. I really don't recommend it to you.

But this novel is okay.

... more>> The Shou is very OP, smart but sometimes idiotic... but you just can't doubt his IQ.

The Gong is also powerful, at least among the guides. But compared to the shou, his strength is nothing at all.

Ultimate wise, this novel is actually only so-so in the long run because it's kinda bland.

Ps: The Shou is the Lion, while the Gong is the Snow Leopard. Finally, another BL novel where the Gong isn't necessarily stronger than the Shou. <<less
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Hell rated it
February 19, 2023
Status: c100
I really like this novel.

The writing is a little convoluted, but the plot is very satisfying, and the relationship between Cen Zhen and Lian Yu is really entertaining to read.

I also love the fact they’re both extremely competent individuals who are just a tad too crazy because it really makes the relationship pop lol

Overall, if you’re looking for a novel where both parties of a couple are extremely OP, quite indifferent, and are there quite literally for each other, and also have a quite fun but incredibly immoral development, and... more>> with quite a unique setting and a lot of hilarious moments, then you’ll probably like this novel. <<less
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