Is President Lu Bankrupt Today?


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Cen Xi as a god of poverty, her performance had always been very good, until…

One day, Cen Xi woke up and found herself in another parallel time and space, turned into an unlucky eighteen-tier actress and having a hidden big boss.

Cen Xi, who was born in the divine realm moved to stay in the big boss’s house. Since then, the big boss began to fall in love…

But Cen Xi found that her sealed divine powers were slowly coming back.

Was it that the way to go back was to lose and spend the boss’ properties?

So Cen Xi started spending the big boss’ money and swiping the big boss’ cards, hoping to return to the divine realm as soon as possible.

But why did the money of the big boss keep increasing? And it was increasing faster and faster?

Her powers as a god of poverty was almost overwhelmed by the speed of the big boss’ wealth!

This was too unscientific!


Lu Jingcheng: ? ? ?

The wives that others married are getting richer. The wife that I married is trying to make me go bankrupt?

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New BORED123 rated it
January 27, 2020
Status: c924
It's a good webnovel. If you want a lot of fluffy moments you should read this. The ML is actually good and isn't a j****$$. The FL is very funny too.

A plot does exist.

... more>>

ML is the lord god (meaning he was made by the world (or something... I mlted this so not so clear on some of the details) and he had to under go 3 lifetimes as a trial so that he can trully assimilate with his power as lord god. His emotions were sealed, especially his ability to love, so that he will succeed. However, he kept on meeting FL in all 3 lifetimes and fell inlove with her. I think his task was to live out the full life of the character he became during the 3 lifetimes but he kept on dying early bec. Of fl.

In the first lifetime, he killed himself after knowing FL died to revive him.

Second lifetime, I think he was a prince and a genereAl. And FL was a beggar. FL killed herself (I think) in this lifetime I think bec. She didn't want ML to fail his job (protecting the country) bec. His enemies had her. He died of a broken heart, I think.

Third lifetime, he was a monk and the FL was a flower demon. He fell inlove with her, but people or I think other demons wanted to kill fl. FL died and ML destroyed the world bec. Of it.

So basically, ML failed all 3 trials.

He remembered what happened in all 3 lifetimes after he went back to being a god. He couldn't accept fl's soul dissapearing so he used his divine power to bring her back. This caused most of his divine power to dissipate and he was also punished.

FL become a god whose power can make people poor, after being revived by ml.

Time passed and ML kept protecting FL from harm. But he was about to disappear bec. His powers were almost used up so he created or manipulated a world and put FL there. (not sure about this part). He became FL's husband there. He thought they could live the whole lifetime there before he disappeared. He wanted to spend his last moments qith her but some stuff happened where he had to rescue FL so he used his power which totally almost drained him. He had to leave his mortal body and return to the god worl. He was imprisoned by the law something people. Bec. They couldn't let him die before the next lord god came.

Blah blah blah, FL founf out where he was but wasn't able to see him. Then they found out that FL and ml's child (FL was pregnant) was the next lord god so FL made a deal with the law something people. The child (who FL called money or lucky bag) could give ML half her divine power so yhat he could live and the law people would help do that however, the baby had to stay with them and FL can only see the child one's a month. FL took the deal. However when ML returned, she found out that he had lost all his memories of her. She went to the law people and asked why. It was bec. The divine power had to assimilate with ML and to do that, they had to seal his emotions or something love root.

FL had to stay away from ML bec. She was afraid what happened in the 3 lifetimes would happen again. This qas bec. The seal placed to seal mls emotions will be undone if ML and FL were closed together. If that happened everything would be invain and ML would die. So blah blah blah.... thats where current or almost cureent chaps are.


One funny thing is that to get her powers back, FL had to spend ml's money or more like he had to make ML loose money. She bough villas and other stuff but it wasn't enough. Her assistant (she was an actress) told her that she could loose a lot of money by buying stocks. So she used ml's money to buy the stocks of a company that was on the verge of being bankcrupt and had no possibility of getting back up again. It worked at first but then the stocks for that company started to rise. I think ML made this happen so that FL will not be sad bec. Her first time buying stocks failed. At first FL didn't know stock had gone up. But when she tried to use her powers, she found out it was gone. Lol apparently her powers dissipate whenever ML gaines more money. Lol when she found out about the stocks she was so sad and angry. Hahhaaha ML was confused after seeing her reactions bec. He though FL would be happy about getting more money.

Give this novel a try <<less
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