Is It Too Much to Ask to Be Supported by a Spoiled Older Instructor?


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“I shall provide for you from now onward…”

I suddenly received a fervent love confession from my senior instructor!?

When a demon tried to attack the instructor, I covered for her and got injured. But, she felt responsible and now was trying to provide for me…!?

This is the story of my pampered life with my beautiful instructor.

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Amaete kuru toshiue kyōkan ni yashinatte morau no wa yari sugidesu ka?
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xean rated it
February 4, 2021
Status: v1c5 part3
Well, as the translator for this series, I must say that I love how the MC is resolute in pursuing only the FML.

... more>>

The story started being silly, with Theo and Miya going back and forth with what they want. Miya, the FML, wants to provide / support Theo. This was because Theo was injured protecting Miya from a demon named Agaliarept. It's a slow development with lots of "fan-service" that made me really ask, "Was I really translating a LN?".

I love how Miya started to become more and more aggressive as the story progresses. Battle with the demons isn't highly detailed that much in Vol 1 which kinda let me down, but as a romance, rom-com, it delivered itself well.

The MC origin really still is a mystery which is something I looked forward to.

As of the time of this writing, the LN finished in Vol 4 which was really nice and I hope to finish the TL soon.

Overall, it's a good fluff that made me look forward to the story development between Theo and Miya.

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